What if I put all my components on a ceiling fan?

what if I put all my components on a ceiling fan?

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Do it faggot.

how is it going to get power when spinning? how will you balance it?

what if you put a fan on a big fan?

Theoretically you could use brushes to transfer power to the blades. It'd be an insane fire hazard and require some improvisation to get it stable but I bet it's technically possible.

Balance is easy since you can just move components closer to the origin point to offset the different weights.

All told, an unbelievably retarded idea that I'd love to see someone do. Excellent work OP.

>Being a literal fanboy

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Display still will be a problem unless you only do remote stuff. which is possible o course, but what's the point of a fan computer when you can't use it without a different computer?

or you can just put the power cable through the centre of the fan with a little bit of modding

Hot air rises dumbass

You cannot. Try thinking about it before you respond next time.

How do you think the fan gets electricity?

All powered parts in the fan are stationary. The magnets spin.

well it aint possible then

Through wind power!

Typically brushes you retard.


>Display still will be a problem
Not if u mount it on the fan too

Wireless energy transmission. Nikola Tesla had it figured out 100 years ago, but (((they))) don't want you to have it

move a magnet - near - a copper wire and it will induce current. BOOM wireless transmission

Someone post the webm.
You know which one

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(((They))) don't want you to have it because it's horribly inefficient over any distance. Even just going the couple mm from a wireless charging pad to a phone sitting on the pad, you lose about half the power to heat. Make that distance larger and the losses increase with the square of the distance. That 200 watt PC on the fan? Probably going to need 1000 watts fed into the coil powering it wirelessly. Compare to 200 watts if you used brushes like a normal person.

think of a 3.5 mm jack but going through the center of the fan
you'd have to redesign the fan most probably but whatever

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That doesn't solve the problem of your monitor and peripheral cords, unless you only use the computer remotely.

>brushes to transfer power to the blades
He could also use permanent magnets on the shaft and coils on the blades so that he gets like 3-phase power, which could be rectified and inverted to 127v ac

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I work with machines that do something like this but without the retarded fan setup. it's not insanely complex but you need a heat exchanger and a good thermal environment to make it work and we rate those machines to only work at room temperature (20 C). You can also transfer data with the same setup if you want but it requires more custom parts than just brushes.