Telemetry isn't botnet

There is literally nothing wrong with software telemetry. Telemetry doesn't contain personal information and companies absolutely can't use telemetry for profit. Telemetry here only to improve software.
There is a big difference between telemetry in, for example, windows 10 or firefox, and google chrome which actually collect personal infromation of users and used it for advertisment.

I never disable telemetry in software. And you shouldn't too.

Telemetry isn't botnet. Prove me wrong.

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bump. stop false flagging about telemetry.

>companies absolutely can't use telemetry for profit.
You are bug testing their software for free. Companies would not include telemetry if they could not use the data to make money (by improving their software) change my mind.

AKA: what sites were you going to, goyim?

>browser crashes on Jow
>sends report to Mozilla
>forever blacklisted and on multiple FBI watchlists and no fly lists

Yeah no.

because you absolutely have no way to know the usage of the telemetry sent.
Look at Tor browser for example, they do updates and update check over tor.
If i could ensure telemetry contains no personal info and could choose to submit it over a truly anonym network i'd consider it.

> You are bug testing their software for free.
With how complex software is now and this retarded culture of the yearly software cycle, having users be bug fixers was not hard to see and since you can’t trust users to report bugs in a coherent matter telemetry had to come along
If we stopped trying to reinvent the wheel every year or even twice a year we wouldn’t need users as testers as the real bug testers would have time to do there fucking job

>telemetry in, for example, windows 10 or firefox
nice false equivalence senpai

So, as long as one calls it "telemetry", they can steal any data they want? By the way, Windows 10 has more than just telemetry or "telemetry". They disclose that they're collecting absolutely everything.

I just turn the telemetry shit to basic
They don’t collect much then

anything that doesn't ask permission for every network request is malware

Firefox is 100% botnet without extensive user.js tweaks, has been for years now.


Unironically this. The only time my browser should be accessing anything is when I type a URL in the top bar or search for something/manually visit a site.

Telemetry isn't botnet
t. botnet

I always enable all sorts of telemetry on FOSS programs and a few propietary programs were I trust the company to not misuse my data for anything else that isn't improving the product and I really like the product
In the case of Fx I run Nightly, have all telemetry enabled, participate in some studies and I even installed Firefox Pioneer since I trust Mozilla with my personal data

Telemetry becomes spyware when it's opt-out.

>I trust Mozilla with my personal data

I agree but it should always be opt in, I don't even care if there is a huge ass banner as long as there is a "don't show next time"

There is no benefit to sending telemetry.

If the developers want actual, constructive feedback, they can open source their project and follow the mailing lists/issues.

Yeah, what are you going to do about it Google poojeet?


>only to improve software.
I don't see why they should get to know what I do with my computer regardless of what they do or don't use the information for.

>They disclose that they're collecting absolutely everything.
Not really. That's included in what they wrote for Windows 10, because OneDrive and Bing/Cortana are integrated in Windows 10. Obviously those features need to collect files/data over the internet to function. If you look at what they wrote for telemetry in Windows 10 specifically, nowhere does it say that their telemetry collects anything like that. And if you used your brain, you'd realize how retarded it would be for developers to have to sift through your loli collection in order to fix your crashes.

Telemetry influences decisions made by Mozilla more than bug reports and votes on Bugzilla
It's completely fucked but the mozdevs sometimes check telemetry, they almost always disregard bug reports specially if they're made by someone competent

Opt-in will give you a skewed view of users. Opt-out conveniently filters out all the tin foil types who probably have abnormal use patterns anyway.

>Prove me wrong.
I can't prove you wrong, or right, because I don't know what the fucking telemetry is collecting and shipping off to god knows who or where, and neither do you.
Does that really seem like something you want in your life?

The problem with telemetry in "for example, windows 10" and the reason OP is a faggot, is that douchebags think telemetry is some kind of 'right' a developer has. They think they can decide it's harmless so they don't have to ask the users explicit permission (because they might say no cus what do they know!!). Thus it falls into the same category of disrespect as carelessly selling private data to advertisers.

When dealing with trustworthy parties that have proven to respect the users privacy, I never turn off telemetry. But if I'd ever run windows 10, I'd turn it off immediately because...wait what am I saying. You can't even turn it off because microsoft has not a grain of respect for it's users lmao

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Doesn't matter.
Make it opt-in or fuck off

cool, where can I opt in?

Anyone who pirate windows, should enable telemetry otherwise Kys.

>using your bandwidth without telling you
>not botnet
ok retard

OK cuck

You can't prove telemetry isn't botnet unless the app is open source.

It's not a "nothing to hide or complain about" argument, it's a "you have no business demanding the customer provide YOU this service" argument.

Imagine buying a stapler and the store gets to force a device on it that reads any papers you staple together. Literally doesn't matter what safeguards or "how little they care about you in particular", it has no business being attached to that stapler.

What if I don't care about updates and just want some software to work for whatever its worth? Why do I need to contribute to the software's upkeep when all I'm doing is using it? I owe nothing to the developer in that respect and I don't demand anything from him, I just want to utilize some software being distributed to the public.

I can understand that security issues need vigilance, but this can be handled by opt-in systems.