I don’t have many regrets :)

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George Washington gay. More lewd country

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Does fairly odd parents have a Russian translation


Blocked in my country

In usa?



By Viacom on copywrite grounds

That suck m8
WE fuck copywrite here

Lol exdee

Pic related this is what I do!
ALsO ClIcK thE liNk

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I like your porn but the dicks you draw are horrible
Improve them and its 10/10

You gay

t. unaesthetic dick ald

Stop watching so much porn

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Why would you want the benises in your porn to be ugly tho?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. I really never notice

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Its literally in the center of the fucking(literally) screen

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My younger self would've said yeah but me now would say. Nigga you gay, I watch solo girls or lesbians.

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Lesbian is incredibly boring
Solo has a pass if she is good at it

Porn is objectively worse without the d

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>Lesbian is incredibly boring
Not the ones I've seen

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j*j* poster has shit taste, how unsurprising

Vanilla lesbian?
Strap on?

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Ecchi is the most based and redpilled from of pornography

Oh boy have you been missing out son

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Show me your ways

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hey fuckface leave washington alone.. he's not your husband

I've watched mostly all of these when I 16.


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Keep in mind I was 16 at the time

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That just looks funny to me
Arousing too, but mostly funny

I just realize where my muscle girl fetish stems from.

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2005 where it all began to my decent to internet porn. Before then I use to watch scramble porn on the TV and other late night broadcast, such as girl gone wild.
>scramble porn
The kind of porn you watch when you were in your early teens because you were too afraid of getting caught look at porn on the internet. Usually the spice channel or playboy late at night on a basic cable box. The screen would fuzz in and out of clear pictures where you could see the people clearly but all wierd colors and usually no sound(mind didn't).

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What the fuck
Never watched porn on tv honestly
Sounds like aids

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You watch ultimate surrender?

Shut up it was my childhood and it was sexy! You damn European wouldn't know the struggle us american kids had to face when it came to porn or naked girls. We had to work with what we had.

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I stopped watching 3 years ago but I remember everything I've seen. To answer your question no, I don't keep up with it.

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*I stopped watching porn 3 years ago

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Hey how old are you?


I guess I'm the oldest one in this thread right now

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Dumb zoomer

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I'm no zoomer or boomer.

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We all are tho
Bound by our society

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posting here so Shit Post won't feel too old

with the glass this post,
all the oppressed groups shall prosper, especially
the most oppressed group of all,
You're not that old unless you're 60.

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>with the glass this post,
I fucked up
Just fucking click this

You dont understand
You are either a zoomer or a boomer
There is no third option, gamers wont prosper

Truth is, the game was rigged from the start

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life ends at 30

I choose my own path!
Rise up!
You're still good

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Your actions will always reset back to 0 my son
No matter what you do

That is... unless you buy my game

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But that's just it! I have all your games and I don't play them! No one can't in my way when it comes to rising up! I don't care if I keep rising up back to 0 over and over, again and again. I will keep RISING UP UNTIL YOU GET TIRED!

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Todd never tires
Todd never sleeps
All your actions have already been taken into account

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That's is just where I want him. Now he's stuck in a loop! Infinite Death!


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There is no death for Todd
He is the alpha and the omega
The beginning and the end

He is your creator

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And he's in a loop, never to get out!


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Holy shit is Todd WD Gaster?
Just a theory?

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but it's a meme. A meme theory.

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