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• If I put this in, will I die? • Literal gay-mer keyboard • user who spent his entire life savings ($32) on chink shit manages to get orders refunded • Various chink IEMs arrive: Moondrop Kanas Pros KZ ZS3 and KZ BT cable KZ ZSN • user receives Oneodio DJ Pro headphones, posts mini-review • 20 port USB charger and a PICkit 2 • Autism shoes • user gets hydroponic system to grow the devil's lettuce • M.2 SSD heatsink and cooling fan • XDuoo X3 II DAP and Shark card • ThinkPad battery Previous thread

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first for taiwan

any reviews on retro handhelds

Is Bitboy worth the extra money?

It's been four days. Chang got my money and my honor, but he still hasn't shipped my order. Should I contact him and ask him why?

coolbaby rs97

If you used a coupon then yes, if not, wait 2 days more, then cancel and don't bother talking with them.

I used a promo code.
It's an expensive order.

Should I open dispute on aliexpress if i don't received package in time? Is it guaranteed refund if it shows that package isn't delivered yet ?

im in the news!
thanks user

Small mistake in new news:
• user who spent his entire life savings ($32) on chink shit manages to get orders refunded • Various chink IEMs arrive: Moondrop Kanas Pros KZ ZS3 and KZ BT cable KZ ZSN

Keep the order, you can talk to them but it wont make a difference.

Yes open a dispute, if the delivery deadline needs to be kept, without a deadline the store can just take money and give out fake tracking numbers, then close the store after the scam goes too far.

Has anyone here bought the ajazz tyranosaurus? It has a version with a green switch. Thinking of coping one.

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Gamers have a hard time coping with mechanical keyboards, only buy one if you write text more that WASD.


out of the two handed ones, is this the best?

imagine being this incorrect

I need one for writing text, not gaming.
Should I get one? Has anyone here got one? What brand of switches does ajazz use?

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I got the rs97 from mammazon bc the extra 10 bucks but faster delivery...
Very satisfied..the games are quick to load..nice built..battery charges superfast..i love it
Haven't hacked the system yet...matterfact i won't anyway but games are smooth and i love it lol

Got my KZ ZSTs and they hiss like crazy. Why are these being shilled?

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So I have ordered some chink shit after rest - stainless steel plate for my new 60% keyboo project (23$) and purple aluminum case (44$) and a pair of flashlights - convoy s11 (26$) and sofirn sp33 (22$). But it didn't me happier.

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Convince me not to buy this

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there's a review on ali says the battery drains really quickly. Is that true?

Also can you upload roms to it?

They're just passive speakers, aren't they? It's your phone or whatever that's hissing. Maybe the impedances don't match properly or something.

I don't need that but sort of want. Does it actually work?

it's shit

I've never had it with other IEMs/earphones though.

Looks like display is a sticker

>there's a review on ali says the battery drains really quickly. Is that true?
Not that user so can't comment about the battery life, but a nice thing about the RS97 is that it takes standard Nokia BL-5B batteries so it is pretty easy to find replacement batteries for it.

>Also can you upload roms to it?
yeah, you just put them in the microSD card. There is also this custom firmware available for it that improves the emulator performance and adds new features:

>Does it actually work?
Yes. but not with Beta rays.
Looks like it uses a soldered on protiatary battery.

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Convince me not to buy this

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it'll get lost in your asshole

thats just a ye old nominal 3.7v lithium-ion cell, you can replace it with literally any other lithium cell

I thought I was buying chinkshit, what country is this?

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Should i buy the xiaomi yeelight, i just want a bulb that i can turn off from my phone, is the light coming from led bulbs as unhealthy as they say?


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Why does every cheap chink keyboard have that fucking awful font for the keys?

Chinked. You’re out of luck buddy.

those are targeted at subhuman gamers

Can anyone confirm if we'll have an Easter Day Sale?

>can not be eat
edible vagina sticks when

>cannot deliver to Zimbabwe


Lmao, gotem

it's to make them cheaper to make. kinda like how stencils work. you should replace them with better keycaps anyway if you aren't dirt poor

Do youknow any good chinkshit earplugs with noise cancelling?

I got myself picrelated and while i like this feature they aren't good enough.
>wind whistles in the holes and they make awful noise trying to supress that. Legit unusable outdoors without a hood
>the supression itself isn't complete, they make everything except people's voices quiter which is a plus but makes people's voices even more audible
>they make a little bit of their own noise which isn't great.

Have the chinks accomplished good noise cancelling yet?

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They are pretty godawful, I agree. You can put another set of keys on if you want.

I would never buy food, medicine and hygiene products ever from china sites

Everything else they can be be brilliant but those they can give aids of some shit

I think I may have been chinked for the first time. Tracking says the item was delivered but I haven't received it yet. Very interesting. Has anyone else had this happen? I will wait and see if it gets here tomorrow. I already messaged the seller.

How is using a different font cheaper? My guess is they aren't paying for licensing anyway, so you might as well use a font that doesn't look like it's designed for a fanmade sci-fi titleheader.

less precision needed, fewer defects. not sure how those are made, if they're coated first and then laser etched, or if they're literally using a stencil somehow, but with a laser they can just make the letter in one or two broad strokes rather than having to make many passes with finer detail.

also the material itself has limitations. for example if you make an O with a disconnected "island" in the middle, or if you use a font with sharp corners, those parts of the coating will rub off more easily.

