I'm bored, what is Jow Forums up to?

I'm bored, what is Jow Forums up to?

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pooping some poopies


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it's none of you business

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getting crushed by homework FUCK!

Gonna make some tea, and probably going to stay home tomorrow

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you don't need to reply then
thats what happens when you pospone it till the last day
>hikki finn
its fine i still like finland

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I'm staying home because I'm sick, I'm still going to try and get some assignments done (*´ω`*)

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Also I'm not a hikky ((´д`))

i've been trying to work out a little bit but the hungover is still fucking with me and i feel weak

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Go racing

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That sucks man, I hope you'll get over your hangover soon (@´_`@)

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I'm just trying to convince you I'm not a human failure who posts anime 20 hours a day hehe

I thought I woudn't have any hangover myself, but I guess this sickness is it ヽ(○´Д`)ノ

we're both weak and headed to die in an horrific manner

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Shut up

It seems that way xd

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i love the fact that finland has mandatory military service, i wish we still had it, it would have been really useful for me a few years ago

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How so?

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it would have probably made me avoid going to college and now i could have a job

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why do you post always and all the time?
btw: I think you are ok Soobee

That makes sense. My older brother didn't really have a solid plan for the future, so when he got promoted to staff sergeant ( I think) he stayed. Pays decently I hear.

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why dont you follow his path?

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Making kots

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Idk, I might. Just seems extremely tedious and repetitive, running the same drills over and over again.

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