What do you do before/while programming?

Just curious about Jow Forums's habits. Is there something you like to snack on or drink? Do you have a certain breakfast or caffeinated drink before starting the day? Do you have any oral incantations for an arcane logic god? Professional or casual programmers, doesn't matter.

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>mfw each morning

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I wake up, shower, my wife makes me breakfast and lunch, I play with my kids for 30 minutes head to work, have a coffee, take a 2 hour shit, have some more coffee, take a 30 minute shit and the program for 4 hours and head home

can you imagine the smell

I normally cross my legs as tight as possible or have my knees to my chest. At work i just fuck with a pyraminx as a weak attempt to appear deeply analytical

I think I might be a night oriented person.
I don't start being productive till 6-7 hours after waking up. I get the "idea and solution" rush around 1-2 hours before bed time. Even shifting awake hours doesn't help as these hours are sort of relative. This is bothersome as I waste half of my day being unproductive.

Is anyone else like this or know how to deal with that? Coffee doesn't help till mid-day.

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Do you also eat sweets and spend your free time trying to outsmart some faggot with a black book?

Learn to focus, getting ideas and being productive is about getting into a flow state rather than some magical phenomenon. Google "how to get into flow" or a similar combination of keywords and do some reading.

What's an edgier rp, L or the Joker?

>2 hour shit
>30 min shit
>4 hours of programming

This is why PM's have the highest suicide rate in the IT community. It's absolutely maddening how 'normal' this is with devs.

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thats a cute kitty :3

Depends, which iteration of the Joker?

Please, post more sad kots.

I need to figure out a good breakfast to be honest. I usually skip it and just wait for the company lunch. But before lunch my productivity is poor.

I doubt that matters. All iterations were edgy. Especially in films.

how can a human being shit for so long? I spend 30 seconds tops getting my business done each morning.

Caffeine helps, usually black coffee. Music helps too. While programming all I do is programming.

I also like to program in short fast bursts with breaks to recollect myself and organize my thoughts. I find it to be far more efficient to program flat out for 2 hours, break for 15 min, program for 2 hours, etc, rather than programming in 4-8 hour chunks since generally I'm juggling a lot of abstract information in my head.

I drink water and listen to cyber*, *wave, and assorted weeaboo music.
One cup black coffee every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

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>Tuesday and Thursday

>One cup black coffee every Tuesday and Thursday morning.
I bet you're a blast at parties

Too much caffeine is not good for you and you build resistance to its effects anyways.

I wouldn't know, I've never tried.

Don't bully user. His routine sounds comfy.

Yeah it makes sense. When I was drinking coffee daily it stopped having an effect on me. Spreading it out for critical days is a good technique

every day is critical

WRONG independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/5-cups-of-coffee-a-day-might-make-you-live-longer-study-suggests-a6737586.html

I drink a redbull, a coffee or a tea. Sometimes exercise in the morning as well.

Then play great music.

While that is true, coffee won't give you that energy every day if you drink it every day, so you so have to pick and choose your battles.

This depends on the person honestly, some people are more sensitive to caffeine, I use to drink coffee daily and I would get heart palpitations all the time, literally on the first week that I gave it up the heart palpitations went away.

maybe tell your wife to pack you some more fiber


What's your definition or programming?

I assume those shitting times is just you sitting in the toilet browsing random shit on your phone.

I've honestly never heard about those suicide figures, what the fuck?

And yes, getting 4 hours of programming per day seems a reasonable number for me.

lol at caring about pajeet managers. useless middle management at 90% of places

I just sit down and code. Part of my brain is dedicated to programming and permanently keeps the mental model up in mind.
The drawback is that I care more than I should.

I work from home and prefer to get to work as soon as possible to prevent myself from inventing something to procrastinate on if I have to do something shitty for work.
I wake up, put the coffee on, drink some water, and start going through emails.
Then I get up to get coffee when it's done.
By this time I'm ready for my morning shit.
Then I work until mid afternoon when I get hungry for lunch.

i cant work unless i put in earplugs

i like to tidy up my desk before being productive, it's part procrastination and part making the workspace less stressful.

i like to write out todo lists for everything i do and i usually lay in bed thinking and writing them up, then i go to the desk and start creating.

