What's the comfiest tech job?

What's the comfiest tech job?

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Digital prophet.

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you mean cam whore

sysadmin on a non IT place where people have no fucking clue what the fuck you are doing


gas chamber operator

God I'd fucking love to be a cute trans cam whore so fucking much but I'm a disgusting man web dev fuck my existence.

Does not exist

being a disgusting man has never stopped anyone from transitioning

Any job where you can write scripts to automate your manual labor to virtually nothing and basically coast through the day.

Even better if it's a remote job where you work from home so you're basically a NEET without being a NEET.

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I can tell you never had a job. You have to be on a cam and communicate with your coworkers through skype when you work remotely from home.

>You have to be on a cam and communicate with your coworkers
Because you're mediocre and your company doesn't trust you.

This sounds good, but probably boring and low wage.

>What are meetings

Some people have big boy jobs

It absolutely does I've seen hundreds.

Compiling gentoo

>what are daily meetings
>what are scrum/kanban
You've never had a fucking job.

I saw him at work once.
He looked even more crazy.

copying code from stackexchange isn't a job, pajeet

>You have to be on a cam and communicate with your coworkers through skype when you work remotely from home.
I agree with you when you say the other user has never actually had a job, but it sounds like you work at a pretty shit job. I work remotely on some days and when I do I just watch a podcast or I will even shitpost on Jow Forums here and there.

I think I qualify for this.

I'm an Integration Engineer and work entirely from home. Talk to my manager once a month. 90% of correspondence is over email or remote desktop.

No. I've worked from home for 3 years and have never been in a conference on cam. Sure, others have their cam on, but it's never more than half of attendees,

Twatter shitposter

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>sysadmin on a non IT place
Double-edged sword
+ they have no idea how easy some things are so you can get by doing less work
- they have no idea how hard some things are so they make unreasonable demands
- they blame you for everything
- staff starts treating you like their personal help desk b/c you're the "computer guy"

It's not that great unless you really luck out and can be invisible. Best chance of this is a government job because 90% of the other employees in all departments are trying to not do any work either

If you're a mechanical keyboard autist you can work on a recycling center and focus on the tech stuff, so you can get a wage and milk some hobbyist cucks at the same time for better bucks.


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