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dropbox.com/s/61srehjyaltd7w0/Stax SR-009S.pdf?dl=0
dropbox.com/s/dm0m6u3s3b4zqzl/Sennheiser HD600.pdf?dl=0

First for S U M M I T - F I

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hey user, what’s in your ears right now

me? Andromeda

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did we finally kill it?!



What are some good ‘phones to run out of a CTH?

what’s your dac?


Whoops, meant SDAC. I get those confused.

no worries, happens to me all the time too. your only real option is to run the signal from your SDAC directly to a Stax srm-252s driving L300.

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whats listening to user?

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planar ciems when

lambda a SHIT

>"summit fi" Stax
>gets destroyed by midrange modern planars

Nice boomer meme headphones you got there

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i really like mud. what's muddier, hd600 or audeze?

Redpill on STAX for newbies: STAX is an old Jap company with outdated tech that was considered high end back in the 1960s and 1970s but sounds like ass by today's standards, so they went nearly bankrupt. They were purchased by a Chinese company for just a million dollars who decided to market STAX to the audiophool "more expensive is better" demographic who buys those crappy $3000 vinyl players, they shill heavily on HeadFi and here on /hpg/, plus they pay Zeos to shill their crap.

>In December 2011, Chinese loudspeaker manufacturer Edifier announced the acquisition of 100% equity in Stax

Oratory has measured the highest end STAX, the SR-009S.

dropbox.com/s/61srehjyaltd7w0/Stax SR-009S.pdf?dl=0

dropbox.com/s/dm0m6u3s3b4zqzl/Sennheiser HD600.pdf?dl=0

It's worse than the HD600. HD600 scored 92 and SR-009S scored 76.

Recently Rtings rated STAX across various dimension, it's worse in terms of sound than mid-priced offerings from Hifiman and Audeze, and only got a 7.7 rating.


In a separate study:

>The very highest end STAX ($4000 SR-009) was rated lower in blind tests than a $200 K701


Download the PDF of the study at: mega.nz/#F!3MFm1DrD!4GlU_vNtEeF148kZcQ05wA

To add insult to overpriced injury, they have shitty plastic build quality that you would expect on cheap chinkshit headphones:

youtube.com/watch?v=Bf38cKJ6NBc [Open] [Open]

Oratory (respected sound engineer) on the build:


Even best Stax headphones sound objectively worse than mid-fi. This is why they don't demo them in store, they rely on the internet to create a sense of mystique around STAX and shill it as the endgame because its expensive, Asian, rare and obscure. In reality its no bass sounding garbage, with shrill highs that appeal only to near-deaf boomer. STAX is Made in China snakeoil for the audiophool.

me too

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lol no

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nice, I’m listening to my original Lyra right now

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Based and Shitaxpilled

Stax is shit

the only planars i own, tds-16
the driver looks like a fucking lotus pod, it's cute af.

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folks yes, you cannot spell stax without tax
pay thine reparations to the japanese merchants

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>implicating that stax are of the japanese
>tfw chingchonged ;3

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Why would anyone own more than one phone?

why not ask in /spg?

Oh, i should've said """""""cans"""""""

oh you’re looking for /sqg/

d-do you not, user?

Re-Re-Updated Official /hpg/ Headphone Ranking:

GigaChad Tier:
>Meze (Empyreans)

Chad Tier:
>Meze (other products)

Okay Tier:
>Final Audio

Shit Tier:

Incel Tier:

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what Stax are you currently enjoying, user?

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Koss master race

HD600, by a long shot.

Hey, /hpg/. Could do with some recommendations for affordable, good quality headphones. Based in the UK and probably looking at Amazon.

everyone here has already taken the Staxpill, wouldn’t be conscionable to recommend anything less.

if i plug a stax energizer into the preamp output of an atom or something would that work or should it be plugged into the dac directly?

kanas pros

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Could I please get an affordable recommendation?

so after some research, I'm thinking about getting Sennheiser HD660S and pairing it with JDS Element
I'm not an "audiophile" per se but I do spend quite literally all of my free time listening to pretty much every type of music, so I feel like I need some proper headphones.

is there anything wrong with this pair? I'm listening to music off a laptop btw.