A similar one appears in an AvE video. It died for no appatent reason

My KZ Ate's finally broke. What are the latest meme IEMs?

Around that price range:
Ed9, ZS3, einsear T2

Only time that happened to me was with a smartass seller that sent an empty box to an address near mine. What he didn't expect was that my country's tracking says the post code of the adressee, which was completly different than mine. I obviously got my money back.

Gearbest package arrived, got Xiaomi Mijia Smart Switch and white balance cards.
Too bad I got chink'd, camera module for Raspberry Pi is missing.

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How good are those toothpick crossbows?

These OP pics are always cool, but are there any versions without the Chink Shit General text on it? I'd love to use these for wallpapers.

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Ordered the Einsear T2s from Ali. The next 25 days are gonna suck...

>tfw wanna buy a new keyboard but there's none better than the Magicforce

can you still buy them from somewhere? I thought they were so dangerous that they banned them even in China.

Thank you for custom HAHA western devil!

magicforce 68 or 82? preferred form factor? budget?

65%, unlimited

vortex cypher

is there something that would let me use 18650s in my torch or similar in lieu of this 9xAA casing?

link to picture because 4chin is acting like a homo again: i.imgur.com/QLON6xL.jpg

if they are all in series just stack 3 18650s, there are some spacers so they dont jiggle around. you will want to use cells with a nub on top, or you can solder/tack a small spring onto them (hell, even a spring inside some foam padding between cells would work). what is the end to end voltage on that aaa adapter?

I think it's 4.5 volts

>is there something that would let me use 18650s in my torch or similar in lieu of this 9xAA casing?
If it's an expensive flashlight like Ledlenser or Fenix I would put some Energizer lithiums in it and store it as an emergency flashlight. If it's cheap I would give it away and buy a better 18650 instead.
That's too difficult, look at the adapters 3 prong head, he would have to take it off and connect it with a custom adapter.

so they are all in parallel, yikes, thats gonna be a hell to adapt to 18650, its possible but troublesome (a couple of long nickel strips from bottom 2 cells onto the top one, polarities spaced 180deg from each other maybe?)

>the adapters 3 prong
thats just increased surface contact area, that would be easier than the rest, 3 springs side by side, assuming the case would still be the 0v rail

outermost prongs are earth and the centre one is live, dyi'ing an adapter is not totally out of the question

>so they are all in parallel
brainfart, i meant the 18650 would have to be in parallel, the aaas are in 3s3p

If you want to upgrade to 18650 just buy this aliexpress.com/store/product/S2/330416_1614328969.html and give the AA flashlight to a family member. It's not worth your time converting it.

Is this bad user?
I got my refund already and I ordered the product on the 21st.

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Select coupons are shit ffs

Havn't been following the tablet market at all and need a new one. What tablet do I buy with a max budget of 200 dollars?

Mi Pad 4

you got that right

I wish Android had better app support for musicians I'd get a tablet in a second. I'm stuck hoping to find a used iPad Air 2 from before Apple culled all 32 bit apps

my arduino uno clone arrived. paid like 4 dollars during the anniversary sale (with a 3$ off coupon) for the board itself, a small breadboard, like 20 cables, a couple LEDs and switches, 2 light sensors, some resistors and a battery adapter. everything works, however the board shows up as usb to serial adapter under lsusb, instead of arduino or arduino clone. had to change ports in the IDE to upload sketches to it, but otherwise it works fine.

can't be fucked taking photos tonight, but i can take some tommorrow if anyone is interested.

>the board shows up as usb to serial adapter under lsusb
Isn't that perfectly normal anyway

no, i'm fairly sure the original arduino shows up as arduino. i might be mistaken though, can't check right now.

Any good 2.5" drive enclosures with USB 3.1 Gen 2? Type C plug would be a plus so that I can reuse cables I already own

You don't need an enclosure for 2.5" drives, just buy a USB to SATA cable. Only 3.5" drives need external power.

SATA to USB Type C

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I'm mostly considering an enclosure rather than adapter because I'm planning to use it with an HDD and I don't want to keep the drive bare. If I was going with an SSD, yeah adapter would be my go to

at least the nano clones show up as usb to serials and that's normal

Can anyone point me toward a serviceable and cheap replacement wire for earbuds with detachable cords?

What clip on microphone should I buy? Mostly for gaming on ps4 with friends

Why do the same shipping methods show different time estimates on Aliexpress? Is it just made up or will a phone that says
>Standard shipping 15-30 days
Actually show up faster than one saying:
>Standard shipping 38-53 days
Also, is the 6GB RAM version of the redmi note 7 worth it over the 4GB version?

If you want to protect the PCB on the underside then screw on a plastic or wood board. The top is already protected enough.

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Orico cases are good, but I don't know if they got them in that spec

Got my free little switch keychain finally

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>the board shows up as usb to serial adapter under lsusb, instead of arduino or arduino clone
because it probably uses a ch340g and a atmega328p instead of just an atmega32u4. its still alright, you just cant fake hid with it. get an chinkduino pro micro clone with an atmega32u4, its basically less than $4 and you can fake hids with it

Odd, Mine never hissed. try using them on a different device. the only issue i had is the plastic memory part had the wire come out after like 4 months, but they sounded great for me.

care to share link? all ive found got silly lights on them


Be prepared for this shit to take 8 weeks to get overseas. I bought a couple to try and make it into a custom PC power switch