Windows 7 is objectively the greatest OS ever

prove me wrong.
protip: you can't

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yes I love it's quad core utilization .. oh wait a sec.

any windows from ME to 7 was the greatest


Microsoft realized their mistake of making a perfect product, nobody wants to buy an upgrade.
never again.

Might be that last Windows I ever regularly use and it's quite sad what became of it after 7. My first was 3.1 and remember how big a deal 95 was. Don't think we will ever have that same feeling again.

if it's so good why is microsoft abandoning support for it? checkmate atheists


windows peaked at 2000
7 is the least unbearable version that's still usable today

u sperg shut up

Yeah it's great indeed.

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Seems to be correct. Thought, if I had to smash my nuts in a vice and use Win10 I'd use Win 10 AME.

Yeah, because who cares about all that telemetry shit if it means a 12 seconds faster boot.

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>measuring OS competency by boot time
>being this low level of screeching autism

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>Nothing beats Windows 2000, those were the days.

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oh look, another Micropenis Winfag 7 shill, fuck off. use arch and install gentoo at the same time.

>quad core
What year is this??

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> He doesn't have an SSD

It's still slow on ssd.

7 boots faster than 8 or 10 on a SSD.

why do people give a shit about boot times? what about the OS's capabilities and freedom?

It’s objectively the best as opposed to figuratively the best?

Because they are retarded and have no better arguments. But on a proper PC, like 7 boots faster than 8 or 10.

>Implying "fast startup" is even a boot

I'll never understand. If it's done booting by the time I'm done grabbing some coffee I'm happy. Do people really restart that frequently? Since that's the only time I could see boot times becoming notiecable.

Doesn't really matter to me much because I leave it on most of the time. Also would be interesting to see that vs various linux distro and macosx included.

No longer in development. Your claim may hold some water to it, however, if you specify "best legacy OS".

It's supported until 2025.

Imagine being this delusional.