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Loyal Blackberry user since 2005, AMA.

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best phone

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What's your opinion on BB10? Should it have gone open source? Is Sailfish a good alternative? Was going to android like they did better?

Would it be possible to use the motherboard from my Huawei G8 to drive a display coming from another phone? Or what would I have to do in order to make it possible, software wise? ideally a more compact display, so probably a slightly lower resolution.

Not possible

Why? Hardware?

Yes, the display connector would very likely be different, and the display controller IC wouldn't support it anyway.

What privacy-conscious rom should I be using? I'm sick of MIUI's bloat and constantly adding unremovable apps. I have a Redmi 5 Plus and the bootloader is unlocked. There's no official LineageOS, but there's AOSPextended, crDroid and Resurrection Remix. Edge gestures are a big plus, which RR has, but it's a pajeet ROM.

BB10 wasn't terrible, especially if you were making the most out of the device connected to BES or something that actively used the Hub. I think the best part about Blackberry's (re: old Blackberry) was the fact that they were proprietary and it was secure and stable.

I would have jumped ship if they used Sailfish. It's nice, but I really hate gimmicky shit like that. I still hate Android, tbqh. I'm not in love with the Keyone; I might go back to my Classic soon.

Aospextended is better than lineageos

Find a flaw

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no s-pen

Why's that?

Touch Wiz.

curved edges

Curved screen

The motherboard on my Galaxy Note 4 needs replacing. Should I buy a new motherboard or just buy a used LG G3 from ebay?

Damn you're poor.

>every really good phone costs a paycheck+($500+)

I'm the guy with the nokia 6 who keeps having the screen fall off.

It shut off mid update because it got too hot to let itself operate.

What carrier you on? There's plenty of decent mid range phones available.


How is the Mi Mix? Mi A1? Any mid range huawei that doesnt suck?


Couldn't they have provided one without a defect? It's not some no name carrier in a third world country, it's AT&T.

Haven't properly been on one of these generals in 4 years, is oneplus still /ourphone/?

The connector, interestingly, is the same
As for the IC, wouldn't it be just the matter of drivers?

Not even close, especially not after OnePlus 3T.

Moto Z2 Play is on sale for $299 until tomorrow. Essential phone is $329 off Amazon. Mi8, Mi Mix 2 and Mix 2S are all compatible with AT&T and worth considering. Redmi Note 5 is also good but isn't fully compatible with AT&T so YMMV with the coverage you get. I'd check out Honor View 10 ($429 off of Honor's own site) and Huawei Mate SE ($249 on BH and Newegg) for Huawei midrangers.

I don't think the display firmware can be changed in software once it has been flashed on the controller.

no spgu
can I get my prize?

Then again, you can replace lcd panels on laptops the same way... isn't the controller part of the display assembly?

Xiaomi.eu? I'm still on official MIUI beta but will hopefully stop being lazy one day and jump over to .eu.

I dunno. On the phone display panels I've seen it's just a ribbon cable and the controller is on the motherboard.

Don't fall for Nokia 6.1 meme. Its fingerprint reader sucks so hard i takes away all the joy from using this phone. Both its placement (middle of the case) and size/reactivity turned this otherwise great phone into unusable garbage for me.

its not a note 9

Hideous bezels instead of glorious notch

I don't really see the benefit in the fold on that phone, but I love the way those metal ridges around the bend look. So futuristic. Looks like something iron man would make.

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screenshotted, this is my new list. thank you so much.

this is bought directly from nokia right on launch day last year. I didn't know that snapdragon 4XX's suck a ton of dick at performance and nokia's sweatshop doesnt know what screen glue is

which finger do you have mapped to it?

Shouldn't they both be the same? Otherwise this project wouldnt be possible, anyways hackaday.io/project/364-mipi-dsi-display-shieldhdmi-adapter

I'm not sure either. Maybe the idea is to make the phone easier to carry / pocket when not being used. But with the way it folds it ends up becoming pretty thick.

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LG G6 on amazon for $370

I still love the G4, I may cop one just for the camera quality if I see something around $80-95

Yes. Especially now that it's EOL.
Absolutely not. Sailfish is way too rough and webshit infected right now to do anything with and far too limited, only supporting a very select bunch of devices.
From a business perspective, yes it was, from a user perspective, Android is inferior in all ways except app quantity. Which is apparently what people prioritized over everything else. Sad Nokia never got to make any BB10 phones either, as all BB10 devices were pretty much mediocre hardware and shit cameras.

