Cell phone jammers

So these things are illegal to use, sell, and import, but not illegal to buy or to own.

My question is, if they're illegal to sell, how do stores like this exist?
jammer-store dot com
Are they CIA honeypots?

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Anyone have one of these? Do they work? How quickly do you get v& if you use them in public?

Really fast because they use the cell phone signals to 3d map places in real time

It's more of a "if no one can tell that you're using it from outside of your private property, then whatever" kind of law.

They are used in all kinds of secure meeting rooms all over in private sector. Mostly in tall offices or underground /remote locations where you won't get caught.

how are online retailers allowed to sell them?

I got mine on dealextreme when they where still readily available.

Do you think a website like jammer-store dot com is legit?

Breaking FCC radio broadcast regulations is really, really, really, extremely risky.

It's one of the few things they actually properly enforce, and they'll come down on you hard. Like, prison for decades hard.

It's kinda like shining lasers at airplanes - easy to do, pretty hard to catch, and can easily cause death. That's why if they *do* catch you, they ruin your fucking life. The punishment isn't there to correct people who break those laws, it's there as a deterrent because it's really fucking hard to catch someone doing it.

What the fuck do you think? Grow a brain kid

But they're not illegal to buy. Only to sell. What would a CIA-run website gain from selling them?

>Like, prison for decades hard.
Nah... you'll get a pretty hefty fine though.

>CIA run
It's probably just scammers looking to make a buck off people who won't call the authorities when they get ripped off. Stop being a tin hat wearing retard.

Just build one yourself you donut

One guy was using a jammer on his way home from work, because he didn't like people using their phones when driving. I don't know if he did it every day, but they caught him in like a month.

Did they chop his dick off publicly to reprimand him or what?

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go to the ukraine its fully legal there

Okay so think of using a jammer like peeing in a pool.

Do it in a crowded area, you're likely to get caught quick or at the very least noticed and its best to not try it more than once. On the flipside, if you do it where a lot of people are not around and you have a little more privacy you are much less likely to get caught.

So like if you live in the middle of nowhere and want to make sure nothing is sending in or out from where you are, you'd probably be fine, even with extended use of the jammer, just be careful about the range of it.

I worked in the Telecom dept at my states electric company. One day our RF guy brought up cell jammers and i started asking questions. He mentioned that the FCC is crazy strict about jammers and comes down hard on people that use them. All of the substations in my state have some kind of jammer sensing rig on the sites grounds (dont know shit for details on this). We submit reports to the authorities on a monthly basis with the information gained from the substations. Basically if our substations suspect anyone has been using an RF jammer near them we report it to the authorities.

How do you know?

Scammer sites: because who the fuck are you going to report them too, saying you bought something that has restricted usage
Bullshit Sites: that will sell you some shit that doesn't work and they have no customer service
Won't ship to America sites: Because obvious reasons
Law-enforcement only: You can find stuff that is LEO only online, and LEO can get special permission to own and operate devices such as this in limited cases.

You can still report them to the authorities if they rip you off. It's not illegal to purchase jammers so you've broken no law in buying them.

Why? is not like this garbage even prevents you from recording a conversation with your phone

>not illegal to buy or own
>is it a honeypot?

Make one

A big fine and probation.
People don't seem to understand that the jammer also stops 911 calls, interferes with police and other emergency comms. Plus it will even mess up stuff like drive thru orders.

>Do they work?
Yes.I had a cheap one that worked pretty well at about 20-30 feet. I used to use it in malls and grocery stores all of the time when bumbling assholes on their phones wouldn't get out of my way.

It's not as hard as one would think.I made one from an induction coil.

>Illegal to sell
>Not illegal to buy


So where do you buy one of these?

>Basically if our substations suspect anyone has been using an RF jammer near them we report it to the authorities
Yeah, mainly because they could be blocking emergency services broadcasts, when blocking radio spectrum indiscriminately you can end up causing a LOT of potential harm, even if you personally didn't cause any harm, the FCC has to crack down on all jamming to make sure something doesn't happen where an emergency services radio signal is jammed at the worst possible time. It can literally be life or death.

It would be real dumb to use one of these in the US without knowing what you are doing.

