What's the alternative ad-free Spotify?

What's the alternative ad-free Spotify?

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ad-full Spotify

Youtube vanced

I think you meant FLAC


no I think you did >:|

being able to afford $5 once a month.

wow are you the 1%? pls gib the monies

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Soulseek and a microsd card

thank me later

Deezer bro

Downloading and locally storing music on your phone

Not streaming music like an NPC.

Bonus points for using a secondary device for music

>streaming music
Just download music with deezloader mp3 or FLAC

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if youre a normie who has friends you can get 5 of them and buy a family plan where they pay you 1/6th each of the cost idk how much is that in us dollars

this but unironically

>posting anime
>using jizzloader

downloading things with torrents

i'd rather pay 5$ to mega and pirate all my shit lol

and or newpipe to a lesser extent. one day your songs just might not be there on youtube which is why you're better off downloading stuff for offline usage.

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Never using Spotify in the first place
Just use audio files like mp3 or flac

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modded apk spotify

>quality is still 128kbps

>not setting it to
>Very high (Premium only) - Equivalent to approximately 320kbit/s
at least you tried

Get the cracked yandex music apk and a vpn to connect to the app from russia

Spotify is unironically an interesting service and it's priced low enough to be very attractive.
If you don't want that you could always pirate your shit as we have done for 8 million years.

>Equivalent to approximately 320kbit/s

mp3 320 is more than enough on the go, unless you carry an autism helmet of equipment with you

Propietary malware.
Use NewPipe or FreeTube.



Why does everyone on this board complain about frogposters when garbage like this gets posted with anime avatars by the hour?

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ihackedit.com or via mobilism apk

ty m8

This. I use this and what's cool about it is, whenever ther's an update, the maintainer calls me and tells me.

spotify + ublock origin

Youtube with adblock.

>What's the alternative ad-free Spotify?
buy physical copies from the artists (if they're selling them), you broke faggot.

Guess I'm a brainlet, I don't see a download link there. The project it links to is also DMCA'd.

>paying for a limited library botnet which can deny you any access to your music on a whim

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>skipping the reply chain
those features are enabled in the modded apk user

Is there any streaming music service that lets you download the music for offline use with a free account?


deez nuts lol

just listen to internet radio lol



post btc address


this works for me. No ads.

Also, downloaded the latest modded apk from mobilism, it unlocks everything but server-side premium features (like offline files).

>Very high

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>I‘d rather spend money on something incredibly inconvenient
Have sex.

MP3 is transparent at 320kbps, placebo autist.

I've tried many hosts files on linux and none seem to block all the ads completely.

I found that blocking this spclient.wg.spotify.com
will completely block all ads but it also won't let me play some tracks.

Is there a workaround?

download music like a normal human being, you fucking retard

>inconvenient to anyone with an IQ above 3

>confusing convenience and difficulty
You fail your own test, friendo.

ABP + web player = no ads

can confirm blockthespot just werks, blocks everything and doesn't break anything, I don't really get how it does it tho. Can anyone explain?

Hosting a http stream with mpd on my remote server and controlling it with malp. Now most of the time I want to listen to an album I just download it and use lftp on my phone to grab it.

Have sex

I did about 6 hours ago :^)

Problem with torrenting is that the music is encoded in different volumes whereas Spotify normalises the volume. For someone whose shower speaker can't change the volume, Spotify is pretty handy to have

>Problem with torrenting is that the music is encoded in different volumes
don't blame the torrent sites. you need to be getting PROPER rips. web rips are the worst. all varying quality. this is why i wait for a proper physical release to be ripped and uploaded as there's less of this volume nonsense going on. people want to play the loudness game on services like itunes and spotify, compressing the fuck out of their music. same happens on cd too but at least we end up with flacs instead of limited mp3 files that have been processed by streaming services. you really can't get away with too much with vinyl releases, so they're also (usually) a great source.

>you need to be getting PROPER rips
Or you can just pay the price of a cup of coffee and spend your time on something less autistic.

I miss the free music service that came with my Lumia 620...
That shit was great and comfy.
>I miss 2013
Shit got updated, ruined, then discontinued. Fucking shame.

A local music library with an Airsonic server for streaming

>Turbo sperg anime retard autist audiophiles chimp out the second someone doesn't worship flac
Why am I not surprised

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i buy all my music as physical copies if available, which is more than a cup of coffee, streaming cuck. im all for people torrenting but i have no tolerance for misinformation blaming torrent sites for low quality when it's the user downloading garbage rips.
>something less autistic
that's why i hardly use streaming sites. spotify/itunes is peak internet autism.

I always go for FLAC rips and encode them into Mp3 320 Kpbs myself. Most would be CD rips with some Vinyl too. Still varying volumes between albums though just because the original FLAC files are ripped differently. Wasn't an issue at first since I could just turn up and down the volume as needed but this isn't an option when running shower speaker game. I get Spotify half price since I'm a student so I don't feel entirely ripped off and it does have some benefits like the recommendations and playlists

>Still varying volumes between albums though just because the original FLAC files are ripped differently
in my experience, it's usually not the ripper's fault, it comes back to the producer/engineer's tastes. either too loud or too quiet compared to other releases, but that all leads to the loudness wars.

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shut the fuck up retard

>The maximum amount of kbps mp3 supports just so happens to be when it is transparent
What a shitty codec

FLAC library for desktop use, opus 128 for phone

>shit I want to keep forever
Airsonic server on my NAS
>discovering new music
Spotify and Last.fm... and /mu/ bless their hearts.

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You can get a replaygain tagger that reads your files on import and tags them with normalised replay gain. I think there was something called foo_stamper_mod or something like that. Haven't used foobar in a while though

replaygain...? retard

>n-no the convenient way is autistic
Nice cope, tard.


What a shitty bait.

Literally clueless

Just use invidious.us and streamable.com to download Youtube videos without payment. Streamable requires copying and pasting URLs while Invidious involves selecting a download option with a submenu.



FLAC is for archival purposes, mp3 is for large libraries for listening. FLAC exist solely to make mp3.

>unironically listening to "flac"

>Use NewPipe or FreeTube
Unusable shitware
Use something proprietary.

love you


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Making a youtube playlist then downloading it with youtube-dl in one go.

Reported for penises on blue board. :^)

Yes, indeed you are a brainlet

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Train a neural network to deal with the ads.

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mp3 320 is enough in any case unless you have superhuman hearing

if the chadmins block me, he will have to block the entire mcdonalds I am posting from

forgot my frog

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