>the display can't actually be folded flat
What's the point?

is there any reason for me to upgrade from my LG G5 on Verizon?

does anything else out there have a removable battery and an SD card slot?

>is there any reason for me to upgrade from my LG G5 on Verizon
I know a good reason. An inevitable bootloop. Do it before it happens and you lose all data.

>removable battery
meme feature, you're not hot swapping your battery are you? because if so, a modern flagship and even mid/low range can last the whole day. You're not going to find this on any modern flagship from the last year or so.

>sd card
nice, but slower than internal storage. prone to corruption, which can hose your system if you use adoptive storage. best to just invest in more internal storage. also not something you'll find on many flagships these days.

>is there any reason for me to upgrade from my LG G5 on Verizon?

probably not. I switched from a 2017 iPhone X to a 2015 OnePlus X. I know of people who are still rocking their 2013 Nexus 5 phones. You're already used to LG's disgusting skin, main issue is going to be lack of updates (especially security updates) once LG abandons the phone (which will be soon).

does it corrupt the SD card? I don't store anything on my internal storage.
>meme feature
I mean I guess. But when my battery was nearing end of life it sure was easier to replace it than buy a whole new phone. No I don't hot swap but """future proofing""" my phone in that way seems prudent.

>sd card
I think I have 256gb of external storage. What phone gives me that internally?

I dunno mane, I really like the look of this phone. I don't use cases, so having a nice flat grey metal shell seemed like a good option.

Yeah I haven't kept up with LG's discontinuation plans. What makes you think it's soon (other than they have new phones rolling out)?

Webshit? What kind of stuff do you mean?
And yeah, big pity BB10 is over. I was considering getting into Z10 but now that support for the apps is long over and its android runtime is getting old...

>does it corrupt the SD card? I don't store anything on my internal storage.
I wouldn't know, but the motherboards and cooling system is already corrupted when it left the factory. Back up everything and buy a new phone.

been two years, so nah

>What phone gives me that internally?
Flagships, I know there's a 256gb Mi 8, and I've heard I don't remember what has 512gb. As a side though, since apps aren't optimized for moving to SD cards and usually stay in the internal storage anyway, do you really need 256gb just for random media?

>XZs dies out of nowhere
>Warranty was only 6 months
>Not even responding to Power Button+volume Up

It's power+vol down you NOOB

>been two years, so nah

>I think I have 256gb of external storage. What phone gives me that internally?

iPhones come in 256GB versions, Note9 comes in 512GB variant in some regions. It's more expensive, but it's also much faster storage,

I was fine with just 64GB internal storage, but now that I'm on a 16GB phone the 64GB microSD card is essential. I can squeeze into 32GB but I'd like to have microSD in that case.

I haven't heard of many G5 owners experiencing bootloops, but I haven't been following their forums so it's possible. I do know that the LG G4 and the LG made Nexus 5X both were notorious for bootloops, so I wouldn't buy LG (plus I don't like their skin on Android)

Your SD card should be OK as long as it isn't adoptive storage. I don't know for sure though, my main knowledge of bootloops comes from the 5X which didn't have an SD card.

>I dunno mane, I really like the look of this phone. I don't use cases, so having a nice flat grey metal shell seemed like a good option.

I was referring to their theme on Android.

>Yeah I haven't kept up with LG's discontinuation plans. What makes you think it's soon (other than they have new phones rolling out)?

It's been two years. Google phones, which have the best software support on Android, only get major version updates for two (i forget if this was recently changed to 3) years, and security updates for a year after that, LG and other manufacturers typically offer a shorter window of support, much shorter if it isn't a flagship.

It will probably get Oreo (a year late and months after Android Pee has been released) in October, according to one user on XDA quoting Fido (a Canadian carrier).

New feature releses are nice, but security updates are essential. You never know when you're going to click a shady link that uses an exploit that has been patched in later security updates.

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Is there a place i can buy a decent battery replacement for the galaxy s5? I just don't wanna bother buying a new phone right now where shit is overpriced af for something on the edge of the precipice of stagnation and evolution


found in a reddit thread which i found from SEARCHING

order from these links at your own risk, but people said they were good.

You can also look into ZeroLemon, they make high capacity batteries (sometimes they require a modified back plate too) so your phone lasts longer.

Its a 1000 dollars and has a curved meme screen

$100-$150 USD

Hoping to find a more primary phone than this damaged LG G3 Cat 6. But also dumb poor.

