> WebAssembly ecosystem matures in 2020
> All languages can now literally be run on browsers
> Javascript kiddies lose their jobs

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It will be a while before "all" languages can target webassembly. One issue has been garbage collection, there are others too though. Targeting webassembly isn't trivial for most languages. Irregardless, the time will come.
You can already transpile some nice languages to JavaScript though (then potentially compile to webasm)

As if all js shit magically goes away.

The webassembly developers have said that the purpose is not to replace JavaScript. But there definitely are plenty of us that will use webassembly exactly so that we can get rid of javascript. I don't know if crystal can target webasm yet but that will be nice.

opinion discarded


most of popular languages can already be compiled to WASM

Redpill me on writing crypto jacking software in web ass

Suit you're self then....

It'll just make it harder to block ads.
And it won't even improve perceived performance(aside from canvas and webgl perhaps) because JS is one of the best languages to make asynchronously running UI. Remember all those desktop applications that just fucking hang during long operations? It's coming to web browsers now.

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Imagine hearing a buzz word then skimming a short article about what it is then coming to gee claiming it will kill a certain technology when the founders of web assembly themselves say it will never replace javascript. Imagine being a delusional neckbeard with no concept of programming but for some reason hating a language you have no experience with because its trendy. wow

t. script kiddie

>increasingly nervous webshitter

> WebAssembly can't replace javas-


imagine being so assblasted you have to cope by replying with memes :^)

Directly from that page

>Basically we are creating an app in C++ that call javascript if needed instead of the opposite

It relies on javascript, its a C++ library calling javascript functions for dom manipulation oh my god based retard not even reading things before he posts them XDD

People will keep writing in Javascript, but languages that already compile to it like typescript and elm could see improvements by targeting wasm. Other languages like Python and C# still need a huge download for the interpreter before running.

The biggest advantage will be to statically compiled languages. Anything now that uses llvm in the back can already do this. We just need better tooling.

>Assuming the entire JS ecosystem will somehow magically disappear overnight

Imagine thinking like OP

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>Op specifically says 2020
Both of you are retarded

With the exception of isoteric languages like Haskell, Erlang and what not all the other programming languages are basically C. If you can write one of them, you can write all of them. The problem with JS kiddies is not that they only know JS, it's that they often don't know the bases of CS and are hype-chasing brainlets.