I'm in a search for new desktop wallpaper

I'm in a search for new desktop wallpaper.
find me one

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i don't even care about having one

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if you have unlicensed windows, yeah

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can we keep it /jp/ realated also no 3dpd

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nope keep on going

something is rely wrong here
it seems business corporations are paying to people make friendship and even be work college, school colleges and even teachers as marketers just to publicity of business products, but seriously !
you can literally see from them their not a natural, but not just artificial, literally full of bullshit expensive products and that sayings and teachings, literally fake !

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sell yourself

business corporation pay to my teachers and this college just to make products publicity, to me and may some others, wish is stupid btw, cause even if i could i wouldn't.
Portugal is literally fake as bullshit.

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i can go a shop, did you know that ?
don't need this trolls around me pretending all dam day,
as if the world was about business and manipulation..

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Based doc

nice one


Here, have a neat one. Had been using it for quite some time. Dunno if you're a Youmu guy though.
You should be.

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