Can only stay focused on coding with an exorbitant amount of amphetamines in my system.

Good thing I don't do it for a living

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I play VG music while programming. I feel pressured while typing anything in silence.

>wake up, do morning things like shower, 2 cups of tea
>10 minute drive to work
>black coffee
>1 - 2 hours of coding
>get interrupted by backlog refinement and/or sprint planning meetings that last far too long, and the coffee no longer works
>go and have dinner, chill out for about an hour
>switch to tea in the afternoon
>another 3-4 hours of writing code
>go home at 5:00 - 5:30
it's pretty comfy despite the scrum planning poker bullshit

>wake up.
>spend five minutes staring at the ceiling in my bed
>go to my desk in my underwear that i slept in
>program for 1-2 hours
>get dressed
>eat breakfast
>program again in the late day around 3pm for another 2 or so hours listening to jazz music
>procrastinate some more
>program another two or so hours at 9pm

the NEET life is pretty comfy desu but i am wasting like 4/5th's of my day procrastinating...
idk how to just stay focused. any anons got a solution to this?

this is kinda depressing desu senpai

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no one else has taken the ear plug pill? it's god tier


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me but i don't program

Use your router to block timesinks websites until after 5pm or whatever when you can "get off work and relax"

Also allow yourself an hour during lunch time or whatever. It's a really good feeling to KNOW that you CANT visit the timesinks because they're blocked. You just grind it out till then.

>Wake up, shower
>40 mins transit to work
>Get in at 9:30 and take a shit
>Crack open a Monster Java/Zero Ultra/Original
>10:30 and take another shit
>11:00 and take another shit
>Munch on crackers and gummy bears
>Find some small bug and work on it
>Check time
>Go back home and buy some McDs on my way back
>Eat half and sometimes I'd eat the rest the next morning

I take 30mg of Adderall per day and I fucking hate waking up at 8am

>watch porn
>cry about life
>attempt to program but fail
>watch cartoons

>not using caffeine as a stimulant

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>wake up way too early
>shave my legs
>commute to work with my dad
>be there too early
>try to stretch what I can do in a project to ~8 hours of work, doing it slowly
>be unable to do most work because it's dependent on other developers I can't even help because I don't have access to that code
>drink something with caffeine like once a week when I'm bored
>go home
>be lazy and go to bed a little bit too late

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Sure, enjoy the project scopes getting out of control without a voice to talk with higher management.

I can be pseudo-productive by forcing myself to do work, but I feel like killing myself while doing that.

I don't really do anything special. Here's my daily routine (except weekends):

>alarm rings at 06:02 AM
>leave house at 06:15 AM
>walk to train station and get on train
>arrive at work at 07:00 AM
>program for 8 hours while only drinking water
>no breaks as I like to leave earlier
>leave work at 03:00 PM
>arrive at home at 03:45 PM
>eat "breakfast"
>do various things until about 10:00 PM (sit at PC, buy groceries, jerk off etc)
>eat a second time if I'm hungry (sometimes I'm not)
>go to bed between 11:00 PM and midnight

I don't have to be at work at a certain time, so we can basically freely choose our working hours. I could work at night if I wanted to but I found that 7am - 3pm works well for me. And yes, I don't consume anything but water until I'm back home from work.

how about shower/other morning hygiene routine?

Smoke weed

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I recognize myself with this description
When I went to high school, i used to do my "homeworks" usually after 10PM, I just don't feel that productivity jolt before late evening

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Been doing my regular cup o' joe for the past 20 years of programming.

I never work for more than one hour straight else I start making shitty mistakes.
I do some random pauses and walk around even at home.
I only drink water.


aww poor pussycat :(

I do that before bed. I don't shower in the morning because I can't go to bed dirty. So I shower, brush my teeth and go to sleep.