Why haven't you deleted Facebook yet?

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i have friends

Because I never had one.

Because I don't have an account to delete

I use it to talk to my friends and family and to organize events. Nothing else works quite like it.

Never had one to begin with. At least not one I made myself.
And if you think that they are actually deleting jack shit you need to go back.

I don't really care and it's not like they are gathering any data from a profile that was last logged into around 2012.

Nobody on Jow Forums should have a fucking facebook.

>what is email

Actually I have logged into it a couple of times just to change my password.

Because they blocked my account and I can't log in

But I have, someone keeps trying to log in though so it just. won't. die.

Something my friends and family don't use regularly, that requires knowledge of an address beyond just a person's name, and doesn't have an event functionality

>email is too complex
Fucking what? I have seen some shit when I worked a helpdesk job in my first semester to make some money but you fucking wot?

because I earn money with it

It's not complex, it just doesn't serve my needs.

Set my name to just my first name with the Indonesian proxy trick. I only used Facebook to stay in touch with my genealogy buddies and family reunions. Facebook eventually figured out what I was doing. Facebook wants my ID now (to verify my "real" name) and won't let me delete my account until I give them my ID.

>implying mark would actually delete it and not just pretend

GDPR them.

laws on deletion is pretty clear cut

That means absolutely nothing in the USA

yeah but mark is clearly out of himself. i don't think he has any respects for the law and would probably keep the accounts if he could get away with this. which he most likely can

This, I can't delete my 2008 account because I can't login without sending them an ID, what why the fuck is this legal?

One year of college left. It's the messaging standard for school shit in Europe.

Facebook has to delete the data but the 3rd parties they shared the data with don't have to.

>Why haven't you deleted Facebook yet?
Their security is too strong for my haxxor skills.

After like 2 months they said my account was still around so I retrieved everything then deleted my account again. Tried logging in and they never said shit so atleast they've blocked me from ever accessing my own data ever again lol.

I'm from the US m8. Privacy laws don't exist here.

>messaging standard for school shit
this, it's the best way to exchange info or past exams

Facebook is subject to EU law

Never had one. That fad started when i was a sophmore in high school and i called everone who made a myspace/facebook page a giant fucking homo.


based evolved human

>implying I ever had a facebook
(((They))) can FUCK OFF with their gringo college elitism.


Photo shop an ID where your name is nigger faggot 2000.
It’s kike bullshit. They can’t require an ID. You’re not under arrest.

delete facebook
delete twitter
delete instragram
delete tinder
delete all social media
start lifting weights

>there are people on Jow Forums right now with normiebook accounts

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And how do I do that? It says that I must be dead to the account get deactivated.

w w w facebook c o m / help / 224562897555674

because i never sighnup to that cancer...
except once I built a python bot for someone..
It's really one of the miserable platforms I've ever seen in my life

Because I have.

Never deleted my account but have not logged into it in over 5 years.feels good shoving it to the normies

But user I already did

>Start deleting your account
They never actually delete it user. I haven't had a Facebook since 2010 but I bet if I made an account it would make unnerving friend recommendations

Because I buy and sell second hand shit through it

It is not fully deleted.
I got in contact with a FB friend and they still had all the messages we sent each other years later.

Never made one in the first place.