Battlestation Thread /bst/

didnt see one so i made one edition
rate hate and masturbate over your setup and others

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Boomer-station. Common brahs!

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t.toyz on desk.
Pew pew pew!

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I really like your wallpaper. Like, the actual non-pc wallpaper.

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Why the fuck do you post this shit so often

Rate my setup.

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>case has a window
swallow a razor blade/10
ma nigga 10/10

Today is the day I buy wall art.

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Why thank you! Btw I'm the guy eating extra crunchy jif. This shit is delicious.

stop posting low res pics

thank you

>pepsi (high sugar drink)


no u
>>pepsi (high sugar drink)
It's diet, faggot.


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This is reddit if reddit was a desk.

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Could use some recommendations for a set of smaller, magnetically shielded speakers to replace the cheap memebar.

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Keyboard and mouse are MEH, rest is nice

I love your setup, comfy as fuck

I would definitely be looking into getting a newer mac. I got a feeling Applel is about to ditch support for anything older than the 2012 models

love the desk

Did they finally fix those stupid butterfly switch keyboards or am I going to have to look at 2015 model machines still?

comfy :)

>Apple fixing anything
No; in fact a ton of reports said that they didn't even consider it when they released the 2018 models. Look at the 2015 models but not just for the keyboard but the ports as well (and the force touch trackpad)

pew pew, pew pew

it has been a while

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The mouse I actually really like, Corsair Scimitar, best mouse I've owned to date. Keyboard is an expensive piece of shit though, I'll agree with you on that, a few of the keys are stuck on red and yellow and won't change. Never buying a Razer keyboard again

You are not allowed to post here.

>It's diet
>implying it's less bad

lmaoing @ ur life

It certainly makes me feel less bad than normal soda, which makes me sluggish and kinda nauseous.

Where's your 'pooter Mr Burns?

more like workshop lappy edition

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10/10, just for the chair!

In a compartment inside the desk, since all cases on the market either:
>look like shit
>doesn't have proper airflow
>IO and power button located in retarded place

the sad thing is you have all that unsued carpentary shit to make you feel more masculin and your not even playing with little warhammer models.

good meme, lad

pic was actually a bit old, restoring a hand plane now

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just use the phone

Nice background on your desktop, whats the artist?

>that 9.5 foot wide desk

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drew tucker, i currently have Jeff A. Meneges art up as the current desktop background

cause i want to
might see a new image if i bother to tidy up

Thank you

The Pi is there for a project I'm working on, ignore it.

Those cables in the corner run up to an Xbox One although it's barely used.

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Please be gentle

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it clearly looks like you don't use your pc all that much


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My opinion is that the PC shouldn’t be the focus point of the room. It looks too zoomer-ish.

Agreed. The monitors and displays should be the focus of the room.

Lill bit dark since my other monitor is rip until I repaired its power adapter

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Do you guys like my setup

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>cancerous blue lights on keyboard
Enjoy your eye strain

Good evening.

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you need more screens and a real keyboard

That top wallpaper is cute


No mate, mine is a sensible red.

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>you need more screens
desu I wouldn't know what to do with a third monitor, if I had the space for one
>and a real keyboard
I have a realforce tkl, a novatouch and two more 60% keyboards. I also have four Model Ms in storage in my garage. The novatouch is usually what I use daily. I'm pretty sure I don't need another keyboard.

>Nixie tube clock
Now that's cool af and so is the battlestation. 10/10
Comfy bedroom. maybe we shall see eachother on mhxx/mhgu?

I still need to clean everything in my room to complete it.

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what headphones are those?

That case is sweet. For a sec I thought it was a repurposed mini fridge.

I was considering putting my tower under the desk. Do you ever accidentally hit it with your feet?

That calendar thing on the left is cool. Is there a name for it?

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was meant for >Now that's cool af and so is the battlestation. 10/10
That calendar thing
My nixie clock?

Oldie but comfie

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Looking to upgrade monitors soon.

Any suggestions?

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....why do I recognize this space

If you want to keep a nice CRT handy, Sony GDM-FW900 if you can find one.

I go on a fair bit but as of recently it's only for fanart; University and training has really picked up recently so I haven't had much time

I'm not the guy you responded to but I have the same MBP (13" 2012 non-Retina). There's support for macOS Mojave coming out in October, and it will receive security updates for a couple of years after (in case the following release doesn't support 2012 models). Once support drops I'll just install Linux and get a new laptop if it dies or can't keep up. Mine has an 850 Evo SSD and 8GB RAM so it feels quick. Great computer for its age and I picked it up for just $220 in mint condition. I don't plan on replacing it if I don't have to.

Nice, what is the wallpaper?


Mostly for DOS Box and other older games.

That being said, I was actually in the market for a new 4k lcd monitor.

>Is the CRT only for aesthetic purpose or is there something special/superior about CRT's?

Zero input lag, no motion blur, color depth holds its own against expensive modern monitors.

Basically aesthetics, autism, and twitch gaming.

God damn forgot I had that name from an /a/ thread last night...

I'm an idiot. I realised it was a clock as soon as I posted. I legit thought it read 07/27/18.

Thanks. Best squid.

i agree

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wizmoe is that you

Amazing setup user, where did you get that floorlamp?

W7 on WM ?
Case ?

It's not. It's a realtime Earth map renderer from back in the days before Google Earth.

Phanteks P400. It's pretty good, but the front airflow is pretty restricted by their front panel design. Temps are fine for me, personally, but depending on how much you oc or how hot your hardware runs, you might want to look for something more focused on airflow.

hi how are ya

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I agree

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Those are some clean fucking pics, nice setup man

>I was considering putting my tower under the desk. Do you ever accidentally hit it with your feet?
Nah. My desk is like 6.5 feet long. It's the linnmon/alex desk/draw combo from Ikea. It was expensive but so worth it. Having two drawer units to hold all my stuff is awesome.

I'm working on the cable management. It's hard since all my cables are black and my walls are white. Maybe one day I'll give it some effort. And get a nice rug.

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Does that leg in the middle ever get annoying? I've always considered getting one of those ikea desks, but I feel like I'd always be hitting it.

what keyboard is that user?

Thanks, About the lamps, I don't remember, purchased both of them about 4 years ago.

WASD Keyboards v2 with a custom keycap set.

When I first got it, I hit it a few times but it's rock solid. You don't have to put it on, but it's much better for desk stability to have it on. I guess I've gotten used to it since I spread my legs in a way that I never notice it anymore.

ty user

>I agree
no, user. you respond to "faggots."

I mean that too, but what's your point

go post your trap asshole on /b/ and link it here

woah i can see the face

wallpaper please
i love kawaii guns