Why should one use mpv over MPC-HC + madVR?

Why should one use mpv over MPC-HC + madVR?
I can't think of any advantages except gapless playback, and bragging rights to fellow Jow Forumstards of course.

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Use a proper OS first, pajeet.

There are none.

MPC-HC doesn't run on gentoo

Imagine unironically thinking windows is bad for actual day to day use.

actually and unironically daily windows use is a nightmare

advantages over mvp: none.

Not really if you configure it.
Just like many distros.

FSRCNNX performs better than NGU. Mpv also allows you to configure literally everything, it has no downsides.

what's with mpv and bragging rights?
you just install it and add 5 lines of configuration and it just werkz.

Jow Forums is full of zoomers who think they get e-cred for using inferior software that was made for a hobbyist OS.

I use both, mpv for general stuff and mpc-hc madvr for high quality animu and nice looking upscale.
I can't get the same performance out of mpc-hc, but that might just be the extra work required for the magical dithering, which is a fair trade-off.

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do your own research, nobody's forcing you to use anything


>magical dithering
that shit is 100% placebo


mpv offers more customization. Picture quality is about the same but mpv does have slightly better scalers now. So overall mpv is better

There is no reason for you to use it, so you shouldn't. I've been using mpv since it was just uau's MPlayer patches and I'm sick of GUI babys learning about mpv and asking for stupid GUI features on the issue tracker. Use your GUI players, please.

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It's not

Prove it.
It's not only if you are watching your videos with at least 500% zoom.

Here is your answer.

You're not retarded, so you can use whatever you want without insane beliefs like street cred. If you honestly buy into the 'Jow Forums uses "inferior" software to feel superior' thing, you're worse than the whole lot combined. mpv is simple to use and contrary to popular belief, utilizing software whose usage is different from what you were expecting is not a sign of ""autism"". If you were even considering that, you should stay away.

To answer your question directly: with mpv you gain speed, customization, portability and light weight. There are hardly any cons worth considering.