Jow Forums company

Why don't we form a company based on the distilled knowledge of Jow Forums?

Every employee gets:
* Arch

* 40% keyboards

* 5 monitors

* PC with case window and LEDs

* ThinkPad T60 for mobile work

The productivity boost would be almost immeasurable and we'd only hire the most intelligent programmers that can actually use Arch. Top tier billion dollar company.

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By the way I use !!!ARCH LINUX!!!

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I will make the logo.

>PC with case window and LEDs
oh hell yeah, it's time to game. what the boss doesnt know wont hurt him.

I'm not so good with tech but I can be the idea guy.

remove the spacebar and its a deal

>keyboard with only letters
>productivity boost

yea I'll just program without the use of {}[]()"'?!=

>No animu pillow

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>I use Arch - the keyboard

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Pretty sure you couldn't even install Arch without an enter key anyway. What a terrible keyboard.

>Jow Forums
These words don't even belong in the same universe, let alone the same post.

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>These words don't even belong in the same universe, let alone the same post.
Made me kek

>* 40% keyboards
Fuck off faggot. 104 or bust.

And the next door company will file a complaint about the stench of cum.

>hes too much of a brainlet to remember his macro shortcut combinations
[q+z]->q gives you 1, w gives you 2 etc
[a+space]->c gives you capslock, etc

Contract me to be the official rice, I'll rice everybody's Thinkpad.

Contrary to popular believes, most of Jow Forums is very computer illiterate compared to even the average IT guy. Laughable really.

Or you could press one fucking key

Jow Forums Incorporated, Esquire:
Day 1: nobody shows up to work because it's assumed that it was a prank.
Day 2: Henry shows up for work. Henry installs Windows 2000 on all of the desktops because Henry is autistic.
Day 3: Fire in server room.
Day 4: Senior management is served with warrant to search for child pornography, but nobody at Jow Forums Inc, Esq. knows where to find the CFO "Hugh G. Rection".
Day 5: Fire in server room finally put out.
Day 6: reCaptcha installed at every door to keep Henry out.

>building a gayman computer qualifies me for an enterprise IT administration position

"The Jow Forums Company: Taking Logos To The Next Levels"

>building a script kiddie and using Arch Linux (word for word followed the wiki) in a 2002 Laptop qualifies me for an enterprise IT administration position

>distilled knowledge of Jow Forums

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>Why don't we form a company based on the distilled knowledge of Jow Forums?
read this to yourself out loud user

is this the history of Jow Forums?

Fuck, this will never work, unless we make a logo

>Jow Forums

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It's called AppleScript

Are we allowed to choose our own wm? Or is tiling only going to be enforced for productivity?

This is the profile of almost every tech-wreck that appears.

>hee you go, 100 dollars for free, just enter your name here-
>oh you dont have an enter key!

make it devuan or void and include free programming socks.

Is the logo already made? If not, leave it to me.

I’ll join and even work without compensation.

here's a serious idea:
linux isn't very popular with businesses, many of the applications used by business are made for windows, not linux. Jow Forums could become a business and the mission of that business would be to help other companies integrate linux into their computer systems, we will develop our own independent linux distro and license that OS to our customers, AND Jow Forums-company will build business applications for that OS.

resell ubuntu, providing AD setup and management of cloud suites for medium size enterprise. smallest seat size target would be 50 employees.
migrate EOL equipment to AMD-powered ubuntu server and do custom integration work.

great idea, let's start looking for applicants and build up a team

all applicants please email

[email protected]

We now have a public mastodon account at @[email protected]

Need a logo.

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Do we get programmers socks?

programming socks are in the budget.

echhh i already have all that shit

no it would be the x200 x220 or x61. ill make the logo

That's stupid.

That keyboard

>accidentally clicks on wrong letter
>goes to press backspace only to tap on the desk

I'm in but only if no jews, women, people who hate anime, fags, muslims and liberals allowed.

not using trigraphs

I'll be the CTO

Apple is doing the opposite of what Jow Forums wants and they are the most valuable company in the world. What does that mean?

>the most valuable company in the world.
Can someone explain how this works to a stock market brainlet?
Seems to me that the more money a company makes in sales, the more valuable it should be, and not dependent on stocks.
By that token, wouldn't a company like Google be making more money?

1. Apple launches the iPhone X.
2. Competition laughs at notch.
3. Turns out it's great and everyone copies the notch.
4. iPhone X surpasses everyone's sales prediction.
5. Cash pours-in into Apple. A LOT OF CASH.
6. Value of company increases as Apple seems to innovate for all other manufacturers.
7. Stock prices increase as everyone wants a piece of Apple.
8. Stock prices keep increasing and people with stock push Apple prices even higher.

Apple becomes the most valuable company until someone else is able to pull the same shit.

Ok, here's the plan -
>Sell animu phone covers
>Get monet
>Sell technology for fursuits
>Employ hacker Jow Forums that will hack reddit

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