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How did /sqt/ become a thing?

Touchpad or mouse? I've been fucking around with my gestures a lot recently and it's really got me thinking, are one of these tools any better than the other?

>gestures allow you to do shit that would normally have you reaching for your keyboard or some odd part of your screen and are customisable to the point where they could make ricers jizz. Fourth figure press pastes "you're a faggot"? Count me in.
>gestures sometime cause unintentional inputs, like right-clicking when you didn't want to click at all
>slower than a mouse, absolutely not an option if you're /v/
>probably less ergonomic than a mouse

>movements are super precise and always does exactly what you fucking want it to
>no gestures
>mice with weird attachments like forward/back buttons often vary from unergonomic to just plain useless


What's wrong with GNOME? I've been trying the newish version that Ubuntu uses and I'm not seeing much wrong with it.

Everything from Gnome 2.0 and KDE 3.0 onwards has been a buggy bloated mess.

Can't say that I've ever noticed any bugs.

This. No risk of carpal tunnel and comfy as fuck. Plus with time you actually get quite good with it, I wasn't a pro by any means, but I've used to play Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament with a trackball and I could always get a decent K/D ratio. The people shitting on trackballs simply haven't used them long enough.

How can technology help me get a gf with puffy nipples like that?

Touchpad hurts me desu. I'm not even tall, so my proportions aren't lanklet or anything, but the claw movement touchpads required of me didn't play well with me at all- I'd always have to cringe and correct my hand and let it go limp in the opposite way to eventually become normal again.

Mice are the only option for vidya, but they're tiring compared to a clit ("TrackPoint" on Thinkpads, though I never learned their generic name). A clit is a joystick you move with your middle finger, and you click with your thumbs using right/left clicks above the touchpad. It's also closer to (read: in the middle of) the keyboard, so logistically using it demands less from your body. You're getting a lot of feedback advocating trackballs but desu I've never used them.

If it helps I once saw a /v/ comic (probably from 2010 or earlier) comparing a joystick to a mouse and mousepad. It drew the joystick as pitch black with red lips if anyone's seen it before. Well it proposed the simple equation of axis length x sensitivity, which is to say a big mousepad provides more freedom for precise movements than a joystick (i.e a clit). I think the free scroll of a trackball provides more freedom than a joystick, but snapping to a specific point can probably not be trumped by a proper mouse and mousepad setup. Some people even get aftermarket skates for their mice if you're not convinced.
It wasn't always a think tbqh, but you'd probably find instances of it peppered across the archives still. I think Jow Forums always had a "qtddtot [questions they don't deserve their own thread]", but that's a clusterfuck to type, though they have other recurring help threads.

I've got an issue with getting relative timestamps to appear when using Jow Forums X. I imported my settings from my macbook where the timestaps work properly, but on my desktop they just don't appear at all. If I enable them to only appear as a tooltip, they DO work though

Any ideas?

GNOME 3 offers very little in terms of customization compared to other DEs. The additional tweaks software (or whatever it's called) makes it a little better, but it still is very restrictive. Also the extensions can be quite buggy. Last time I used GNOME 3 I had to activate an extension to get a Place button in the taskbar (from which you could directly go into Pictures, Videos, Downloads, etc.). Problem was, because of that extension every time I connected a USB it force quit my session and I had to log in again.
GNOME 3 also is rather resource hungry, but I'm not one to talk with Cinnamon.

Will I have any problems with a 4 meter HDMI cable? Should I look for a trusted brand or is anything okay?

Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit

CPU: Intel Core i5 4690K @ 3.50GHz Haswell 22nm Technology

RAM:16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 1201MHz


Graphics: 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

232GB Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB (SSD)

1863GB Seagate ST2000DM001-1CH164 (SATA)

What to upgrade user if I'm interested in the upcoming grfx cards 1180 etc?

