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>Still not 7nm

into the trash

>DDR5 and PCIE5
Wow, two things that I don't need for literally anything and that won't improve perceived performance at all

wait what happened to PCIe 4.0? I don't remember any motherboards coming out with that.

A yield of 7 per year? Those lucky reviewers!

as expected of Incel

shit they are in full damage control, they just plastered their cpu with arm cores to make it look like it is more efficient

sell sell sell sell!

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>ram frequency doesn't matter

Nothing. The OP is a misleading shitpost, as all cropped articles with no source are. The first devices arriving this year from the F-Series will be using DDR4 and PCIe 4.0, with transitions to DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 over time as those technologies become practical.
>Agilex will come in three flavors: F, I, and M, with exact support listed below. The Intel Quartus Prime software will support these variants from April 2019, and first device availability of the F-series will be from Q3 2019.

It's always been known that DDR5 will hit SoCs first, then the server market and finally the desktop, the latter of which will either be via a HEDT platform late next year if the release dates line up (since it'll be pulling from server hardware), or if not in early 2021. If you plan to wait, you have a long time to go yet (especially for mainstream platforms, which will be the last to make the switch as always).

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It's also not a CPU but rather an FPGA.

yay more new technologies for them to fuck up the implementation of and introduce more vulnerabilities

>early 2021.
>a long time to go yet
yikes, why is your lifespan so short?

still using DDR3. idgaf

same. no way im paying over $30 per 16gb ram stick.

Where the fuck is PCIe 4?
Holy shit I'm turning into those adults whom spend more time taking care of real life than jerking to tech specs.

Jow Forums it's time to take me out back old yeller style

nvm read the thread I'm just suffering from dementia.

also check those digits
>its my IQ

Are you saturating PCIe 3.0 already?

pcie3 is not enough for 10g ethernet

U wot?

lol, I thought shitel specifically divested from marvell because they wanted to fully compete against arm and hold no arm IP. what the fuck is intel doing?

Is intel so truly defeated they have to take in ARM IP now?


I don't do anything data or transfer intensive, and the only thing my PCIe2 machine holds back are minor load bursts to a low end GPU. I know the needs and limitations of my tech, it will be time to update core components only because of reliability soon. Heck, its mainly just the PSU that is showing age (3.3v rail beginning to hit lower spec limits and 5v suffering slightly)

2 years is a really long time in regards to tech

You're objectively a fucking idiot. Good job.

based intel

New amd boards will have pcie4.

x86 is going to die eventually
they are making sure that their CPUs can be used on both environments in the future so they don't go the way of IBM

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x86 is dead.
We've been on the AMD64 bandwagon the last 15 years.

time to sell intel

eventualy in 20 years.

>still not 10nm
kill yourself intcel

Remember to ONLY get chips with Intel Management Engine, goy!

How many thousands do they want this time?

Literally DOA

>AMD quickly rolls out a new memory controller chiplet that links to Zen 2 cores

Watch them beat Intel to market.

Actually true (somewhat), one lane of pcie 3.0 can only deliver 0.985GB/s, which is somewhat lower than the theoretical Maximum speed of 10Gbit/s aka 1.25GB/s. So you would need two lanes, so it had to be placed in a x4 connector for the full speed.
So yes of course pci 3 can deliver the needed speeds, but it requires more than a lane.

the x86 is already dead dude we are using x86-64 now

both foveros (3d stacked) and normal 10nm cpus will be on server and laptops only for the first year
so no 3d stacked and no 10nm intcel cpus for desktop until 2022

> intel announces 10nm

all in the same phrase, how apt

how many of you niggers program FPGAs

>$500 ram

New amd CPUs to be precise.

great! cant wait to connect this bad boy to the internet! hahahahahaha shit the nsa has allmy particulars now :o(

can you also play fortnite on fpga or only mine bitcoin?


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Which is why he's a fucking idiot. Every PCIe 10GbE card has a 2x or more on it. Writing "pcie3 is not enough for 10g ethernet" isn't "[somewhat true]". It is, in fact, incorrect. It's someone talking out of their ass about tech they don't understand, or at least didn't properly read a spec sheet for.

>he has lanes to waste

> Which is why he's a fucking idiot
In a way, there would be little to no 10Gbps cards in the consumer segment till PCIE 5, I imagine. Consumer mobos are usually equipped with either x16 or x1 ports.

Even without PCIe 5 there are plenty of consumer 10gb cards around
Asus has one, Rosewill has one, Aquantia has the AQtion 10G which is even gaming branded and a few others

You name off all these brands, but they're probably all Realtek shit.

a dream because it's only in their imagination

Do you shills really don't know what a fucking FPGA is?

