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Which is the best antivirus to have in current year? I have pic related, but expires in less than a week.

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Common Sense 2019.

common sense 2019

Common Sense™ 1989

Common Sense 2020 Plus

common sense and free trials


If you exclusively use common sense 2019 you're a terrible pirate

throwing your computer out the window™ 2019

>pfsense with suricata and pfblockerng and good filters
>ublock origin on all browsers in medium or hardmode and extra filters
If you have the above and windows as a dekstop then defender is good enough.

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Common sense enterprise pro

And for paid security?

Don't be a retard 2019

>Still using AVG in 2019
That shit has been garbage since 2013. Also, why is anyone still using paid antivirus packages? There's no benefit anymore. They're arguably worse.


But this is more than good enough for home networks

Windows defender (the new one from win10, older one from 7 and 8.1 was really crap) and malwarebytes free.


Windows defender and malwarebytes

Maybe I can reframe this: what is the best antivirus for baby boomers who cant be bothered in not scrutinizing questionable links?


Been running ESET + Sandboxie for over 10 years with emsisoft doing automated tasks every now and then. Had unironically zero problems with viruses.

panda antivirus lol

this show you even the windows background scripts...
open source = no botnet
free for use

Malwarebytes is good

Kaspersky 2019 with Trial Reset