File Management

What's the proper way to manage files?
post your ~/ directory and discuss file management tips/tools

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Kinda realted: I hate it when programs what their dotfile as ~/.program instead of ~/.config/program/config
It needlessly clutters up my ~

THIS 100%

d/ l/ m/ n/ /p

i use symbolic links on my home directory into my WD Reds or SSD or whatever


What is the name of that color scheme

Also, don't ask me why I have a snaps folder. I have never installed a snap and I'm not running Ubuntu

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It's gruvbox.
I tried making my own scheme for a year and after many (many) attempts I finally caved and used gruvbox. It's the best scheme.

It's beautiful. Thanks for the name

Change where it goes then.
You are using FOSS programs only, right?

I don't give two fucks about it

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I figured you could but I never have... I know you of XDG_CONFIG_HOME, XDG_CACHE_HOME, etc. but I've never changed them. What do you recommend doing?

Post what's inside jews.txt

basically however
started saving pics and whatever on this thing before something made all the standard Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Videos, Downloads, Music folders automatically (this SD was originally on an Pi Zero that I ran CLI only for a while and used a script to display pictures on terminal) so those folders are empty (and fuck, they start with capital letters so they don't tabcomplete)
share-folder is shared on my LAN
code is shit I wrote
build is where shit I had to compile to install goes
I'll use the Desktop folder as a staging area

too lazy to describe the rest, most is pretty obvious anyway

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Yeah but the location gets overwritten whenever I update

What do you think it is?
a copypasta?
ascii image?
really makes you think...

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hi jerry
hi laptop
hi phoyi
hi pi



>What is the name of that color scheme

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what's that?
a font for ants?

you don't have your anime on your home server ready to be streamed to you where ever you are in the world? sad

Here's your (You)

give me a (You)
make it a good one though


Don't save stupid shit.
Put similar things in the same folder.

what if you can't differentiate between stupid and non stupid though?

Work in progress

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based relative line user

imagine being called "Jerry" lmao

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I'm a fan of the Grateful Dead and a I needed a name for my new machine

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> Applications


I just needed a folder name to put git projects that I had cloned sitting in my home dir. What do you suggest as an alternate
Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S10e

When is linux going to adopt gobolinux's filesystem organization?


wow you made me sad

1. ~/Jow Forums/${board}/${topic}
2. symlinks if an image belongs in more than one directory
3. rclone for backups
4. make lists

If you symlink, how do you decide where the original gets stored?

usually one of the topics is stronger than the others

sometime when im angry i DOWNLOAD to DOWNLOADS but when im chill i download to downloads

This is not a problem on Gentoo GNU/Linux

>file management

Sorry im not autistic virgin. All my stuff is in downloads folder. I have a shortcut of it on my pc home screen.

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>organization == autism
user i...

Nice colour scheme, user.

I have
>a dir for stuff that's currently used actively
>a git dir
>dir with copies of system states, such as conf files
>pics dir
>notes dir
>imageboard dir
>programs dir (scripts mostly)
>program files dir (dotfiles)
>studying dir
>projects dir
>work dir
>"other" dir

I try to pick the most appropriate dir/subdir for each file, and generally try not to mix files and dirs.

Not using LSD

>Kinda realted: I hate it when programs what their dotfile as ~/.program instead of ~/.config/program/config
>It needlessly clutters up my ~

you mean when they use the ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}.

I hate when people hard set .config and do t respect my xdg thingy being ~/etc not ~/.config

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scratch (tmpfs), media, dev, etc, var
this is my home for excluding all the time random keypress dot py files.

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[email protected]:/mnt/pool/content/media$ ls -l
total 40
drwxr-xr-x 5 yui users 4096 Apr 12 23:21 anime
drwxr-xr-x 4 yui users 4096 Apr 7 20:35 documentaries
drwxr-xr-x 5 yui users 4096 Apr 13 09:34 literature
drwxr-xr-x 11 yui users 4096 Apr 13 09:46 manga
drwxr-xr-x 14 yui users 4096 Mar 29 19:48 movies
drwxr-xr-x 10 yui users 4096 Mar 29 19:48 music
drwxr-xr-x 3 yui users 4096 Mar 29 19:49 photos
drwxr-xr-x 5 yui users 4096 Mar 30 10:18 pictures
drwxr-xr-x 4 yui users 4096 Apr 12 07:23 porn
drwxr-xr-x 6 yui users 4096 Apr 7 21:15 series

Eichhorn? What a gay name

I used to think it means squirrel when I was a kid.
Turns out, proper word would have been Eichhörnchen.

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Hi user

How do I do this on windows?

Do you know what a pull request is?
Check out the code, modify it, submit your changes to the maintenance team for review. If they refuse to change where they put the config dir then fork their project and put your changes in the fork. If you're then too lazy or don't have the time to keep up your fork yourself then simply post about it on places like Jow Forums and plebbit and then, assuming that what you've done is actually a good thing, people will simply start to use your fork instead of the original version that shits up people's ~/

90% of the time you will find that the reason a program shits up ~/ is because the devs are sleeping or are busy doing more important things and will gladly accept your pull request and thank you for taking care of that little issue that they just never got around to addressing.

The proper way is to accept that ~ is always going to be a wasteland of config files and put all your files in a separate partition that nothing else will touch and which can survive reinstalls.

A million times this. ~ isn't even worth backing up as a whole since it's full of cache files and default conf files that change with each software version. Better just keep it on the system partition and symlink the few conf files that matter to your files partition.

Or if it's source code, src.

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Well now I feel like a fucking idiot.

What's up with your PS1?

What is PS1?

It's actually exa, aliased to ls

$ ls -A1 "$HOME" | wc -l

I don't see what's wrong with it

Me either

>his directory names start with a capital

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I originally used camel case, then underscores, and then started using this...
Browser kept creating ~/Downloads and I was lazy...


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I use dashes, personally.


Playstation 1


Based and nazipilled

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