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What's a nice cheap chink 40% with bluetooth? Gonna use it with my TV box and phone so I probably won't need function keys or numpad.

Anne Pro 2 if you're okay with 60% instead

Not as small as I expected but it looks decent, how's the battery?

1st for model m
Tenkeyless a gay.

is there an ortho i don't have to solder

But the best programmers and engineers in the world used TKL model Ms

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>21a 22lr with a silencer

There's no way that thing cycles reliably. All of the 21as have feed issues when chambered in 22lr.

Should've gone with the chad centerfire 25 acp variant instead of virgin rimshit

The silencer adds backpressure which makes it cycle reliably with regular ammo, doesn't need super high velocity stuff. It's more reliable than my P22 that's fo sho.

Greatest board of all time, coming in

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Is there anything good in the same form factor as the old Choc Mini? I love the minimal keyboard that still has F keys, and that the F keys are inline with the number keys.

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There are a number of 75% boards out there. Probably not ones with the exact same layout though.

yeah, no.

Build a KBD75.

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Seems all I ever see is ones that droped the F keys.

Forgot to say. Prefer not to build my own. :c

Drevo Excalibur
Drevo Gramr
KBT Race
Noppo Choco Mini
Vortex Race
just to name a few, also the KBD75 does have assembly service

ones without F keys are 65% keyboards
you need to look at 75% keyboards
there's a bunch of cheap chink ones on amazon like the ajazz, e-element, and drevo ones

so... cherry or gaytreon? or optical?

as long as it's not conductive it's good.

Cool, thanks for the help.

Where can you get a kit cheap? I've been meaning to build a mechanical keyboard for a while, and my old keyboard just died so now's the time!

Posted yesterday and got some recommendations for cheap to 200$ ish keyboards
Looking for a mx: Clear / Brown or Reds
Had blues and hated them due to sound and too much force for actuation but liked the tactile feel

Is pic related a good purchase ?
Thinking of getting browns/clears (but the one im looking at is mx browns)

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Just got a MX black keyboard. Was typing on Topre for a few years. When do the typos get better?

You can get more keys for the same price

When you git gud.

I am also interested in this keyboard, but I need the ISO Portuguese layout, which they don't make.
Thing is, I could bet a Portuguese keycap set from Varmilo for the alphas, but I'm not sure if they have the same profile as the Leopold.

i specifically want a smaller keyboard,
im just not sure if i should get the browns or clears

Leopold is high tier. Get it if you like the layout. As far as brown vs clear you really need a key tester if you don't already have one.

why do people like tenkeyless so much? how are you going to bind things to your tenkeys if you have no tenkeys to bind things to?

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Not sure. Blender is virtually unusable without a numpad.

Some people would rather have the mouse closer to the home row than have a numpad, is why.

KBDfans sells them, or if you're in Europe candykeys is one of their distributors if you wanna save on shipping and VAT/customs.

Macropad on the left

numpad is a waste of space, im a cs student and ive never used or have seen anyone use one.
In 16+ years of using a pc ive never once used the numpad over the top row

Based Filco poster

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It just depends on how often you need the numpad. You could easily put a numpad to the right of your mouse. I plan on getting one desu.

same. need it everyday. for a lot of applications the numpad is for based shortcuts.


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Just jelly because too poor to afford a vortex race 2.

So found an old IBM 6784 really cheap.
Is there a way to use it's keyboard as a computer keyboard?

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Nigga please, my keyboard cost just as much. Don't start this shit.

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yeah, but it's just a model M so I wouldn't bother

Well, model M sell for 100 bucks, I found this one for 30 euros, so sounds like a good deal, if only I find a way to interface it.
And I just found a 6747-2 for 15 euros.

wow what a shithole, anyway the model M is a membrane keyboard so you can just hook up a teensy or something like that to the traces. deskthority has a whole bunch of info on stuff like that since several people make aftermarket controllers for the model M

Why there's a spike on your magic wand?

pls no kill old tech

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its a groove amplifier

I see, teensy, that looks like a cool electronics project to do on my free time (assuming I just don't buy the parts and then am too lazy to actually do it)
Don't worry, I would never do any irreversible changes to the typewriter, just a small extension to it's functionality that can easily be undone.