Realtek doesn't even have a 10Gb NIC controller
Aquantia's controller is made by Aquantia since they make their own cards. Asus also uses Aquantia
Rosewill uses Tehuti

Still using DDR2

Fair enough. I'm just used to most brands outsourcing to some shit brand and then slapping their name on it.

FPGA is what ever you want it to be.

Smart ppl skipped ddr4 and kept their ddr3 rigs

4790k masterrace

Finally the shit I worked on hits the market?

late 2021

Well done Intel, HOWEVER...

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I know that's part of the Intel pasta but it literally doesn't fucking matter because you don't work with scientific computations or anything that actually benefits from it.
t. Ryzen owner

Except you have to pay double to replace the mobo if it dies since nobody makes anything compatible anymore. Fucking Intel and their constant socket changes. Ditching this bullshit once Zen 2 hits.

To be fair it did give me an extra 5-10 fps with arma 3 so certain applications seem to care, its not a big enough boost to totally change a system for but its enough for me to get the fastest my motherboard can


That's not how you spell "14nm++++++++"

Yea to me it matters and that's why Ryzen sucks so hard for music production. At lower latencies Ryzen is shit.

When that happens it’ll be ddr5 and I’ll get than and reuse the gpu, then sell the cpu & power unit (why risk a new system with old power box) as used on ebay.

It's going to be a fun year, you will see Intel getting BTFO by AMD and Xilinx, both on 7nm. If Rome launches with CCIX support, it's really over for Intel.

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Except I was referring to mine. Stupid mobo died and people want $400 to get the same model in used condition.

I think intel will lose to amd in cpus in the short/medium termc but make gains on nvidia in gpu when those come but only if they are also supported in machine learning applications like tensorflow.

Know why it's called a dream chip? Because you have to be asleep to believe it.

Which brand is the mobo? I’ve had good luck with msi, hear bad about asrock

Look at anything with 4 memory sockets and support for memory clocks over 1600MHz. Shit's outrageous.

>coming 2021
based on how 10nm has gone, we can expect PCIe 5.0 to come in 2025, then

I have been working on some shit using a Xilinx Zynq board, it's pretty cool.


>power unit
there's no market for used psu's on ebay or anywhere

How does it affect your work?

Is this real? Is Intel really going to wait until 2021 to compete with 7nm products from AMD and Xilinx releasing this year?

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not him but serial processing of audio will bottleneck a lot faster on lower clock speeds/quality. the daw tries to multithread but if one thread bottlenecks, because of the serial processing, it will bottleneck all the other threads. also the daw will attempt to split channels across the same thread if its not being fully utilised, this can bottleneck as well.
raw clock speed is paramount if you use lots of ITB processing


jeez I was about to give him a simple answer but you went full Einstein on him.

i came to this board a few months ago with the sole intention of learning what is best for an audio dedicated pc and all i got was faggots and shills so i got my audio brothers backs

>PCI-E 5

>not CXL

PCI-E is deprecated

Rumor is that PCIe 5 is practically done so PCIe 4 might just end up skipped.

you're fucking retarded, every 10G card on the market is at least x8 mech and x4 log

>PCIE5 when PCIE is a dead end
>and cards still struggle to saturate PCIE3 b/w anyway
>announces 10nm in two years
>competitors have 7nm available this year

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Fgpas cant compete with the asics for mining.

Good. Now hopefully miners stop buying all of the FPGAs.

Oh, the retard can't read. Nowhere did I claim cards would actually use x4 connectors, I just calculated that they would need at least 2 lanes for 10Gbit/s (one direction) . There is no x2 connector to my knowledge (and actually you need 2 directions since 10Gbit/s is supposed to be full duplex) so x4 is the smallest one that has the required lanes, shithead. That does not mean that your precious cards use x4 and not x8 connectors. Ffs I swear to God this places has more retards every year.

Turn down your autism, there was a solid point he could've been trying to make, yes he did not put it correctly but how about you use your brain and try to compensate for the mistakes other people make when they try to express themselves? This is a casual conversation after all...

did you even read my post dumbass?

most 10G cards are x8 mechanical because they need more power, even if they only run at 4x logical

Intel still can't even make 10nm CPUs

I read your post, I even talk about it, you shitty chromosome enriched shithead. If you could actually read you'd have realized that I never claimed what real connectors those cards are using, I just said how many lanes would be required. Seriously how did you managed to pass forth grade? Your reading comprehension would be an embarrassing for a downie...

i ain't upgrading until i can at least double the perf for max $200 (which includes mobo, cpu and at least 32GB of ram.

Four shekels have been deposited to your account.

HDLNiggers roll out

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I want 32 congobytes of premium fresh ram

Oh boy, I can't wait for my RAM to have higher latency than my SSD.

>Can't fizzbuzz in HDL

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