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i have a laptop with two different win10 installed, the first one is updated and the second one is the same version as the one on release.
the updated one runs smoother but the colors look faded and sometimes randomly switch between an orange or blue filter and the colors are always faded and weak compared to the other os.
how 2 fix plox

As much as I love the i5 4690k that all screams 2012. Keep the 1080 and HD/SSD and start fresh in 2019.

I am trying to set up internet for my linux laptop and my winows desktop with just one ethernet cable via bluetooth. This works fine with only linux machines but windows is causing issues.
Everytime I try to pair both systems with blueman in linux windows gives me an authentification error.
How do I fix fucking windows ?

Is it okay to use fans of two different speeds on a liquid cooling radiator? I have a push pull radiator with two 120mm fans. One of them broke and I bought a new one to replace it, but accidentally bought a faster one. The stock fans are 0.28a and 2,000rpm, whereas the fan I bought is 0.32a and 2,700rpm. If I can mix them, where should I put the faster one?

>Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
>What to upgrade
A brain.

Get a new MB, CPU, and some DDR4. The rest is fine. How old is the PUS and HDD? And what wattage do you have? And get some good RAM, what you have there is shite.

Install Linux on the other computer?

It's a dualboot. Linux on linux works but I also want to get Windows to access the internet

So, way back when I first created a Discord account, I thought it was some flash-in-the-pan thing, and used a disposable email. Some years later, I realize I should probably change it to my real one, only to find out I don't remember the password I originally signed up with (I've been logged in automatically ever since I signed up). I've tried all my usual password suspects, and I fear it may have been one of the silly random passwords I occasionally give when I feel I'm forced to sign up unnecessarily and don't expect to log in again. Or maybe Discord's password requirements just meant a slight alteration to my usual suspects, whatever.

TL;DR. I can no longer access the email and don't remember the password I originally signed up to Discord with (despite my account still automatically logging in). Changing either of those requires the other, at least from all that I've seen so far. Am I fucked? Do I need to try and brute-force it or something?

I have 2 4gb RAM modules, one start to fail memtest and crash the windows almost daily.

Now I want to go back to 8gb, it is safer just buy a 8gb from a single RAM and try to sell my 4gb or it is actually safe to mix match brand? I always read that it might fuck up things

my original RAM module is 9-9-9-24 1333mhz, if I buy another in the same specifications it should be compatible, r-right?

I think you're fucked. Or maybe try contacting support. If you don't want to bother, just migrate to a new account. It's just Discord, not like you have anything important on there.

So Hydrus is an image-tagging program and you should absolutely use it. But I feel like a retard with my use of Hydrus. I only recently discovered "add tags based on filename" in the import window simply lifts filenames, preserving them, so 99% of my database discarded that information, including when I simply fed Hydrus all my old porn folders when I first picked it up.

I now use a Firefox addon to one-click DL pixiv images, and I preserve the filenames it generates (pic related), but I'm still downloading pixiv images manually, let alone that many artists only post to a "nijie" account, or "seiga", or "pawoo". I feel really left behind still manually ripping images. All the information in my addon-generated filename should be their own tags. Will someone please hold my hand through how to be a Hydrus poweruser? I read the manual until it basically told me to have fun, but it didn't even teach me how to tag.

link to Hydrus btw:

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I'm still shit with a trackball after 10 years, but I don't game, so it doesn't matter.

Unity or Unreal for isometric rpg?

hey which laptop is better to purchase, a dell 5587 or a lenovo y720? the specs are mostly similar(dell better cpu, lenovo better gpu)

First Choice: Trackball
2nd Choice: Drawing Tablette


My PC has slowed down to a crawl but I don't know why, pls halp
>0% CPU usage
>15% memory

That's going to depend on your use case and which configuration you go with.

hdd utilisation?

I still have like 200GB free

I just installed KDE Ubuntu again and I noticed that it is bloated with shitty apps that I don't need. Should I install xfce or another distro?

i mean is it being thrashed, not how much of it's capacity has been used

Can you describe your box in a little more detail?
Also, is it always slow or just in certain applications?

