Navi 10 to target rtx 2080 (1080ti) performance

>releases 7th July
Nvidia BTFO

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*nuff said*
*goes back to Rebbit*

More amd shit fueled fever dreaming

>Posted: Dec 10, 2018 2:18 am



People don't even logically make up rumors anymore

That pic is from the Zen roadmap just with Radeon shooped in. Its fake. You won't get anything more than a 2060 equivalent at a similar price.

what did they mean by this?

Improved 7nm EUV process

So AMD finally gets 1080ti (March 10, 2017) performance on 7th of July 2019?

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rumour has it my dog's shit will also target 2080 performance

1080ti in a

Well nvidia cant even beat the 1080 ti (their own card) without charging the same amount of money, 2 years later

>producing a new GPU that doesn't have a release date
>targeting the performance of a card that has been out an entire year and the equivalent of a three year old card

This is why no-one should take AMD seriously. They set low expectations and inevitably fail to meet them.

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Are we at it again? "RX480 will have 1080 performance for 200 bucks!!!!1111oneoneone". Stop hyping up prematurely on mere rumors.

for $100 less than 2080. Not that I need 2080 perf for 1440, but damn I wouldn't mind going 4k for reasonable money

As expected.
Navi is 1080 Ti performance for $250

EUV, Samsung and TSMC going 5 and 6 nm already though. So 7nm won't last more than 1.5 gens

>for $xxx
again. fuck these rumors, every freaking time it goes out of control with price predictions, their GPU division never delivers on prices.

one article says navi is 1080 performance, one article says its 1080ti / 2080 performance... lol stop the jokes, it's going to be vega 56/64 performance for cheaper price

Vega 56 already sells for less than $300.

It's a small chip.

>target mid range (1080/2070) performance
>make a very small so have high yields
>mass produce in large batches for everything including MCM APU and console APU

Navi only makes a lot of sense as a new Polaris offering decent performance at a great price point.

My Vega 56 uses less than 200 watts when undervolted.

Vega 64 costs 100$ less than a RTX 2070 and performs the same.
Navi cards will have the same cost as the RTX 2060, 2070, 2080 and maybe even the 2080ti but with better performance.

And should you be proud of that?
GCN should be as dead as Core by now.

I don't see how in fucking hell they would do that for $250, but I have my hopes up because I need to replace my gtx 670.

You have no idea what GCN is good at, nor why AMD continues to use it.