Not only could you just be blocking out some annoying teenager on snapchat, but you could be blocking out an ambulance's two way comms and EKG readings.

>its fully legal there

Until you get busted by this guy.

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It’s for scenarios where you trust the players but not the environment. Like if you think you’ve been bugged by someone using standard mobile phone parts, which could feasibly happen in a corporate espionage scenario. Other technology’s may also be disrupted by the noise but honestly if you’re getting tapped by the government you’re fucked anyway

He did use it every day and he had it on constantly.They never would have caught him if he didn't get carried away with it.

Does this device negatively affect your balls and sperm if you turn it on and put it in your pocket?

What if I owned a large plot of land where you had to drive down a long back road to even see my compound. I'd like to run a jammer that covers only my property so that I have full control over any means of wireless communication. Say the cops come without a warrant and as soon as they trespassed my property their radios lose signal. Is that ok? US flag here

>illegal to use
what the point in buying or owning one?

these guys ship discretely from hong kong if you're interested


idk, but what if they come with a warrant and their shit goes down when they enter your property?
That'll get you arrested or shot

for the shit and giggles

/bst/ threads.

Have fun with your cancer


Someone got busted for jamming in Chicago too, though it was on a train so he's even fucking up the conductor's day. He still got off with less though.


Why you posting ruski pigs?

You'd need a pretty powerful jammer to do that. Definitely outside of average hobbyist or civilian budget.

how do you build your own? I'd want to try for testing purposes.

You need a really strong Transformator
The one from your microwave should do

How legit is this post?
It sounds believable, but I have no indiciations of whether or not it has any truth to it. If I went full Chris McCandless meets Unabomber and hid out in the dense woods in like bumfuck nowhere, Washington would I get busted?

google it cia nigger

They're also illegal to USE.

Sure you can own one, but if you turn it on you're committing a federal felony.

They could find you easily if they where looking for you however if you just live by your own it will probably not be noticed unless your jammer like range is further than your house

You can still find them on chink web only listed under routers and what not.

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They're sold as "test equipment"; you are "supposed" to use them in a shielded room to see how well phones handle interference.

>I'd like to run a jammer that covers only my property

How sure are you that you aren't emitting "up" as well, and causing problems for aircraft navigation? The FAA might come done harder on you than the FCC.

>covers my property
>causing problems for aircraft navigation

Are you clinically retarded?

is it really tho.. the radio autists like saying this but they arent normal people

Considering its illegal to down drones worrying about the upward projection is a legitimate concern.
Although it being illegal to use kinda means you're already breaking the law.

dont jam unrelated frequencies then?

Most fines are 30-45k

Last guy got 45k was jamming as he was annoyed people using their phones will driving but then police radios cut out so the FCC got involved

They staked out the route and saw certain frequencies just dropping off and found out it was his car

To get names of the kinds of people who would buy a jammer

What if I buy a hundred jammers and then give them out to random people as gifts? Would I be breaking any laws?

This is such a ridiculous scenario they'd probably write a new law just for you. Right after they get you for violating the CFAA or some shit.

why not jam just the phone frequencies instead of everything? no one would find you if you did just that and arent doing it at the same time every day

>was jamming as he was annoyed people using their phones will driving
gods work

Got one from Dealextreme some yrs ago but it seems they don't sell them anymore.

Pic. vy related.

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Whats there to understand? You can’t be charged for buying one, but you can be charged for selling one.
Joe sells to Tom, Joe is guilty, Tom is not.


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Useless for anything bigger than jamming your own phone from a few meters away.

jammer.net/it/ is legit
I bought a 5 things from them and they're didn't scam me. I am not americunt btw so I don't care about laws.

the room is already shielded, what would you jam? kek

When do you use these, for what particular purpose?

I remember my shool hall when it got built in 2001 or some thing had cell phone jammers not sure if it was one of the IT or Theater tech guys just doing it for lol but it was advertised as a feature that it would be good to stop kids making noise in the hall in the future on cellphones.

I know of one guy who used them on his daily commute on the bus, but afair he got it taken away from him within a few weeks/months by police or customs, I forgot

Central Europe if that makes a difference