Assange's cat is safe

Assange's cat is safe.

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Happy caturday

thank fucking god.

I can has diplomatic immunity?

>the important state secrets are on a thumb drive up the cat's ass

I don't think something like that would be difficult to implement if you were so inclined.


usb in pooper
until the cat shits.
btw have you ever tried sticking even a small object up a cats ass? its not as easy as youd think.

No, I mean the concept behind it. You can store a lot in a real small footprint these days, and there are plenty of places in an organism where such a thing would cause minimal discomfort and not be easily visible.

>have you ever tried sticking even a small object up a cats ass?
have you?

>have you ever tried sticking even a small object up a cats ass?
"A cat is fine too" is supposed to be a joke, you sick fuck

>They will be reunited in freedom
That's never going to happen. Assange is going to rot his life away in prison.

Trump will pardon him, he owes him a lot for leaking Hillary's emails.

He should pardon Snowden while he's at it.

after watching captain marvel im not so sure who is safe

Snowden is fine in Russia, Assange is the one who needs it.


fuck off glownigger

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This must be a joke.
Trump isn't going to pardon this guy, washington is already on his shit about everything else.

Glad to see those animals at least spared his cat from the incredible amounts of black-room torture Assange is about to endure.

>Gives away state secrets jeopardizing this countries security
>Not a traitor

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The only traitors are our government.

>harms a government that actively and demonstrably harms its own people
And the problem is?

the reason why you know that your cellphone / anything electronic is spying on you.

god forbid the government fear its citizens like its fucking supposed to.

Not belt.... zoomers

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From time to time the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

This is you

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Assange isn't American or has even stepped foot in the States so how the hell can he be a traitor?

He showed the people that their government is corrupt and fucking them in the ass. The people are fucked in the ass for so long that idiots like you exist.

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Assange essentially went insane due to the long term imprisonment. They need to just leave the poor man alone and let him recover his life. In fact, he should probably be assigned a psychiatrist to help him re-adjust to the outside world.

As for his supposed crimes, he's not a US citizen to begin with. Imagine if I dug up some Chinese state secrets and China wanted me extradited. If the UK actually attempts to extradite Assange, they'll pretty much lose all their international prestige (assuming they have any left after the Brexit nonsense and knife crime explosion) and set a dangerous precedent.

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>If the UK actually attempts to extradite Assange, they'll pretty much lose all their international prestige
LOL, as a Bulgarian who was in the UK for 4 years, it is funny to me to think that the UK had any prestige at all to begin with. The UK is only good to make some money but it is the worst state to live in that I have ever visited in Europe -> Authoritarian government, shit people who are either NPC or depressed if they have iq over room temperature, Muslims everywhere, Feminazis everywhere, shit everywhere..... I can complain about it for hours even without mentioning Brexit. The UK is a joke country and I have no faint that they will not extradite him.

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>Assange is going to rot his life away in prison.
For what? Publishing state secrets is not illegal. They're only trying to get him for trying to help bradley access files. Conspiracy to access a computer or something like that. 5 year max sentence.

I read that embassy cat has a QR code tattooed in its ear.

What happened to the rape charges?

>>Gives away state secrets jeopardizing this countries security (against the people)
Sounds like a good guy to me


inb4 the insurance decryption keys are on a microsd up the cat's ass

You're late

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Statute of limitations expired and the Swedes lost interest in doing bitch work for the US with their ass backwards legal system as a middleman.

first post baste post

>sticking even a small object up a cats ass?
fucking degenerate

wanna fug that cat

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underrated. have a (you)

Its sad OP is getting a lot of shit, buttplugs for cats are fairly common.

Meet twinkle tush gentlemen.

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is there really that much shit to do in the Ecuadorian embassy? How long was he living there?

It's better than Guantanamo.


i thought obama closed that? Did trump open it back up for business?

>obama closed that?
He never did, another broken promise.