Calling all saudibros

How do we deal with this shit?

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Use 4chanX

4chanx doesn't solve this. is state-banned over here.
Proxies are useless and inconvenient (and dangerous). You can't post in Jow Forums while using a proxy.

attack your government officials and create a Christian nation instead

Ur fucked

Light a match at a oil drilling site.

I was going to make fun of SA user, but are there websites that are banned in the US?

i guess we dont have any other choice

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>create a Christian nation instead
No Jow Forums and no porn

i can go there using a vpn but youll have to turrn it off to post and then turn it back on
but i used to do this on my phone a couple of times and then got banned for ban evasion

Good luck!

No really, how are we going to deal with this shit?
I sent them 3 unblock requests and an email this morning
do these absolute faggots respond or care about this shit or are we stranded on the red boards?

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we're fucked brother

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Stop living in a shithole

But why tho

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old bookmark. I don't play it anymore.

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mohammeds absolutely positively BLOWN THE FUCK OUT

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Ok guys, how do I swap flags/proxy? All my mobile ips are banned due to abuse and my home wifi is perma’d

are you the op??

you're american now. Grab a burger and a gun!

my condolences fren

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did you use https?

honestly, since you said you sent requests already, just wait a few days. Im pretty sure they get a shit ton of unblock requests to deal with and have to sift through every one so it's probably just bureaucratic bullshit.

not him but im on government network as well and this fixed my problem up until this afternoon, its not an option anylonger

Doesn't work.
The new domain was blocked before it even went up, now the faggots working in our media control are obviously beyond retarded and don't do their work. So alot of blocked websites are probably lists of domains sent to them by some kind of foreign contractor that they just add to what to block. So I assume as 4channel gets unblocked gradually through upcoming months because muh advertisement friendly website the block will be lifted over here.

You do them too much kindness. I know these faggots since eons ago. Jow Forums was blocked as well years ago. I bombarded them with requests for months that they ignored. Then they unblocked the blue boards, and later unblocked the red boards too randomly.
fuck hiroshimoot.

okay so now if i use a vpn and then trun off to post will i get banned im scared to try it ;/

no, its not against the rules to browse with proxy/vpn. however if you need those services to browse you wont be able to just turn off the service and post if you wanted to

I doubt you'd even be able to post
I'm scared to try it too so I won't bother. Raises the question if weather bans are shared between 4channel and Jow Forums or are they separate.
fuck hiroshimoot man why does he gotta screw us over like this couldn't he keep the two boards hosted on the same domain like he did 2 hours this day instead of castrating the blue boards off the red ones?

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>I doubt you'd even be able to post
you can i do it all the time on my phone but it got banned once
im not sure if ill get banned on the computer or not
im not gonna risk it though

infidels brought it onto themselves by following a false religion

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Overthrow your retarded government

>5th hour stranded on Jow Forums

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good luck bucko, godspeed from uncle sam.

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Your Murican now shoot up a school to proove your worth.

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sounds like a personal problem

by using proxies

try jihad