Jow Forums's thoughts on Libre office

Jow Forums's thoughts on Libre office

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Nothing it does can't be done more efficiently with Emacs.

>can't install just the spreadsheet program
Office lets you do this.

A decent free alternative for a category of software I have no need for. For the kind of documents I deal with, semantic markup is superior to WYSIWYG. Basically , just with Vim as well for me.

It's really good or my personal use. Has all the features I need.

Ah, a Vim user. That's some decent spelling for a retard, I must say.

slow shit. MS office is better.

>proprietary REEEEEE
yeah, fuck off.

You can use spreadsheets on Emacs?(legit question, never used emacs)


works on everyone else's machine

This. I also found it MUCH easier to write multilingual documents in it. I tried doing my grad thesis in MSOffice, and it fucked up all the formatting constantly (I was writing in English with a lot of Sanskrit and Hebrew thrown in). LibreOffice handled my trilingual mountain of a thesis with ease, and I was surprised at how well it managed to maintain consistent formatting according to my specifications in regard to citations. Will still use MSWord when I'm forced to for work, but LibreOffice is my #1 choice for academic writing.

great piece of software, the open document foundation is extremely important.

should not exist because of latex and texstudio

Excel is better
Word and power point can be replaced by the Libre alternative without losses

It's okay, but it could use a LOT more optimisation. Its system requirement and performance is way too high on old PCs considering what it is.
Yeah, but LO actually has a nice looking GUI.
It's much better for normies.

>It's much better for normies.
I don't care about normalfags.


Can emacs create a document a normie could openand edit in M$ word?
For my own use I also prefer a text editor (+typesetting language like groff or latex), but having libreoffice is more about the compatibility with normies.

It works for me

>Can emacs create a document a normie could openand edit in M$ word?
If you write the right plugin in E-Lisp. I don't know if one exists. Ask on IRC, someone might be able to send you theirs.

Excel is much much better. Vastly smoother workflow and responsiveness than Calc. In the hands of a master Excel is truly amazing.

A total POS. I get more done with MS Office online.

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Printing options are utter ass.
Printing a spreadsheet in Office is way easier.

>slow shit
upgrade your pentium grandpa

It's not LibbieOffice.

You can presentations on Emacs?

A lost opportunity.

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True. But muh foss!

No thanks, I'm fine with OnlyOffice, which by the way is open source too, cross platform and can run in a browser (nextcloud extension). Did I mention that it has a decent GUI that doesn't take me back to 2005 every time I use it?

Normies can learn to use markup with a WYSIWYM editor. I work with semi-normies that have learned to work with S1000D (an XML schema) via a graphical editor, while I can work on the same data using Vim.

Yes, do you not know how Emacs works?

They can, but why should they? In their minds office just werks™. If the people I work with insist on using .docx, I have no choice.

Serious question here. How useful would it be to take a few courses to learn Excel, Access, and PowerBI? Curious because I hate my current job as a Paramedic and want to get into data analytics. I currently have no experience in either.

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Boomers everywhere will be scrambling to hire you

It's fine. Microsoft Office isn't that much better that it's worth paying for.

based retard

It seems as though the jobs themselves are less important than knowing how to into pivot tables and VBA.

Shit interoperability with documents made with other office suits, I open a pptx presentation and it's all a jumbled mess. How did they manage to fuck that up? Aren't the newer ms formats like docx and pptx supposed to be open formats so that this kind of shit doesn't happen in the first place? Hell I even have interoperability problems with the native odp formats too sometimes.

> hands of a master
> excel
King of retards. l2db.


Spoilers: you're not meant to be able to open MS Office documents in other software.

It's better than Open Office.

Crashing piece of shit.

yes - write the presentation in latex and display it using emacs' built-in pdf viewer


Based tyson tan

Tbh I really try to like it but it just doesn't compare to office. Especially excel. Even WPS looks nicer than it.

it's fine other than whatever the retarded way of not numbering specific pages was because of your uni's gay ass style guide

Calc would be very competitive with Excel if it provided the same keyboard shortcuts. For example, it's stupid that you can't do Alt+= to quickly sum a column in Calc the way you can in Excel. Excel gurus rely heavily on the keyboard to get shit done.

Unoconv is good for doing semi obscure document conversions.