What's the best smartphone if all I want to do is take nice photos, browse the internet and emulate games up to the psp? Looking at the Blackberry Keyone since it has physical buttons right now.

Moto E4 Plus

thanks, i searched a while back and remember seeing a bunch of mixed review shit and chinese shilled shit so wanted to see if anyone had luck here

I remember seeing that the camera on that one was pretty disappointing. Don't know how good the keyboard would be for gaming.

Pixel 2 XL is still the best phone for taking pictures due to Google's software, but some people are complaining about some slowdown on it. For alternatives, you can check out DXOMark's benchmarks.

You could always buy one of those phone holder/controller combos that connect via bluetooth, and just get a regular phone. Pretty much any phone from the last 5 years will be able to emulate PSP games, and newer phones (especially flagships) will absolutely be able to go beyond that.

Budget? Key1 doesn't have a good camera and it isn't really that good for gaming / emulation either because the SoC is kind of weak and the physical keyboard doesn't have a dpad joysticks. better off just using a separate Bluetooth gamepad.

*dpad or a joystick

2 words. Redmi note 5

Forgot about gamepads, I will probably go with a Pixel2 XL then, thanks anons.

Shit tier performance and battery life.

So i wanna get a new smartphone my HTC M8 is on it's last life
Willing to spend between 200 - 600 bucks
I'm most focused on camera quality
>Is the Nexus 2 a good choice anons?

save 20 bucks and get the redmi note 5

Loyal to a brand. Why?

is the redmi note 5 still worth it with new phones coming out and 2018 slowly coming to a close. Is it still the best value and will it remain so for months or does it make sense to wait for the update?

Any decent ePub reader on Android worth looking for?

I like physical keys.

Better be. I just bought 12 to last me the rest of my life

Is an unlocked lg v35 for 730 dollarydoos a good buy? I never see anyone talk about this phone but the specs look great and it's a far cry from when it launched at $900


Neat. Now I just hope it doesn't look like this fucking monstrosity. I hate notches in general, but I prefer the iPhone X style one to one like this and the Essential phone's. More aesthetically pleasing somehow.

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Notches are pretty cool. Its like you think your getting a full screen no bezel than bam its right there in the middle. Why don't they integrate front cameras and the rest of the shit into the glass?

Asus zenfone 5z is looking good, seriously wanna pull the trigger on it
play books is amazing actually

it's not worth it on T-Mo if you like LTE coverage because it only picks up like 2 bands

yes, my mother has a V30 and its fucking great, not sure what the difference is between the V30 and the V35 but I would definitely go for it if you're able to afford it

People are retarded for blindly suggesting that phone when it doesn't work in half the world.

is there any news about the Nokia 6.1 Plus? I know they've started to roll it out in India, but does Nokia have any plans for a worldwide release with North America included? I'm loving the specs for the price point
agreed, weird thing is B&H sell the Latin American version and it still only picks up 2 bands, but at least they sell the Mix 2S

It works pretty much everywhere that isn't the US, and even there it works just fine on AT&T and T-Mobile depending on where you live.

>only picks up bands 2 and 5 in the US
>works just fine
yeah no

Yer looking at the wrong phone m8, global version of Note 5 picks up band 4 LTE which is enough for 4G coverage in plenty of places. There's been several people in these threads before using it on AT&T or T-Mobile and getting 4G coverage just fine.


Hows the huawei p20(pro) bros?

This is all you need to know.

Dodged the bullet by almost buying this thing when it came out

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for fucks sake, it seems like everything sucks sooner or later.

>Foldable Smartphone Edition

I wonder if these will catch before Apple releases their AR glasses.

Waiting until next gen phones come out. OnePlus 6T or give in and switch to you iPhone?

I have a Nexus 6P and it's a slow piece of shit.

>this blatant planned obsolescence
This is why you buy some chinkshit where they didn't even bother to implement obsolescence. It just werks.

What do you guys think of KaiOS?

Seems like a neat idea, the JioPhone actually looks relatively good but the Nokia 8110 runs like shit.

back up your data and reset it


Will that really make much of a difference? My phone isn't rooted so what are my options for backing everything up?

My S7 Edge just shit the bed and I'm going out for something new tonight
V30 or Pixel 2 XL?
V30 seems nicer built and has a better rear camera/sd card slot, but the pixel 2 is already on 9.0 and just seems to have a better version of the OS

Band 12/17 are thr most common bands on T-Mo/AT&T, band 4 is only used around Urband centers so if you happen to drive far enough out of the city, guess what, you're fucked