There is an error on line 6157

>there is an error on line 6157
>code only has 6143 lines

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>things that don't happen

literally happening right now

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it happens, depends on what technology you're using. finding bugs in source maps for languages that compile to javascript is somewhat common

have you tried using the debugger?

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jesus christ OP format your fucking code

why does your code look like mangled ass?

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Have you tried to restart it, user?

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i know it looks ugly, im sorry - it's not usually like this
im editing the css of a shopify template which apparently DOESN'T MAKE BACKUPS


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haha le monke

What's up man, I bless you

it means your added inline css somewhere and it was expanded you retarded

Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?

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fixed it

as usual, it was one bracket out of place


Would have been obvious if you didn't format your code like a mongoloid.

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are you or the program you're using concatenating all the css into a single file by any chance? though usually it gets minified if you're doing anything along those lines

This shit kept happening when I used to program on Assembly.