How is this even a thing?

I guess it's legal but how can people be so stupid, like really stupid, as to pay 99 fucking dollars for it?

Like, what the duck?

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services rendered


why don't you go to the woods and rip your own food from the ground

how can people be so retarded and go to a supermarket and buy shit when 100% of it was literally just ripped from the ground when you could just do it yourself.

is this a joke? was this actually a thing? ayy lmao

The same people that are so lost with a computer that they believe Facebook is everything

Also the people who post shit about Apple like anything they do is pro-consumer

Extracting money from morons is a form of art and Apple perfected it. I unironically applaud them for that.

>copy&paste some files over a flash drive or the network
>as troublesome as falling down, cutting and chopping down a tree
is this what itoddlers actually believe? my sides!

The worst part is that the technicians who do the data transfer literally just use the data transfer utilities that the Mac setup prompts the user to do. Anyone can do it. Mac users are just fucking retarded.

I actually do it. I'm self-sufficent.

I literally just charged a couple 99.99 to transfer data from their old Mac to a new one... maybe two hours ago.

I always assume their old one is broken, but it literally had no issues. So I just used data migration assistant. People pay for things they dont understand and dont bother google'ing. Its a convince thing for way too many people.

Ive also had people literally try to pay me the same fee, to move their facebook from one computer to the other. I wish I was joking.

>chopping a tree is harder than copying a file over flash drive
This is what gnulets believe? My fucking sides.

low energy cope.

and you connect to the internet with your 500 iq

The point is if you believe every people in the world who uses a computer specially mac can transfer files from one drive to another let alone know what copy is, then you are a big fucking retard. Plus most people would just pay for the labor than do it themselves and waste time.

Also cutting a tree isn't hard manlet.

You get it. My brain is so evolved that it can connect to the Internet and any device.

>copying files is hard
the fucking state...

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I think you're retarded if you believe any labor is involved with copying and pasting files.

macOS already includes a migration tool. What are they charging for?

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Because it's a PREMIUM brand. BMW charges like $200 for an oil change, so Apple feels entitled to do the same.

Because iToddlers are stupid.

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because you can literally charge anything under capitalism

I refuse to believe this is real, no goddamn way this is real.
No goddamn way people, especially in first world country, is that retarded yet able to throw away their money easily and likely come from a well off educated family. That bullshit didnt even need any thinking at all, you just google it and follow
Mr. Prajeet rajash instruction like a good robot. I thought first world people are better than this, since I am a third world brainlet without any talent.

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What kind of idiot wouldn't charge people money for something that people would willingly pay for?

>hello kind sir here's some money
>oh, I don't want that
>ok then

Years ago Future Shop had a service at the same price to transfer photos onto a flash drive.
Never assume a strangers skill is even remotely close to yours.

What are you expect from college girls and art students? Even iOS settings are too complicated for them.

wait, they charged people to transfer data? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA

>something that Apple users would willingly pay for?
maybe its just going down so they can do it subscription based later?

>spend $2000 for new laptop
>spend $99 more to have it work just like your old one, so you can use it right away

What kind of jew wouldn't get it?

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>firewall was making my computer too hot


You literally need to use it as just a browser machine and even then knowning how to copy and transfer files is something you should be able to understand if you dont just use the default browser

I mean it makes sense I just dont understand how they could make a wall out of fire and at the same time fit it in a laptop

>How is this even a thing?
This is the absolute state of macfags.

I charge 30 for doing the same on windows

so, can I get 99 cashback if I am able to transfer data by myself?

>Reddit spacing
>Defending Apple
>Equating eating to "ripping something from the ground"
I see you're retard AND autistic.

Where is the quintessential Satania post?


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>Apple fans now save money
>this is somehow BTFO.


kys pedo

Lol they still had to pay for something that should be free until now.

Go to Best Buy or Walmart and get free data transfer.
Love to see you try.

90 percent of the population can't do it themselves.


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I just buy a flash drive once and then have infinite data transfer.

>The point is if you believe every people in the world who uses a computer specially mac can transfer files from one drive to another let alone know what copy is, then you are a big fucking retard.

If people don't know how to use the basic functionality of computers like copying files, then they have no business using computers.

>Also cutting a tree isn't hard manlet.

Watching youtube videos don't count, so̰yboy.

And why would I do that? Does being an itoddler really make you this retarded?

can you describe more about your lifestyle? do you have any animals? etc.i dream about this kind of lifestyle too

The time has come to summon Satania

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maybe because people don't want to link shit together and sit there dragging shit over

or you need an external drive to copy over

It's paying for services/time. You mock because you're computer literate. Imagine if some douche mechanic mocked you for not changing your oil

/thread in the first reply, OP confirmed being stinking neckbeard and surely NEET

Based and redpilled

I think you're forgetting that 100 bucks isn't a huge deal to some people, and they don't want to learn how to do it when they could pay someone else. Sometimes that makes more financial sense if you make enough money.

Like I pay $50 to get my dog groomed every 2 months I used to do it myself, but it's pretty time-consuming and I'm a busy person, and it's totally worth it to me to pay someone else to do it so that I either have more time to work or more free time.

some customers make so much money that their time they would spend figuring it out and doing it is worth more than $99. yes, really. some people close multi-million dollar deals in that amount of time.

You don't change your oil?

I know I’m gonna get shit on for this but how would you even do it? I know macs have that tool, but without it. I’ve never had to transfer anything I couldn’t fit on 1 or a few floppy/flash drives literally ever, so I’ve never had to think about it.

It doesn't matter how you transfer your data or who does it for, you'll still have to wait. so what's the point in paying for a service when you could do it yourself?

It's for the actual wealthy Apple tards who don't give a fuck about services costing money. Not the 90% of the poorfags who use Apple as a status symbol.


>but it's pretty time-consuming
Okay so it's not at all relevant here. Got it. Copy-pasting your files takes no time or effort, you can even use the computer at the same time. Your valuable time has not been compromised.
Let's not kid anyone here by thinking even a marginal amount of those paying customers are like that. They pay for it because they don't know how to do it. If you see someone using Apple devices there's a larger chance for them to make minimum wage than to be a millionaire among regular people.

>If you see someone using Apple devices there's a larger chance for them to make minimum wage than to be a millionaire among regular people.
You tried Andresh.

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based and 99pilled

If they make that much they would just ask the it guy who works at their company to do it.

If you're doing it with an external drive you're gonna buy one then copy twice

It's a flat fee but

>need an external drive to copy over
Imagine not knowing about SMB

>be applestore worker
>trying to sell some appleshit
>motherfuckers keep coming in and complaining they need their files transferred
>it's easy but it takes 15 minutes to complete, in which time i could be doing some real work and racking up commission
Now ask yourself why Apple would charge morons who ask for moronic things.

Imagine mentioning a MS protocol and that people using this service would set that up and do some shitty wifi transfer

I think you're retarded if you believe any labor is involved in doing anything

Sorry dude, I was being sarcastic. But I want that kind of lifestyle too. That's how I want to spend the rest of my days.

>MS protocol
Supported out of the box by macOS
>Set that up
Because typing smb://user@host/Users is so much installation and work
>Shitty WiFi
Even low-end chink router's have had 5GHz over which you can transfer an entire machine in reasonable time.

Imagine actually copying data twice with an external drive. Imagine seething this hard.

>say ok
>free 15min rest
Where's the harm