It keeps making a continuous grinding that is the same noise over and over... I had just moved my PC to a different desk so maybe that is the cause?

not really sure what you mean, i would use it for gaming and work on Windows. I'm wondering which has better longevity build etc

Dell optiplex 7010
8gb ram
I5 3470 CPU
It boots up really slow unless if I put in safe mode or try to to do a diagnostic boot

if it's making a repetitive, unusual noise, especially after shock, it might be damaged
take a recording of it's sound if you can and post it
if it's damaged, you need to back it up and replace it asap

I don't know where to post it but it sounds like a coffee maker, thank you for your help ;_;

>it sounds like a coffee maker
back it up
don't even have it running if you aren't backing it up

That depends. A 6 core processor is probably going to hold out a little better than a 4 core in the long run, but it's hard to say if you'll see significant benefit from it before your laptop dies. Shitposting, basic editing etc are fine with a 5 year old i3 and integrated graphics. A gtx 1060 is a significant upgrade over a 1050ti, although in a few months time the 11xx series will be the new standard. Both brands are known for making good hardware. I personally wouldn't trust lenovo after all the malware they've offloaded, but unless they've inserted some unknown hardware backdoor a clean install should be fine. I doubt they would plant anything in the bios again after all the shit they got last time.

thank you very much

is 1080p 21:9 a waste of money? I need more space on my desktop but I don't have enough money to go 1440p 21:9

i'm planning on installing Linux on USB drive (with persistent storage).
does anybody know some distro that is Arch-based and that it's not rolling-release (because i'd probably want to keep my writes on minimum).
thanks in advance.

>Arch-based and that it's not rolling-release
that doesn't make sense
you can install arch on a usb drive, just update when you want to

why doesn't it make sense? i prefer pacman over apt any time. okay, i will install arch then. i found out how to minimize writes in the meanwhile.

i'm not saying using arch doesn't make sense, i'm saying "arch based" and "not rolling" at the same time doesn't make sense

yeah, i get that but why? debian has both stable and rolling release.

Hey, /sqt/, noob here, I'm doing an exercise (C language) to check if a given Sudoku is correct, but I'm facing with a little problem. The input is something like this (53467891267*2195348198*34256785976*14234268537*91713924856*96153728428*419635*3452861*79 [without '*'s (i put them to not trigger Jow Forums's filter), and with each 9-number disposition representing a row in the sudoku]). I'm having difficult figuring out how to transform that string in a int matrix for me to work on (or is there a better approach?).

debian's rolling release is just it's testbed, designed to help stabilize packages enough for testing, where things are frozen, then later it eventually becomes 'stable'
while with arch, rolling is the one release model, though it also has a testing repository for staging packages before release
there is no non-rolling versions of arch, at least not officially

yeah, that's why i said "Arch-based" and not "Arch". i found that such distro does exist btw. it's called Hyperbola.

just don't be that guy who asks for help saying he's using arch, but isn't really
it's infuriating to talk through things only to find out later that "oh, it's actually because i'm using manjaro"

I am about to build a new computer and thought I could move my copy of Windows 7 from my old computer to my new one, but it turns out it is OEM and I don't plan to use anything except the old hard drive, meaning it's stuck on the old hardware. Would getting a cheap key from a place like Kinguin the best option at this point? While I could pirate Windows, I have never pirated an OS before and am rather wary of doing so.

I need something like a car radio that you don't build into the car.

Basically, i drive my parents' car (I have a job ok, i just don't want to shill out thousands of dollars for a car), but they don't want me to get a new radio for it.

Think of hard drives, and how you can connect an external hard drive.

I want an external car radio. My phone won't do because i can't touch it while i'm driving (illegal here)

The recent /sqt/ pasta the loli avatarfag uses includes:

>Windows questions?
>Where can I get Win10 LTSB?
>How do I activate Win10/Win7?

I've never opened these resources before, but hope they help.