Can g recommend me a PDB with bluetooth and usbC, preferably open source software

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Literal boomer crying

you just need to look on places like craigslist.
ebay is a scam. you can find MINT model Ms for around a 100 bucks
I've even found 2 SSKs for around 60 bucks each


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Got a k63 for 20 bucks
what do

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recycle it I guess

Get some PBT keycaps for it, though with the retarded bottom row that won't be totally straight forward.

Stick in pooper.

get new keycaps, disable the RGB

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just looking for a good keyboard
65ish is a good spot but anything bigger is fine too
blackwidow ult 2014 - really loud blues and nice feel
ajaz ak33 - bad keycaps and ok switches, but lacked any tactility

Would prefferably like a keyboard that isnt expensive and has a nice black color with little to no rgb. MX Brown/Black or Reds are preffered


will PBT keycaps not be a shiny mess after six months of heavy use? i'm not the user who owns the k63 but i'm looking to replace some ABS caps that came with my keyboard

>will PBT keycaps not be a shiny mess after six months of heavy use?
Yes, that's the point.

Doesn't get shine, doesn't get UV yellow, isn't melt by strong cleaning agents, only downside is it's relatively more expensive.

oh fuck, i just noticed the bottom row thing, well shit, might as well use the keyboard until i end up typing on transparent jelly
>or when the keyboard kills itself due to lolsuddencorsairdeath

Im looking at the fc660m and fc660c
confused by the advantage of topre keys
Are they worth it ? Never seen them IRL and its about 120$ more

>am prepared to drop hundreds on the perfect keyboard
>all these PCBs and yet the perfect one doesn't exist
I don't even use LEDs. I just want to toy with programming them (status and layer indicators, etc.), and to show off to normies.

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Anyone knows anything about cherry silent blacks?

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anyone here know about how to get topre in canuckland

they feel good, smooth and comfy

The most serious program I use on the computer is reaper which I don't really need to bind anything, the extra mouse space is nice.

thanks hun, might get a varmilo board with them tomorrow then :]

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>silent blacks
no such thing user

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He was making a race joke you absolute retard

What are you, black?

Off topic.

a keyboard with
>blue switches
>volume dial
>dust/spill resistant
>breakaway type c cable
>usb passthrough
>no left row of macro keys
>no laser etching
does it exist?

Not true, but whatever you say

oh forgot this
>full size not TKL

>blue switches

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Only box switches are water/dust resistant cherry doesn't make any IP rated switches

explain this?

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what's to explain? cherry doesn't make IP rated switches, also box switches are IP56

>volume dial
Why not just use the one on your amp, you have a headphone/speaker amp right?

literally says tested up to IP32 rating

even if cherry doesn't have a natural IP rating, manufacturers do use cherry switches in IP rated boards meaning that they either seal it themselves, or the switch is actually somewhat resistant just not gone through certification

There's a rubber "sleeve" around the switches on that one.

And? Corsair puts a condom on the switches to give it that rating. Again Cherry doesn't make IP rated switches Besides that technique isn't new. The TG3 which is a 20 keyboard with cherry switches does the same thing

>he uses condom'ed switches

k70 rapidfire mk2
yay or nay?

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I actually got one of those cop keyboards that come with condom'ed MX blacks ;^)
The rubber dome is tactile, but it just feels weird. luckily you can take it of easily, and for the $5 I paid for it I'm not complaining.

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>shit caps
>shit software
>mediocre build quality

what keyboard

How much of a meme is single key stabilizer?

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good tolerances on solidly constructed switches negate the need for any other stability
on cheaper keyboards, i imagine it could reduce wiggle a bit, but when youre looking at quality plastics with even better molding, then you dont need to worry about it

It's the cop keyboard. It's goes by a couple names like TG3 or Data911. There's a more normal version made by the same people called Deck82. The keycaps are doubleshot ABS and the build quality isn't really high, but you can find them new for 20 bucks so you can't really complain all that much I suppose.

is there a hot-swappable board where I could get clicky box switches, that still has all of below?

No because blue switches don't come in a box format, there is a custom box switch called pale blues, but you can't really get them in prebuilts since they're not OEM.