Almost to graduate

>almost to graduate
>all my graduated friends have found a webdev job, even those with best grades
>i want to be a linux sysadmin
>with fakes on a dating site, i see this profile of a girl claiming to be a linux sysadmin
>contact her, chat with her a little, ask how she became a linux sysadmin
>"i don't even have a degree, user, i've been lucky I found people that helped me and gave me a chance because I liked the job. Just send your resume to sysadmin applications, you'll surely get accepted :)))"
>screams internally

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>things that never happened: the POST

Funny, my gf is basically in the same position.
What she says is, tinkering with things for a hobby counts as experience. For how many years have you been using linux? Are you actually competent with it?

degrees are a meme, they aren't needed.

Women have PussyPass and MasterCuntâ„¢, you will never get good stuff as easy as they get if you're a man

this. pussy rules the world.

literally this, she got hired because of diversity or some beta thirsting after her, possibly both

That's okay because I'd rather have the competitive capacity of a man and have to try

I don't have any problems posting the screen, but it's not in english.
> For how many years have you been using linux?
Linux as main os for 4/5 years
>Are you actually competent with it?
I don't know how to measure competence, but I know more stuff than the common IT postgraduated.
Exactly. Other people confirmed me this. Average women in IT have more higher positions. For example, they have told me that almost all software architects (which are above the developer) are females.

just b urself bor

what if, she knows her stuff?
I've worked with many women in tech that actually know their stuff
All I see in here are males who failed to impress so they blame "diversity"

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if you think you've seen women in tech that actually know their stuff, that means you don't actually know your stuff.

Wanna know how I know you don't know your stuff?

You lack the fact that she doesn't have a degree.
I know that degrees aren't representative of someone skills in IT, but probably she wasn't even exposed in simple programming and CS concepts.
It is highly likely that she was a linux casual user with basic skills in programming.

I just got hired on the spot but I don't really want to work.

It's not fair.

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Same story here.
I knew a guy who knew a guy. I fucked up the interview, but they allowed me to do an internship.
Afterwards they really wanted me on board.

>I don't have any problems posting the screen, but it's not in english.
Post it, there are a lot of people on Jow Forums that could confirm

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>i've been lucky I found people
Don't worry there's plenty of faggots out there. If you have a warm hole or two that can fit a cock, you too can be "lucky".

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Why did you post a Latin text?
Are you a monk writing to a nun?

italian here
can confirm

I would never use software coded by a woman
It would undoubtedly be filled with bugs and vulnerabilities because the female brain can't into basic logic.

Grazie user italiano

I don't know, I don't have a degree to back me up, I've simply had the good fortune to have found people who gave me a chance after seeing that the field seriously interested me. Seeing as you have a degree, just send your CV to junior positions, surely you will find something easily, they're always looking for people in IT.