At what point did you accept that Consolas is the best monospace font?

At what point did you accept that Consolas is the best monospace font?

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At no point because IBM Plex exists.

I accepted it and use it on Linux

Their website is peak web 3.0

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>teleports behind you
Sorry son

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> dotted zero

For me, it's Menlo.

It has a larger Unicode support than many others, which I need for reasons.

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yeah i like it too desu

Roboto is best.

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fira code would be the Ubermensch font, if not for the dumb f-i ligature

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nevermind. Was thinking about another typeface that does that. Apparently fira doesn't.

Nah, SF Mono is where it's at. It's like the one thing Mac has gotten right in the last few years.

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>not dotted zero that looks the same as capital o

>not using bitmap fonts
Terminus is best font

>not being availiable in other operating systems.


Iosevka is a miracle of the universe.

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>spaced wording

>it's another "The X thing I use is better than Y thing you use" thread


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Step aside, bitches.

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Best terminal font ever created is here to shit all over your disgusting hipster shit. Easy on the eyes and perfectly legible without wasting space. Install SGI Screen.

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i stand corrected

Alternatively; Monolid.

stand back for the king

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>he doesn't use Source Code Pro

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so no one is up for NOTO?

Holy fuck that is awful, how am I supposed to scroll up from the IBM logo?

I prefer operator mono and fira code. Iosevka is God tier too, but only looks good on a console

The english alphabet is wasteful and it leads to any number of issues with fonts. I have simplified the alphabet such that each character can be represented by groupings of 0-5 dots. This vastly simplifies font creation and all resultant fonts are naturally monospace.

I didn't - I still globally set Lucida Console on my command prompt windows.

Getting really tired of these nigger typefaces with extra limbs on the "l". Why the hell would you purposely make the "l" easily confused with "1"?

absolutely disgusting

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gave enough of a fuck to reply to me with that gay ass image

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Consolas is my daily driver. I also like TheSans Mono to emulate the comfy feeling of all those O'Reilly technical books. Lucas de Groot is truly the GOAT typeface designer.

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im not even fucking lying but as i see this font, download it, and omg finished a due paper fast af

>groupings of 0 dots
How did you accomplish this? Can you show us an example of your work? Also, is it Braille?

Test your font on this. If you can't tell all of the characters apart immediately, your font is shit.

@0oOQ l1|Iji!t
,.:;"'`^ \/%&@#
[{()}] *+~-=_><

I use consolas font in my office emails. I get a lot of respect. changed my life

Fantasque FTW

i use whatever default font i have on my shell because i'm not a gay faggot

*blocks your path*

>mfw when my preferred fonts are Arial, Times New Roman and Consolas.

Why would I? Terminus is way comfier.

>sending emails encoded as literally anything other than plaintext 7-bit ascii, iso-8859-1, or utf-8

you're a fucking basedboy numale retard. unironically kill yourself.

For me its source code pro

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are there any bitmap monospace fonts that:

>aren't fucking 5x7 or 8x10 or some other size for ants? I use a 144dpi monitor, I can't see that shit
>support a larg(ish) character set. I work in linguistics so I frequently use the IPA and all manner of diacritics
>have a bold variant

Um, Hack.

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that website wants to be fullscreen
wouldn't call it 3.0, but this is the thing. content wants to be immersive, even though interface chrome has been shrinking and fading it's still too obtuse just by the (current) nature of it being always there
anyway it's not new web it's just designers jerking off while it's usability is like, shit
this is why we hate you guys