What is the most secure OS/distro?

What is the most secure OS/distro?

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by default I'd say openBSD

>nothing but plebe answers



Clip OS

Stop watching anime.

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thats a drawing you tard

There exists a qualitative difference between types of drawings. In point of fact, you can lump everything in one big giant category if you wanted so there exists no difference between anything. At the end of the day, it's a false equivalence intended to excuse your cartoon watching and idolization.

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Unironically, iOS

watching supposes the medium has passage of time, which a picture does not.

care to explain?


you just aren't waiting long enough to see the bits rot

is a circle actually a circle? the ideal surely cannot be reality

RHEL with paid subscription

NonStop OS. You never heard of it and yet use it every time you use your credit card.

Qubes OS

Gentoo that is unplugged from the internet

might as well TempleOS then

Tribblix, OpenBSD, or SculptOS. Gnigger/Licknuts code quality is shit.


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typewriter next to a fireplace

Temple OS.


It's obviously OpenBSD, they're the only people making an OS who care about proactive security.

OpenBSD was immune to most of the new Spectre variants discovered in the last year out of box.

Nah. If you're gonna LARP as Mr. Robot, you gotta take the next step and get Heads.

Anime is Japanese for animation you retard.

Hardened BSD

Whatever has less code probably.


Digging up an old LISP Machine from an MIT's dumpster


Make your own

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LFS, with a lot of hardening

Alpine probably

>Auth, data and processing are all done on separate machines.
>programs and userland are all minimal, even more so than OpenBSD or busybox.
>pretty much maximizes least privilege, sand boxing and process separation while also minimizing attack surface.



Or if you want Linux I would say rhel/centos

100% this