Tfw nothing really exciting has come out since the first iPhone

>tfw nothing really exciting has come out since the first iPhone

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>tfw nothing really exciting has come out since the first iMac

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>the first iPhone

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>tfw nothing really exciting has come out after the first rock

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>tfw hacking consoles isn't possible anymore

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Zune should have won

>t. iSoiBoomer

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Argus bionic eye
Potentially enabling in future development the means for humans to see in darkness, thermal and playback any visual interaction, pair it with a bionic arm you could be performing heart surgery without even thinking about it, bun your normie phone, you're basically allowing a company to amass retarded wealth selling you reversed engineered military technology, even the new one doesn't have a 2.6 terapixel camera, but those exist so it's hardly cutting edge, manufactures can apply "updates" that degrade your product, most are produced in China, who behind thier firewall enjoy the luxury of infiltration via backdoor installment. You even get told your camera and microphone can be tapped by the CIA, and it's barely exciting, driving a car at 200mph is exciting, how can you say a phone is exciting? Wow your life must be fun, oh my God I'm so excited a phone came out, now I can still go on Jow Forums and have no friends, jp-7 engine, Lexus glide technology.. that's exciting

3D printing was pretty exciting? Self driving cars?

>botnet eyes and arms
Stop right there.

Go back to using the first iphone and you'll disagree

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I was 18 when the first iphone came out
Most of the shit was gimmicky but browsing websites was an amazing experience.
Yeah yeah you could browse the internet on some tiny 4:3 stylus palm treo with terrible rendering.
On the iphone websites looked nearly exactly what they looked like on your home computer.
People get so obsessed with the "touch screen innovation" debate they forget about shit like this.

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SSDs and E Ink came out.
But yeah you're right nothing else really improved my experience. Bezel-less, VR, thin devices, tablets, the cloud...

Early SSDs were terrible and E Ink is still snake oil.

Its better to be half.
Can't beat, join.


would be more hilarious if the dad didn't look like his hair was sharpied in

>E Ink is still snake oil
please go back