Red pill me on the best client for torrenting

Red pill me on the best client for torrenting

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Use whatever suits your use case. There is no best, there's only best for you.
I personally like Transmission the best.


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Transmission if you're on Linux
Deluge if you're still using Windows for some reason

Transmission works quite well on Windows though.

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I think most people who post on Jow Forums use transmission as their go to client for torrenting.

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rtorrent for small numbers of torrents, transmission-daemon for large numbers of torrents

Unironically, Tixati, but it's not accepted by most of private trackers.
I'm trying to use qBitorrent once again, let's see how long I give up on it because of the STALLED problem. I usually have problems with clients based on libtorrent-rasterbar.
Transmission is pretty good, but I'm waiting version 3.0 to go back to it (some problems on Windows), but it doesn't seem to be coming anytime soon.
On KDE I just use Ktorrent. Nothing bad do say about it, it's also a damn good client.

utorrent 2.0

you can find it online

deluge, transmission for seeding

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Tixati, using it for 3 years, best for me so far.

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