I might have genuinely considered this, but I don't want to pay another £200 for a keyboard and mouse...

I might have genuinely considered this, but I don't want to pay another £200 for a keyboard and mouse. That is what they charge for the keyboard and mouse.


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you can literally use any keyboard and mouse you mongoloid.


As if I don't know that, but fuck me it's hard to find a decent quality low profile keyboard. It's all chinese blue switch gamer shitboards.

Just get one of those cheap, wireless Dell keyboards.

Are they any good? The Apple keyboards are actually kind of nice to use if you're not that big into gaming.

Gamer, please fuck off.

>buying overpriced
>worthless macshit
enjoy your buyers remorse normie

Get a Model M

gotta make a profit

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I use one with my 2011 Mac Mini, they're perfectly serviceable. The buttons are a bit stiff, but the media buttons work well with macOS and the mouse it comes with is very nice. For only $20 or so it's a good deal.

> out of date cpu
> bare minimum of ram
> bare minimum of ssd space
> £988.80

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> itoddlers will defend this

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>wintoddlers always looking at specs over functionality

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You have to look at specs because they factually work worse than windows pcs functionally because of throttling. This is literally how apple advertises.

i can't cry, all my tears were used up when steve jobs died

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blue switches are the best tho. I like to pretend im a newspaper editor on a typerwriter

Consider suicide, faggot.

it's like comparing apples and oranges, both are fruit but one you would chop up to go in a fruit salad and the other gets squeezed into juice

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he'd probably still be alive if he didn't go with alternative medicine for as long as he did.

he says, defending the worst avatarfag we've seen in years

>defending the worst avatarfag

So why does Apple trigger irrational winjeet so badly anyway? What did they do to them?

we think different

Unless you're developing Mac and iOS apps, don't buy this shit. I bought a mac mini in 2014 and I regretted it.

I mean, sure, but for £988 I think I'm within reason for expecting a mouse and keyboard - and a good one at that.

Do you shout "CHING" whenever you hit a linebreak?

I mean I'm not going to, because it doesn't include a good keyboard and mouse for a pretty high price. I already have a 4k monitor, so the iMac isn't massively appealing to me either.


Should be half the price and using a U-series processor, at least then it'd be thermally viable.

The 2014 ones are great home servers, especially if you stick an ssd in. But sure, i wouldn't use it for much else. The new ones are brilliant though. Been really impressed with the performance for the pro-amateur photo and video stuff I do.

MacMini I bought for my mom is getting old, it's a 4gb 2011 model that she's been using since 2012. Bought an SSD a while ago but I'll eventually have to replace it. The question is with what? Apple somehow managed to outdo themselves in terms of overpriced product line and I can't justify spending $800 for the current shit line.

>I mean, sure, but for £988 I think I'm within reason for expecting a mouse and keyboard - and a good one at that.
You can think that all you want, but it won't change anything.

>SSD in a server
What the fuck?

Just referring to the speed boost you get, but sure, not for frequently-accessed files. In my case everything's on external RAID enclosures.

tf do you mean, "what the fuck"?

Based and redpilled. Winjeets btfo

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It really does suck. I don't need the dedicated GPU. I don't really want a 21.5" screen. Shit, most of the iMacs don't even ship with an SSD by default. All they had to do was include a keyboard and mouse.

That is like 3 times the cost of building one yourself.

Try finding one of these, cheap decent clone keyboards.
That's $100 AUD btw, so about 50-60 pounds. They're not as good as official keyboards though, keys are definitely mushier.

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Hackintosh is a shitty meme for retards with too much time on their hands.

pcpartpicker us up an example

Your network is slower than a HDD, you goober.

For running the OS, dumbass.

Pointless, any good OS is more than fast enough on a hard drive. Unless you're one of those retards who uses Linux.

Fuck, I was tempted by the Microsoft ones but they have connectivity issues.

At least I won't have to deal with some of the janky and shitty software ports on Mac I guess, just have to suffer the basics not fuckin' working as intended.

Have you tried using macOS or Windows 10 on a HDD? They're both painful to use.

Why would you want that? Pay more so you can have possible duplicates? Just get a decent pair and you’ll be set for a decade

You wouldn't use either of those operating systems on a server, goober.

Does my Plex machine not count as a home server?

No, it is a media server.

Talk about arguing semantics.

Whatever the case, running Windows or macOS on a server is really fucking stupid. And Linux is almost as bad.

I mean, my current KB is an old POS. Mouse is bargain bin shit. I wouldn't be getting duplicates. Besides, I mean I expect KB+M to be included in that almost £1000 price tag.

I bought a nice keyboard, but it had design defects. Real shame. Was a nice keyboard.

