Laptop stickers thread

Laptop stickers thread.

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You must be 18 to post here OP

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also my daily carry

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Would be good if you had more colors going on and no normie stickers.

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Yea right, why even post this?
I somehow like this, nice contrast.

Heres mine btw

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Where did you get that dead inside sticker?
The whole thing looks cool.

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lol stickers are for beta faggot cucks
prove me wrong

this was in the last thread, does anyone have sauce

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you're wrong

>Cringe thread.

post more "btw i use arch" cringe

someone post the one with unregistered hypercam please

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Did your boyfriend by you the MacBook?

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Redbubble, I got most of them there. The rest is either from unixstickers or just random ones.

Based swans sticker

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install HaikuOS

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This post is correct and stickerfags can’t do anything about it.

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gay af

Install TenpleOS

nice skateboard

>rest is either from unixstickers
That's a good site. Them as well as stickermule is having a sale on the sample pack, you get a bunch of stickers for US$1, free shipping.

So to those wanting to get new stickers, go on and order from both sites!

>ruining your laptop with stickers
end yourselves

This thread made me realize I put my sticker on upside down like an idiot

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1$? gotta buy some stickers then

this is all i got

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Yes. The stickermule pack also comes with some other stuff in it like magnets. I've been looking around for more such deals, but no luck.

Unixstickers belongs to stickermule now. Do you have any pics of contents of their sample pack? I wonder if it has anything interesting. I mean, I have no interest in octocat or google chrome logo.


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But then how will I virtue signal about politics.

I want something like that, looks cool user.

baka baka

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Will I get into trouble for having a "Stallman Was Right" sticker?

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shame you can only buy packs on unixstickers now, not individual stickers. I was lucky, ordered mine just a few weeks ago

Here's an unboxing video for the stickermule sample pack:

Don't mind the spic who probably thought they were going to send him a real mule to transport drugs on.

Yeah. But Redubble is still a good option.

I like those kneesocks

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>white borders
nah it's a shit option

>Redubble is still a good option

Not sure if you have ever ordered one from there but the quality is atrocious.

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You memed me into this, don't forget it

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