Would you?

Would you?

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Cute boys!

...these are real-dolls.

I'm a tenga.



Needs more ass

My penis is ryzen

We should feign outrage on Twitter for objectifying those womyn. Shame on you AMD.

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I prefer 2D desu

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Would I what

Two cute girls [male].

I'm so lonely, I would anything to be honest.

Buy 'em.

--> .

No moni

>implying a girl doll can't have a penis.

Is this official or custom print

>le epic gaymen peecee hardthreaded mega-clocked ceepeeyoo wiff OwO kitty gurls ;))))))

This is why I hate tech.

Official printed.



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Why am I so entranced by the shape of the woman? It's distracting me from more important things. Would cutting my dick off solve this problem?

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this but unironically

If I remember right they were a promotion in Korea and maybe some other asain countries? Did you get it in the promotion or reselling? Or were AMD selling them standalone?

There are several different designs/promoting characters depending on regions. The chicks from & are Malaysia-exclusive.

Would you?

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Your average AMD shill.

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delid dis

it's a blender render

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if you dont have a ryzen you're litteraly gay

only if one whispers the benefits of Ryzen over Intel products in my ears as the other pegs me.

I'm gay and have a Ryzen. When does it kick in?

does it have a dick?

Imagine two cute boys like these. PERFECT

It's a doll.

delid dis too

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Strengthen your willpower

I bet they don't even know what they are holding...

>tfw hardcore yellow fever
Lisa Su is a 6/10 to me.

Amada Kokoro is the only mascot in my heart

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Is that the Hit or Miss girl?

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...they're not even alive.

She officially retired and passed the baton after THREADRIPPER released.

I refuse to accept that

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I bet you got a boyfriend, I bet he doesn't fuck ya!


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