She uses iphone

she uses iphone

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your point? of course she does

She needs a paper bag over her head.

dumb android retard. only ugly girls use android

implying that goblina is pretty

id stuff her iphone in her ass as i pump her womb with semen

what year did you discover Jow Forums?

iphones are aeshtetic.
there's a reason why every android tries looking like one.
>headphone jack

her bf is Somalian btw

More than 12 years ago, why?

good lord, Jow Forums, you're more gay each passing day

she can use me if she wants to

She has a nice body but her face is ugly.

man, I really, really don't think so, but to each his own

sounds hot

ding ding this is what butter face means when they say a bitch is butterface, everything on her nice.... but her face

There is a reason why she looks hot. Brain has to compensate for good looks.

Looks like she fucks black guys

I've read a similar thing when this was posted the first time months ago. you're homosexual, discard all doubts.

>more money
U are a bit retarded to call iphon aestetic. Clunky and feels cheap to use one. Oh and cool stuttering effect after u use it for a while.

Who the fuck is she anyways?

who is that ugly cunt anyway?

>being this desperate

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She use iPhone too

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>dark roots
That's dyed isn't it?

She is kind of off center in that seat huh?

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The real question is, what album is it that she’s listening to? Says a lot more than what phone she uses but I don’t recognize it.


>dark roots
What? She's a natural blonde.

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>The current year
>Still using iPhone 6S
Patrician taste desu

>inspect element the shame away

I wonder what does the seat smell like
Imagine being an ant on her seat
Imagine she didn't saw you and sat her nice butt on you
Fortunately you are not crushed, you're just in the middle between her cheeks
You crawl blindly under there
Feels like days
It's because you're an ant now
Finally, find a crack in her pants and crawl inside
Crawl, sniff, touch everything, looking for an exist or something interesting
Then... Something happens and you drown into something wet and sticky

HAHA, that would be weird dream, who would dream such a thing, haha

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The hair closer to her head is too dark compared to the end of it. Usually that means its dyed, according to /fa/

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I think it's because she's making a weird face that it makes her unattractive. I've seen 9/10's become 2/10's because they squinted awkwardly. I think her face is honest looking and def wouldn't push those thighs out of bed.

>according to /fa/
Top fucking kek. Clearly you've never been with a blonde girl, Ahmed.

Yes, dyed tends to worn out starting at the root.

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This to be honest

Dye doesn't wear out you brainlet, it's the hair growing that's starting to show. Chick in OPs is a natural blonde, tho.

Probably doesn't like sitting close to people, possibly autistic.

disgusting. nigger-tier of beauty. only niggers like fat asses

Yeah, autistic face just like that god damned greta thunberg.


No im not you false flagging faggot

Who is she? Seen her everywhere and still can't remember her name.

Christina Aguilera

who the fuck is she

Looks like that GOT girl.

have sex, incels

have sex, incel

nigga u gay

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I love seeing some projections early in the morning

it's half past 2pm

I will thirstpost whenever I please.

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How does that even makes sense? If someone is incel it means they can't have sex even if they wanted to. Incel = involuntary celibate.

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tough shit incel lol


Heh, we share the same time zone.