>While I could pirate Windows, I have never pirated an OS before and am rather wary of doing so.

When record companies make a fuss about the danger of "piracy", they're not talking about violent attacks on shipping. What they complain about is the sharing of copies of music, an activity in which millions of people participate in a spirit of cooperation. The term "piracy" is used by record companies to demonize sharing and cooperation by equating them to kidnaping, murder and theft.

Copyright was set up after the printing press made copying a matter of mass production, typically done commercially. Copyright was acceptable in that technological context because it functioned as an industrial regulation, not restricting readers or (later) music listeners.

In the 1890s, record companies began selling mass-produced musical recordings. These records facilitated the enjoyment of music, and did nothing to interfere with listening to music. Copyright on these musical recordings was mostly uncontroversial as it only restricted record companies and not music listeners.

Today's digital technology enables everyone to make and share copies. Record companies now seek to use copyright law to deny us the use of this technical advance. The law which was acceptable when it restricted only publishers is now an injustice because it forbids cooperation among citizens.

To stop people from sharing goes against human nature, and the Orwellian propaganda that "sharing is theft" usually falls on deaf ears. It appears the only way to stop people from sharing is with a harsh War on Sharing. Thus the record companies, through their legal arms such as the RIAA, sue teenagers for hundreds of thousands of dollars for sharing. Meanwhile, corporate conspiracies to restrict public access to technology have developed systems of Digital Restrictions Management, designed to handcuff users and make copying impossible. Examples include iTunes as well as DVDs and Blueray disks.

Hear hear. Copywriting is such a racket. That shit's supposed to expire in a few years too, but bigass companies like disney just shell out for lobbyists to get patents extended a hundred years after shits been released.

I'm hoping to build a new computer for the first time in over a decade. I've stopped following the latest trends and now I'm trying to catch up with them. Is there any relatively unbiased site that has a rundown on AMD vs nvidia, for both the present and speculated future? Everyone on this site seems to be a rabid fanboy of one or the other so I can't ask here.

help a nibba out

what is this > ์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์

The internet is full of comparisons. Nvidia has used their lead in the market and price premium to indulge in anti-competitive practices that means games are a little more likely to consistently give their best performance and enable all features under them. It sucks to contribute to that, but it's hard to make a purchasing decision based on moral grounds. It's not a huge difference though, and I'd mostly go off of price/performance:


You will get better power efficiency under nvidia. New cards are coming out soon, but I wouldn't put much faith in what you hear. It shouldn't be nearly the difference that the last generation was. Also on the processor front amd is doing great vs intel. They're probably the reason intel felt compelled to finally jump to 6 core base for their higher tiers.

Please respond.

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I appreciate the detailed writeup man.

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Massive fucking brainlet here
I recently completely reset my pc.
But I noticed that I was missing my additional 1tb HDD. I can see it in Disk Management as 'Disk 1', but its 'unallocated'.
So how do I reactivate it?

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If you right click it, there would be an option called "Create Volume" or something like that. It's been quite a while since I used windows

is tinywall known for being a complete piece of shit?

So I might have to format my computer after 5 years of good service. What is the best way to get win7 up to date, still WSUS offline?.

Fucking microsoft withholding SP2, and no way I'm moving to shitdows 10 for now.

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If i had my sata drive set to 'legacy mode' in bios when installing windows, will setting it back to default cause any trouble with windows recognizing the drive?

When someone puts a house vacuum on your mouth when you're sleeping, how do you best protect yourself against it causing a collapsed lung? Serious question. Whenever the video of that girl being woken up to that makes rounds, all the top comments warn of this, but I haven't seen it recently so I wonder if I should just hold my breath or what. I assume you'd panic and rapid inhale though.

I'm using Windows Defender (+ anti-malware stuff) these days because free antivirus is getting shitter and shitter which made me uninstall Bitdefender quite a while ago. It's working fine for actually defending me. Problem is the antimalware service executable portion is annoying me.

