Pitch me your app ideas Jow Forums

Pitch me your app ideas Jow Forums

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It's an app that sends an electrical shock to your balls every time you do something gay.



It's like Linkedin meets Uber, with a splash of Alibaba and a peppering of Airbnb. And it's gorgeous

What do you think about this travel-uber-r'b'n'b shit ?


I know it's shit, but I would like to hear your oppinion.

A party app. Advertise your own parties and see other parties in your area. Also includes feature for setting up drugdeals.

Build an app that does nothing. Make it show a black screen.


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Make an app that let's you meet up a group of lefties vs righties and make them them discuss politics, or just beat eachother up.

Lol incel white boy mad cuz he aint invited to parties

I'm reading through their twitter feed and holy shit. This is just a scam to see how much they can get bought out for, right?

It's like Jow Forums but it has upvotes, downvotes, and you have to log in using your google account. Also, it can access and stream your webcam at any time, since you should have nothing to hide, and thus, nothing to fear.

An omegle app where you pick left or right that pits you into a random livestream debate with your political opposite for all to see. 2v2, 4v4, and 1v6 modes coming soon.
>infinite bloodsports

This. Humans should use this.

nigger is a fine, classic slur.

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Would use desu.

An app that detects negro boys to diddle in your area

>even more "LIBTARD DESTROYED WITH FACTS AND LOGIC" videos on Youtube
no thanks

I mean there's two camps, right? Certainly the liberals can make their own DESTROYED videos.

an app to detect op's prolapsed anus

faggot, go back to /reddit/