Any 4channel app that isn't a piece of shit like this?

Any 4channel app that isn't a piece of shit like this?

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works fine for me

This. OP BTFO.

works fine for me

Also works great for me.

Works fine here to.
I would like to change some minor things, but unfortunately I am too stupid to get the sources compiling in Android studio.

Works very well!

>using apps
>giving up privacy

works very nice for me


I use Omnichan, but I also frequent a couple of boards on 8ch and 420chan so it works out better. The only real downside is it always needs to be connected to the internet.

Works on my machine.


works great for me

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Clover works fine with 8ch, but not 420chan, unfortunately.

ChanOran for Jow Forums.. it won't work for other Chans tho.

the mobile version of Jow Forums is good enough

oh momma that's a flat arse

Privacy is important but don't go full autism.

i haven't found an app that works really better than just mobile 4channel.
if i browse Jow Forums on my phone, that's because i'm on the toilet or being very lazy on the couch. if i want to have 20 threads open, i'll just get my pc.

Try mimi.
I heard is great for faggots like you.

Is it safe to update?


ks on my machine


Chanu is a alternative, open source to.

any way to get Clover to save to SD card? Can't figure out how to. Being using Mimi instead but I'd swap if I could just save images to SD.

Whenever I try to clear threads on AdamantCheese's build it clears all my pinned threads instead of just the deleted or archieved ones. Closing Clover and reopening fixes this, but it's really retarded.

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It's a display glitch that was fixed. Update.

This. I really wish 420 chan worked

Omnichan's pretty good. Switched to clover because omnichan won't remember your poc if you close the reply menu then come back to it.

There are only three decent chan clients that are not an adware: Clover, Overchan and Dashchan.

Oh good a clover thread.

Any reason tapping this (at the bottom of posts) seems to have a delay before updating nowadays?

Used to work fine.

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By delay I mean, I can tap it however many times I want and it doesn't matter; clover is on its own timer for when it updates threads. After a minute or two (idk exactly) it finally does it on its own, when it damn well pleases.


instant for me on latest floens' clover

Jow Forums api slowed down since hiroshima took over

ban phone posters

Overchan is a fork of 2ch Browser ( client). Has wide imageboard and archive support, tab-oriented interface (with tab reorder and message counts) and custom color schemes with json (pic related is my fork of Amber css for octochan). It looks and works really dated tho due to legacy OS support (unlike Dashchan). It was my daily driver for a long time because tabs and themes, but now i'm switching to Clover.

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Wat? no way, new posts load instantly on hitting update on desktop w/ Jow Forums X

Dashchan is also a fork of 2ch browser, but with way more polished interface. Also supports many imageboards and archives, but in a modular way, they have to be installed separately. It has tabs too, but they are not as useful like in Overchan, so you can disable them as well. Interface works more like in Clover, you have to add the thread to favorites to see the message counts. Oh, and it is very stable: without updates it survived the switch to 4channel without any issues, while Clover still struggles with cross-board links. The major downside is that it's proprietary. But it's not an adware at least.

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Forgot to mention my favorite feature: it can hide trees of replies, very handful

Click on crossboard links broken


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learn to code and submit a pull request

just use one of the gorillions of fully functioning forks out there you dumb phoneposter

>The major downside is that it's proprietary.
Lies, the source code was released since 2017 at least.

Dashchan is my favorite.

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Because desktop does not use API.

U dum?

Do you see any javascript on Jow Forums that uses the api?

Works on my machine, user

It's all throughout the extension boyo

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Oh, that's nice, I remember when that github had only extensions

>Click on crossboard links broken
works on my machineĀ®

Chan Burauza

Fixed on Adamantcheese's build