It frequently uses 15 - 20% of my CPU. Almost constantly in fact. You might say, 15 - 20% isn't so bad unless my CPU's doing some very heavy lifting for other programs right? Well it's true, it's not really noticeable when I'm in a browser, or playing games, or anything like that.

But, for whatever reason, it makes my Win10 processes sluggish as fuck. Easiest test I had is the speakers in the system icons. When the antimalware executable is being calm and sitting at a couple % CPU usage, it's pretty responsive, near-instantaneous. Like it should be. But when usage goes up above 10%, suddenly i have to wait 2 - 4 seconds before the speaker icon brings up the volume bar. This is just the most consistent and easiest to replicate example, the entirety of Windows Explorer becomes similarly sluggish to various degrees.

Googling this problem just gives tons of people who see CPU skyrocket to 100% and whose solutions did nothing for me, wondering if anyone's had similar experience with this shit/have a better solution than using this shitty program.

[spoiler]Remove Windows answers will be accepted but I'm too tech-ignorant and lazy to actually do it I'm afraid.[/spoiler]

>CPU starts running hot (60~70 C) whenever I run specific game
>get huge ass after market heat sink and fan and replace the stock that came with the CPU
>temps are exactly the same

The fuck am I doing wrong?

Damn you can't spoiler on Jow Forums? I'm sorry you have a third-world imageboard techbros.

The simplest answer would be some program is capping the speed of your fans below their actual capabilities. I'm guessing you already did some troubleshooting on that though.

Second simplest is poor airflow.

Shouldn't Kodi generate thumbnails for my videos (read: porn) and not just the Hollywood films?

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How are they placed?

Put a temperature sensor/regular thermometer near the CPU (behind the fans) to see what the surrounding temperature is

>The simplest answer would be some program is capping the speed of your fans below their actual capabilities. I'm guessing you already did some troubleshooting on that though.

No, actually. How could I figure that out? Check the bios? Speedfan?

is 8gb dual channel better than 12 gb single channel for ram

I don't know much about it myself, I just had some minor bloatware issues with it a while back which made me more conscious of that kind of stuff. I'm sure someone else can help, or perhaps google.

>60~70 C

user, that's not hot for a CPU.

what is there to spoiler on a tech board?

I have separate /boot and / partitions, and everytime I boot, the loader fails to mount /
Any tip? The entire os in the same hdd and yes, refind is able to boot the /boot partition, its the loader problem

if there's no good air flow in your case, it won't matter how big and string your heatsinkfan is.

Disable windows defender.
Install Malwarebytes and uBlock Origin.

>Remove Windows answers will be accepted but I'm too tech-ignorant and lazy to actually do it I'm afraid.
That's literally the only solution, though.

>tfw I also have the same problem, and I'm also lazy. Plus I can't make up my mind about which flavor of GNU/Linux to install if I ever stop being lazy enough to do it anyway.

Have T420s, successfully installed arch on it following a manual. But after the install, i realised it might be too much of a learning and my hype faded and i decided for debian xfce. So i made a bootable usb on another pc but now the thinkpad wont load the usb. Sometimes the boot menu takes 5 minutes to load, when it does load and i select Usb, it takes me back to the menu after a while. Regardless of which usb port i use, and also the usb is fine, on windows it shows as debian installer.
Also can bios uefi settings affect this? Dont know shit about it.
Also i tried booting from said usb like 30 times now so i dont wanna fuck this freshly bought laptop...
During the day, it once showed the actual unetbootin menu but that iso was corupted and i downloaded a newone and i just cant boot the usb...

SOME of us don't want to know product details weeks or months in advance. It inteferes with masturbating our normie dicks to a shitty Linus Tech Tips video review 15 days after it launches, you philistine.

I have both of those already, what I lack in knowledge I do at least have in ability to google and sporadically browse Jow Forums.

Besides, my reptile brain has been conditioned for two decades by corporate shills not to trust a pc without some kind of dedicated 'protection' program running at all times.

