Imagine unironically using vlc

imagine unironically using vlc

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I tried sqt but no answer, so gonna try here.
I'm using VLC on Windows (too lazy to deal with mpv installation) and for some reason switching to fullscreen cycles through 2 different modes (full height with visible edges) before going real fullscreen
what's that and how do I disable that?

You use MPC-HC.
Install K-Lite Standard.

VLC is king

VLC is for sophisticated adults who are capable of reading documentation, setting up proper interfaces, and writing their own plugins. The other options are botnets, created for cartoons, or gimped versions of mplayer.

>too lazy to deal with mpv installation
You mean downloading it and put it in some folder?
Hell yeah you are lazy.

As for your problem.
Stop using VLC.

I haven't had any issues like the one seen in this video after using VLC for like a decade.

gpu's fucked

Used VLC for 10+ years. Never had that problem.

You deliberately used an option which causes that for the sake of that webm!!

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Similar to how truly awful old websites can work best on IE and fuck up on anything else, I've found VLC best for force-playing broken files. I keep it installed, but not as the default player for any files.

seems to do it more often with certain encodes
anyway no reason to not just use mpc or mpv

VLC is the only one that can do upnp on Android without playstore, other options suck.

Imagine unironically seeing that and thinking it's the video player and not the GPU.

VLC is great. I have remote control set up for android and I watch my TV series like a boss

Can someone explain why this is actually happening? It started to appear on YouTube on my phone recently.

Cool. What are you using now?

In order to get a video file small enough to easily share online, you have to compress it. In order to efficiently compress video you encode the frames of the video in blocks, in the block there is a I-frame which has all the picture data and a set of P/B-frames which encode information about how to draw the contents given other frames. Normally this works out fine except the video has to be played back in real time. Occasionally data has to be skipped over due to reasons like performance, bandwidth, packet loss, incompatible encoding or something and the decoder has to keep going to keep real time playback, decoding P/B-frames without the I-frame data.

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>too lazy to deal with mpv installation

>put "profile=gpu-hq" into mpv.conf


mpvfags are capable of writing lua scripts and reading manpages tho

Or, you know, install smplayer if you're really, REALLY lazy. (Yes, smplayer can and does use mpv instead of the old mplayer.)

Video compression blows my mind, how the fuck does it even work?
Everytime you watch a video is your computer basically animating thousands of sprites over a keyframe background? It seems like decompressing a video is more intensive that most 2D games.

I just press F to toggle full screen, maybe you previously changed some settings idk.

Indeed we had 2d games since before the IBM pc, but high end Intel cpu was only fast enough to play DVDs in like 1995. Sorry if I am off by a year or two, but its close. Before then, asics were usually needed. Even mp3 playback was too strenuous for a lot of machines that were pretty good in dos gaming.

If you want to know how video compression works you can look at they have some articles and also you can get the source code for theirs video codec.

Really aesthetic. 10/10 love it.
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nah, out of box, even tired reset to default
F just cycles between those 4 modes which of 2 are useless and annoying