WinRAR 5.71 is out!

WinRAR - What's new in the latest version

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go to bed, grandpa

It's unrar for me.

I don't use Windows.

>download a torrent
>it's a fucking rar
why are scenefags so retarded

Because they are a bunch of jaded old autists huffing their own farts

lmao, have those retards moved on from .avi yet?

Thanks. Maybe I should finally update to a version without all these RAR bytecode vulnerabilities.
I tend to never upgrade WinRAR once I've set up Windows.

7zip is better

>not using 7zip

proprietary, install unar

it's MKV now (mostly)

>no recovery records to survive scratched optical media
>no SFX installers

For me it's tar + xz

im not touching it ever again, not after they left an exploit wide open for many years.
scene rules command it. if it wasn't for "scenefags", you wouldn't have shit to download, clueless faggot.
> avi
imagine being this out of touch with reality?

well scenefags should update the fucking rules, we're not on usenet anymore

Zoom zoom

The only 3 reasons I've not fully moved over to 7zip is because...

1. WinRar Name Encoding function for asian pacific language compatibility.
2. WinRar handles multi file archives better than 7zip
3. Normies want a .rar file and not .7z and 7zip can't make .rar files.

>you're a zoomer if you think it's retarded to compress a bunch of compressed media files and not be able to select individual files in a torrent in twenty nineteen
I did use rar when it was relevant too gramps, but time has moved on

it takes a long time to change a rule, and they will stick to agreed rules unless there's a problem with the current rules, and even then everyone involved has to agree to it and sign off on it. what the rest of the outside world thinks about whatever rule is of no concern to them.

Just use .zip instead of .7z
It works everywhere and the compression isn't *that* much worse desu. Plus it's way faster

7zip can make .zip which is supported by both

nobody gives a shit about speed, people give a shit about the compression ratio. and zip sucks dick compared to 7zip when it comes to compression ratios.

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There's people doing this on IPT. There's literally no reason to when torrent clients download chunks asynchronously, fucking dc++ boomers.

There is absolutely no reason to use it over regular zip.

Better is negligible when storage is this dirt cheap. And images and video should be compressed using their own formats anyway.
Zip is much more widely adopted, you could almost call it universal.

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>compression ratio
Compression ratio of what? unless you're archiving literally gigabytes of text there is no reason to use 7z.
music, images and video have their own compression technologies.

.zip uses locale character encoding on Windows for filenames which turns them into a gibberish when extracting on machine with a different locale. .zip is literal garbage in this regard. Both rar and 7z are fine.

>unless you're archiving literally gigabytes of text there is no reason to use 7z.
ahahahahahahah. you have no idea what you are talking about. shut the fuck up.

Do you live in a world where people don't have any files to work with except for music, images and video? Are you posting from an ipad per chance?

Like what? text files? Do you have gigabytes of them?

The most basic answer, and I don't know if you are pretending or actually don't know, software.

if you don't use winrar atleast out of nostalgia you're a fucking zoomer and you're not allowed to post here

Absolutely Based.


You do know the main reason of rar files, right?
As a program, yes, but .rar is an infinitely useful file format., especially for archiving.
>Storage space doesnt matter!
>Compression doesnt matter!
>Security doesnt matter!
>Time doesnt matter!

the UI is so fucking ugly i rather go through the trouble of pirating winrar just so i dont have to look at that shit

>Lame excuses