I never gave a shit about any previous edition of Windows people complained about being shit - though I skipped 8 - because most of it I never ran into. But damn Windows 10 is shit in all the ways that pisses off even plebeian tech-dinosaurs like myself. Just so much broken, useless shit actively making usage worse.

If i have eproms that are somewhat stuck, would silicon spray help dislodge them without damaging the pin holes?

Okay, this has been a recurring issue for me and I need a fix, NOW.

How do I force a certain resolution on a program?

I have a 1920x1080 monitor and a dumb app (this time a game) I want to run. I can run it either at fullscreen, which I don't want to or at a puny 800x600 resolution which is unreadable. I want to run it at 1024x800 or bigger.
I have tried uncountable amounts of different ways and tools, but nothing worked ever.

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Tbh I'm just replying to you to fit in since you got so many replies already.

I also suggest mbam (malwarebytes anti-malware), however I think the active protection service or whatever is for premium users only. I just open mbam to scan .exe files before I open them, but I once scanned a generic installer from thepiratebay, mbam results showed no danger. I open it and merely hitting "next" on the installer starts self-installing multiple viruses onto my PC. The torrent I got it from disappeared that day, only to re-appear two days later with the same 1,000+ paid seeds. I guss I should include that I had to use AdwCleaner/ JRT (Junkware Removal Tool), bot of which are by the mbam devs to remove all the viruses, with my internet disabled and computer in safe mode, after so many restarts until they started finding nothing. One of the two programs above has been consolidated into the other, though- it should tell you when you check it out.

The best antivirus is always Common Sense current year edition, but mbam will protect you if conceivable for it to do so. If it's validating at all, mbam found a virus for me once when someone gave me a program rec, I asked where to get it, to which they replied just google it and click the first result. Mbam detected it was some bullshit, so the dude supplied the actual, clean link.

How do you build a DNS or whatever a webhosting service is, and can ICANN fuck with you based on content (legal of course)

why the fuck can i not save certain images off twitter? The file will only save to my hd as a
'.html' file which just opens the page the image is on when you click on it. How do I get past this jewery?

Yeah my main worry for going without Windows Defender is torrenting and such. It's been about 10 years since I torrented/downloaded shit regularly enough to keep up with sites and trackers and because of that the times I do venture into torrentland are the times ublock + umatrix/scriptsafe and regular Malwarebyes scans don't quite feel like enough.

Also, if I deactivate Defender and don't have another antivirus, Windows constantly pesters me about it so I'd have to google how to make it shut up as well.


Well desu now that I fetched the link I realize there's probably a one-click downloader addon for twitter out there, but this addon expands images on hover- it even works for (most) sites that cockblock right click to prevent you from saving. On twitter for example, from the follow tweet it produces:

I didn't even know that URL was a thing tbqh. I use a chrome addon to rip twitter media from an account indiscriminately, but until this addon I thought saving original-sized twitter images was impossible on mobile, since it required adding ":orig" to the end or URLs, which at least on my tablet produced a "file" format that isn't viewable. So this just gives you the original image straight, no manually correcting the URL bullshit.

Unfortunately it fails sometimes and gives you the smaller version, and on booru galleries it might produce the sample image or even fucking thumbnail. Refreshing lets it try fetching the highest res again but the only way I see to confirm it's the highest res is to open the image in a new tab and check the URL. Thankfully the addon has a shortcut for that, and a shortcut to fix to 100% zoom, and stay when you move your mouse away until you hit the shortcut again. I was messy with explaining but I mean I hope it helps.

On boorus actually (only gelbooru) I use a one-click downloader, so I don't save the hover-expanded images there. So basically you probably just want a one-click downloader for twitter which I'm sure exists.

>but until this addon I thought saving original-sized twitter images was impossible on mobile
Well I just looked at it again and played with it and I'm sure it still is. I must've just been surprised it even fetches original images. This post is a disaster btw, don't read it- just read the last sentence.