Choose 2:

Choose 2:

Fast code
Reliable code
Readable code

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None of the above

What do you get with fast & readable code?

unreliable code

Define reliable code.

safe code

Yeah, but like what language, or what do you have do to trade reliability for speed?

reliable and fast any other answer is wrong

Speed means optimization
Optimization means unpredictable security holes

If it's fast and reliable then I probably won't ever read it again

You can have all three with C#


We all know how that ends

He's right, retard.

Why are you talking about yourself in third person?

either first or last two, depending on the use case

t. pajeet

Stop embarrassing yourself

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fast twice, so people want the speeds and therefore need to hack into it to make it more stable

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60 IQ faggots should not be allowed on Jow Forums

Optimization necessarily introduces security questions, whether or not they are substantial is debatable depending on context

Now either debate that sentence with some kind of argument, or take your grunting and farting noises to /b/

all code is readable, you're just a tard

Since all code is readable, you won't have any problem telling me what this does:
x >>++++++++++-[>+>>]>[+[-]>+>>]+>>]>[+[-

Here we can see a redditor accustomed to reddit's formatting, he is still pressing enter twice on every line break because that's the only way to get a newline on his retarded website. Point and laugh children, then we will move on to the next exhibit.

i choose all 3 because i know how to do shit

Here we see a retard justifying his retarded opinion by pretending not to care about it while attacking the person rightly dismissing his retarded opinion as retarded

Nice try but fuck off


>be modern company
>pick none

>choose 2
Why are people like this. Like, we get it. You're cool. You probably wear $300 sunglasses and drive an old timer. We get it. You have a girlfriend, she's probably hot. We get it. You go to vacation with her and all your friends are envious. We understand. But. For the love of fuck. If the thread says PICK 2 fucking options then WHY. WHY can't you just PICK 2 FUCKING OPTIONS REGARDLESS OF HOW FUCKING COOL YOU ARE. We get you're cool. But can you like, answer the fucking question without acting like a goddamn jackass

Baskin Robbins

I'll take all 3, thank you very much.

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Fast and reliable, if I'm the only person that can read it they're going to have to keep paying me.

Or maybe he's a github poster

Yeah, by some junior node.js knowitall cunt complaining about 20 year old code but being too retarded to understand it because the original programmer is long gone and it justwerks

based and chaoticneutralpilled

Based and redditpilled

more like neither one lmao


Annotated fast and reliable code

Fast and reliable. Computer reads it
' code readability' is a dumb meme

Fuck off brainlet, there is no CAP theorem for this shit

Reliable and readable for a prototype, reliable and fast for final product

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Sepples more like Crapples

Readable code is overrated, fuck if people get what you're doing, group projects are cancer, I'll go with fast and reliable any day

A better programming language.

Readable code is necessary reliable code, it is simply not possible to have reliable code that also isn't readable. In other words, reliable code is inherently readable code.

cheesu! :DDD

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all three

I don't quite understand how you can make fast and reliable code that isn't readable. I always interpreted 'readability' as something that relies on how well you organize and comment your code, which isn't perpendicular to it being fast and reliable.

Slow code is shit. Unreliable code is shit. Unreadable code only means you're too dumb for it.


>Unreadable code only means you're too dumb for it.

Wtf even is readable code doing amongst these? It's something that varies between individuals, reliability and speed don't.
Also, I have never seen spaghetti that is fast and doesn't break. If your shit runs well it's probably not that hard to grasp.

>spaghetti code is the only type of unreadable code
Yeah, you have no fucking idea what you're talking about. Show me a beautiful, readable and efficient (!) compression algorithm. Or shut the fuck up.

>while attacking the person
>the person
your reddit spacing bleeds through your posts buddy

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Choose 2:

Quick design
Fast design
Cheap design

Fast, Reliable

assuming it's fast and reliable
there's no point reading it anymore, is there?

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fucking tourists

the fucking state of India's CS

Good luck updating your code when the new spec comes out or a bug is found

I'd go with reliable and readable. In my last job as a web developer we didn't have a huge amount of traffic, so tiny performance optimisations weren't really necessary.

But if we're talking about something that is going to be used by tons of people, then performance is going to matter a lot more, and in that case I would go for fast code and reliable code. Having to work out what a piece of code does is a small price to pay if your product is performing well, maintaining tons of users, and making them sweet dollar bills.

reliable and readable for anything non safety critical
reliable and fast for anything safety critical

These guys code

Based and zenpilled.

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It can be fast Il give you that(but c is faster). Raw "speed" doesnt really matter anyways as long you are not working on embedded systems, what matters is not bottlenecking yourself.
It is absolutely not reliable.
It is less readable than this

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>Optimization means unpredictable security holes

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based, cucks cant compete

>Does it work?
>Is it too slow?

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