A media server is a home server. Not the other way around but fuck you for being pedantic, jesus
>windows or macos is stupid
>so is linux
So what then? I run macos because I can run an iTunes and Plex server for all the different devices in the house, homebridge is running on it so I can do things like handle non-homekit smart devices (like my garage), I can vnc into it, and it does sensible things like content caching for iOS updates. It's utterly brilliant for a single device.

>So what then?
OpenBSD. Stop using iTunes.

don't get one of these. Get a cheap optiplex and put linux on it. This is one of Apple's biggest scam products.

lol ok. And for everything else?

You could do everything else still.

Get a cheap optiplex then put hackintosh on it.

Having tested it plenty nothing streams quite as well to apple TVs and other iOS devices like actual iTunes. I also think I've still got you on the content caching but do feel free to prove me wrong

>tfw no i7 8809g Mac Mini

I'd consider buying one only to develop iOS apps. I somewhat cannot see a different use for this kind of hardware. (yea I know I can go hackintoshing to get better performance, but with this mini motherfucker I don't have to fuck with kexts everytime they upgrade the OS and Xcode with it)

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Imagine being this stupid in 2019

>content caching
You think it is that hard to cache a download?

Is that the Havit?

Go ahead and show me. I've only been able to find Apple and Microsoft keyboards. A million third party Chinese models that are flimsier than a plastic bag. Even Logitech don't have a current scissor switch keyboard with any quality, unless you want their Craft keyboard for stupid money.

Roughly speccing it out, the closest seems to be this: dell.com/en-uk/work/shop/desktop-and-all-in-one-pcs/optiplex-5060-small-form-factor/spd/optiplex-5060-desktop/s029o5060sff which is about £750. Ok sure you get (wired) peripherals with it, but added up that's still only £300 more for the mac and then it entirely depends on what you want to do with it.

How about for normies

I don't care about normalfags.

So what you're saying is that every OS and setup has its benefits and no one setup will fit everyone as different people have different requirements for what they use their computers for

No, I'm saying that superior options exist if you are willing to learn.

Or I could spend a couple hunded bucks extra and get everything I want, spend the time with my family and not worry about it

That doesn't contradict what I said.

Things aren't necessarily superior if all requirements are met and the time spent could be better served elsewhere, right

The quality of software configurations and your quality of life are independent.

>space grey
How can I get a job making up color names?

Sure, but in the same way I could build a shelf in my garage with a two-by-eight with some old brackets and it would hold a bunch of tools just fine. I could spend more time by adding a few extra brackets or varnishing it before putting it up but it would still hold my tools and those extra 'features' would be redundant. And I'd have wasted time on something I didn't need.
I used to be you- seriously, in my student years I'd tinker the hell out of computers and electronics to get them just how i want but these days my time is just worth more than the extra money spent.

If you spent more time in your formative years to learn then these things wouldn't take up your time now.

No instead I wasted them learning ruby and starting a small business and hiring six people and raising a couple of kids, fml

I can't say I disagree that that was a waste.


why would you buy this expensive shit? for 988 pounds you can get much better PC

pcpartpicker me one then

And run some shitty free software? Or Windows? *gag* No thanks.

Benjamin Moore has a Careers button on their page

What is hackintosh


What do you need, genius support?

Apple will refuse to allow you to upload apps to its market with a hackintosh. That pissed me off.

Why the fuck would i buy this when you could put 64gb of samsung ddr4 memory (+400) in a £320 gen 8 i5 quad nuc, another 150 will get you a 512gb samsung 970 pro 3.5gbs nvme. Thats still around £100 cheaper and you'd be getting twice the ssd (faster) and a fuck ton of ram, shit you could save 200 and drop down to 32gb.

The mid tier gen 8 nuc has a better cpu than the old top tier skull canyon, and the same cpu as the mid tier macbook pros. Shit even the £160 j5005 nuc can play 4k files back no problem, the issue is they are constantly sold out.

First time I hear it, proof?

You can build a better nuc hackintosh than the baseline mac mini for about $300 less.

the apple one is a piece of shit anyway just buy something logitech and call it a day

not him but here you go. the cpu cooler (cooler master hyper 212 evo) might cut it close. the case says it supports up to 162mm cooler height and the cooler is 159mm so it may or may not work. otherwise, much better use of your money

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Get an Intel NUC and hackintosh that shit bro

Get a nice mech and a fancy flawless sensor mouse and save money

Tempting to build my own and hackintosh it. Or use that incredibly convoluted VM method.

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1000 pounds and no GPU lol

Get one of those ThinkCentre Tiny's or OptiPlex Micro's instead