I found this funny comic

Only linux users will get this, LOL

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ha ha, that's great! You should point your gopher here, I think you'll love it:

Only arch users will get this.
Btw. i use Arch linux

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I'm gonna type LOL so you know I laughed :)



Epic meme my friend! xD

>at work
>read this
>laugh out loud (lol)
>coworkers ask what I was laughing at
>save the image in the Original Post (OP)
>Post the image to Botnet Application for transmitting messages between innercompany personnel
>they too have a hearty chuckle
>they then post the image to reddit to share the humor with the internet
Thanks you for contribution Original Poster :)

Hahaha we linux users are so smart.
I understand the joke LOL

>>laugh out loud (lol)
what did he mean by this?

Thank you user, very cool.

where's the password prompt?

not needed (raspberry pi here)

What's Jow Forums consensus on xkcd?

i got the same same shit on debian netinst, though arch just werks for me

delete this thread
sudo !!

Was good. Got repetitive.


Mildly entertaining, but I mostly only frequent it because of .

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power users will laugh because not using
> sudo !!

that genuinely got a smile out of me

>be pajeet
>studying in CSE in Univ, borderlines degree mill
>see this image and laugh because I am one of the non-pajeet pajeet who actually knows shit because I like technology
>show this to classmate
>he doesn't get it
>get depressed because I am going to be associated with these kind of people in the future
Life is hell, bomb us

>me and my friend connect to same sshd botnet
>me type: echo -e '\n\nNeo you seek me for 40 fat years, I seek you whole life\n\n' > /dev/pts/2
>get a mail week later from friend 'haha'



Never really understood this comic. In a linux environment it would look more like this:
>make me a sandwich
>you are not allowed to order me around
>sudo make me a sandwich


>>be pajeet
>Life is hell, bomb us
refactored that for you

Used Arch for 2 years and it has been smooth sailing so far.

Is Sudo a slap to the face?
Because that's what this misogynistic comic makes it look like.
Or did you have access rom the get go?

>rom the get go?
>right from the get go.
For some reason, they got mixed up.

Probably fat fingers and aplellagphone lag disease.

what's worse, the fact that he didn't get it or your reaction ?