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Stax Sr-003mk2

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Stax 3100

It's still far from perfect but that's much better.
Fostex are indeed chadphones. Denon should definitely go in that tier as well.

Worse than mid-fi.

At least, give us a budget target.


Daily reminder that LCD2C is king






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Fostex is good in Chad tier.

Denon (older models) should be in Chad tier, but some of their newer models are less impressive. Similarly I would personally put AKG in Shit tier ever since they got bought out and moved to Chinese manufacture. The old AKGs that were made in Slovakia and Austria were pretty good.

What the fuck do I upgrade to from Sennheiser 558s? I love them to death but they're falling apart.

Will be used on a PC, mostly music/media, some games. As a reference, the only complaint I had with the 558s was that the headband was digging in my head a bit in long sessions.

Is there a reliable way to bend a plastic headband? really like these headphones if not for this deathclamp

Take a look at chi-fi earphones, specially the Tin T2 and the KZ ZS10/AS10

Any headphones?

Takstar Pro82
Whatever flavor of superlux you prefer in that price range with a pair of better pads (662 EVO comes with those as spare.)

Not bad all-around.

>not using $2 headphones from the dollar store
wew lads

Who wouldn't want to put that godly piece of audiophile equipment on his ears

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Define affordable. People here consider 500 dollars to be midrange

People here are retarded, just around $600 gets you the Stax 3100 complete endgame setup

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Only engame if you're a deaf boomer or an incel.

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but the stax scored higher in nearly everything related to sound....

It barely eaked out a victory in mids and highs, and got crushed in the lows. And that's against a $90 headphone lulz.

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Who here /Klipsch/?

For me its the LCD2 Fazor

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incels hate stax though

why the fuck is there impulse response on a headphone graph

Based and Smoothpilled

Stax energizer is the amp, ok?

Which best for broke tier?

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best to learn patience and save your money up to afford proper set of Stax.


coolermaster mh751’s/takstar pro 82s

The M50x isn't even in the same league as the DT770 Pro 80. The M50x is about as entry-level as it gets, but the 770 is proper mid-fi.

And while the DT770 doesn't need an amp, it gets better with one. It even scales well to higher end stuff.

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For me, its Master Race LCD XC

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That's where you're wrong buddy.

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I say Massdrop HE-4xx, for under $200 you've got virtual Stax

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even the most successful audio producer uses audezes, why are you still wasting money on stax?

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hahahaah rick rubin is a joke

I want to use a external DAC on my phone, but i can't fucking bear the thing dangling from the bottom of the phone, it negates any size advantage it could've had.. Why can't manufactures do a better sollution, like the Cipher cable? Fuck me.

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>one of the most successful audio producers is a joke
>but incels who spend thousands on chinkshit meme headphones with no bass and 1970s tech are not

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Get a FIIO Q5. Connects to your phone through bluetooth APTx so no shytty cables.

>tfw no high end headphone wearing gf

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yeah it’s a pita, chord makes an “extension” for Mojo to use with iPhones that is a somewhat more tidy looking at least solution. makes the mojo about same length as the phone too for stacking.

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How do I tell if I need another pair of headphones, /hpg/?

I've got a K1 for basically free, i just wished i could use it in a more easily.

These bands don't get in the way of the screen? I've got those for my ifi, and i never used it like that.

Seriously? What've you done with your life that's so much better?

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Bought Stax.

well at least I don’t post pictures out of context :)

You need to buy Stax, it will make your dreams come true, whatever they are.

Who is this semen demon?

Oh, the Angry Hater that never posts recommendations. Ok

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Doesn't really answer my question.

>These bands don't get in the way of the screen?
they do, how annoying that is is up to you

nah, rick rubin sucks shit bro, all the cool artists know it, you got btfo on this one

maybe, at least with my setups it’s not hard to set them up so they are not “in the way” I find them pretty handy for when I’m listening on the move