How big is your music collection?

How big is your music collection?

Mine: 11GB - 1381 MP3's

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I only use gradio.

Bookarking thread to check when I get home.

58 gb of jazz and edm

300GB of FLACs mostly

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are you serious?
I'm genuinely thinking of ditching local-based music completely and moving to a lightweight radio

I stopped caring about lossy v lossless pretty early on

pretty certain I can't tell any difference at all between 128kbps mp3 and flac lol

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>being this much of an earlet.

>being a pleb that can't appreciate a properly archived library

I've had tinnitus for as long as I can remember, maybe my fine hearing isn't that great lol

nothign two songs , one viking stuff just to make my mind at ease when typing stuff..

~32,000 tracks

30,423 files, 485GB, 99% FLAC (rest is MP3 320) on seedbox
111,443 files, 1.13TB, 80% MP3 (mostly 320/V0), 20% FLAC locally

I've listened to maybe 20% of it.

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About 150GB, mostly FLAC and mp3 320/v0. It would be more, maybe 250GB but my laptop I used in college died and I lost my music collection, didn't bother redownloading a lot of stuff.

Around 100gb of mp3s and flacs

>he still uses mp3

Like 200gb, including 30 GB of flac eurobeat

33k files
mostly mp3
205 gb
84 days play time

>Onra, Chinoiseries

My african american

About 700GB of MP3 and FLAC, mostly MP3 anime OSTs. It's all on

Wait what is this. I am gonna sound like a pleb, but is it like a selfhosted server where you're putting your shit? It's dope.

~120 gigs, mixed bag of Flacs and normal mp3s that I never could find Flacs of.

What's your audio setup? Having more than 320kpbs only becomes worth it when you actually have hardware that can produce that extra detail.

Size: 41.9GB
Files: 5,247
Format: 256kbps OPUS from FLAC sources

Hosted with feralhosting. Got 1.6TB out of 2TB on there so far (check the parent directory).
It's a hobby called datahoarding. See Jow Forumsdatahoarder. An open directory is like this, where you just chuck it all on a server and open it to the web. See Jow Forumsopendirectories. is the biggest on-purpose OD i know of. Use to search over 60000 OD's.

Thank you a lot for the info, I will be checking this out. Just seeing data so well organized makes me feel fuzzy desu.

Really wishing he would go back to making more albums like Chinoiseries part 1, 2 & 3 and Long Distances

Bout 500GB, ~95% FLAC

the-eye is good, I really miss alexandria library though.

I still use mp3 because playing them uses less battery than ogg/flacs.


Youtube is a thing, boomers.

Assuming you're not baiting and truthfully use youtube only, what will you do when you have no access to the internet?

I had a playlist of songs on youtube, but then my songs started getting taken down for copyright, which was annoying, also I found thatstreaming the music used much more battery than locally playing the mp3's. So I decided to use youtube-dl and a cronjob to automatically download and convert my youtube music playlist to mp3's, that way they can't be deleted by youtube, I can play them when I'm offline, and I get longer battery time.

I don't listen to music when out and about. That's socially degenerate.

Is this on a paid server or you're uploading directly from your home?
What's your speed connection if the later?

Not me, but he's using feralhosting. It's a 20GBP/mo server, 20GiB connection.

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You can hear the difference between 128 and 320 on pretty much any decent gear. The real meme is 320 vs 16bit which is a waste for anything other than archival. Then you have the 24 bit fags who are all living in minds.

mp3's are 16 bit...
unless by 16 bit you meant lossless/flac, in which case you should not refer to them as such and expect people to know what you're talking about

All Opus 128kbps

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20GBps in theory... that's at off-peak times, which is a few minutes between 3-4am if you're lucky.

Damn it I meant Gbps, not GBps

Oh yeah of course, the same can said for every ISP really.

32.4 GB / 6086 files total
468 MB / 2879 chiptune modules
17.7 GB / 1627 files, all songs from one artist (flac and mp3)

0 bytes because I don't listen to music.
However my anime girl reaction folder is 3.5GB

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Here's a breakdown of my offline hoard. All the music is mirrored online, but not all of the other stuff is.

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What's the problem though? You can get as much joy out of music at 128kb as an earboss (antonym of earlet?) can get out of flac. There are no downsides - less space wasted, cheaper headphones, etc.

should be earchad and earvirgin


You should listen to this:

think mines like 300gigs of vinyl rips/dsd/bluray audio/SACD/tape rips/wavs

probably not that many artists but lots of full collections if it was in mp3 1000kbs it prob only take up like 10gigs.

>He's 26 and he's STILL and an earvirgin. What will it take for him to get some dude to fuck him in the ear?? At this rate he will be an earwizard soon.

have like 600gigs of samples libraries for making music thou I think

300gigs of apple ones
220gigs of natural instraments
80gigs of reason modular synths

so all up like about 1TB of audio.

if I had kept every thing I ever lessened to my entire life in 320kbs mp3 I doubt I would fill up a 50gig ipod.

0 Kb

why do you guys have so much music?

8 gb of memphis rap


because we had accounts before it shut down. and lessen to it in 50-200x the quality you do.

i have a lot from when i would wantonly download from sharethreads and (rip) but lately i've become a lot more picky and i'm trying to at least listen to more of the music i already have than download more

Music is for children

1391 files, mixed flac/mp3, 23,3gb

get a job and start paying for 50gig dlc downloads at 12$ from official audiophile sauces (most are made from real to real masters)

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Roughly 1 gig
The comparison makes no sense because uncompressed files can greatly inflate the size

Mine was about 10GB before my harddrive died.

It was mainly .flac cd rips though of cd's that I no longer have, so with it went almost all of my entire music collection.


>Not archiving in 32/384

61.3 GB. There are a lot of the same albums in different formats though, or maybe a different issue of an album.

Holy fucking shit are you all fucking plebs

553 gig, have been cleaning alot lately. Currently 25k songs.

a bit over 60G mp3 ~v0

Forgot pic

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>uncompressed files can greatly inflate the size
That's not how it works

For example, 2.92GB of FLAC files compressed using 7zip Ultra compression, gives me a final file size of 2.91GB.

A savings of a WHOLE 0.01GB.

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wow, you're retarded

Wow 500 GB of music that is probably half shit

which is truly impressive, by the way.

>keep something on your system

My music taste is still better than yours

It was almost entirely the album artwork that got compressed.

What genres do you have big boi

And album artwork is being compressed as well (jpeg most of the time). So all in all impressive.

>yo dawg, I heard you like compression, so we compressed your compressed files

In this case they were 2-10MB PNGs


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>500gb of eurobeat

>256kbps OPUS from FLAC sources

419gb and ~70k songs, only 38gb of super eurobeat though. Alot of it is Goa trance and old school J-rock



Do you get to host a webserver on port 80 or is it masked? Have to pick other ports on whatbox.

Where did you get your goa?
Find it great to study and work to


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I get flac where I can.

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du -s [summary]
du -c [total]

du -sh Music
du -shc Music/*
du -smc Music/* | sort -n

I used to have like 350GB of mp3s and FLACs

>7257 files
I bought everything, of course

I have hundreds of records

61.6GB youtube videos