Desktop thread!

desktop thread!

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It all makes sense now

2001 want their desktop back.

my desktop

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step aside

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would be better if you set up wallpaper.

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wow MLG so funny epic XD


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umember? imember.
based vinne

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pssst senpai you didn't even lock your widgets

It feels like your fonts are a little mismatched.
Openbox is absolutely based. What are the two panels you're using?

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trying to go for a cyberpunk-esque theme but was told it's a little off

any tips? not enough color variation?

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>any tips?

Do whatever the fuck you want.

Hello, just swapped full-time from windows the other day. I'm liking it so far.

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OP makes me want to puke
how's weather over currentland?

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Try experimenting with fonts. I think color varience is a part of it. You want it to be somewhat garish.
methinks you're somewhat limited when it comes ot themeing LxQT.
You might be more flexible if you just use openbox alone.

>Cum Studio

wallpaper please

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>how's weather over currentland?

Calm at the moment. Waited till yesterday to do a full update since the boost-1.70 package upgrade would have screwed up Libre Office otherwise, but Eric has now recompiled LO to work with it. Plain sailing for now.

lubuntu is surprisingly flexible when it comes to terminal syntax, just configure /usr/share/qtermwidget5/color-schemes/

pic related

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kys subhuman

You will never be Japanese


I'm talking specifically about the lxqt themes and the panel which aren't easily customizable.


no u

That doesn't look like Fixed

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what's going on qties

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Just came back to Arch after using Gentoo for a month. Feels so much easier to do everything again. I missed the AUR.

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...Microsoft Windows looks like THAT?!!?!?!?!???!???!!!!??!

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good evening every1!

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What's in the "reddit arguments" file?
I don't like dark themes, but this feels nice.
Openbox seems comfy. I think i'll try it when i switch to GNU/Linux again.
Rather plain looking, to be honest. Nice distro, though.
Based nazrinposter.
Generic, but still nice.
Based and redpilled.
Cute distro.
Pretty boring.
Based and minimalistpilled.
Dark like my soul.
Best one in this thread.
>WM theme: Default
>those tray icons
Looks nice for KDE.
Nice wallpaper.

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What version of FF are you guys using? Would love if you could share your .css, but I understand if you prefer not to.

I like my tray icons but thanks for the (You).
As for yours:

Windows 8? weird.
That screen ratio? weird.
anime picture of young girl in suggestive pose? pedo shit.
default Windows image viewer? wow, why not use something better?

But overall it's still quite nice. Nice plain colour background. An inoffensive light blue too, pleasing on the eye. The pink colour of the Windows is nice, it goes with the blue of the backgorund well. A nice, tasteful pastel shade of pink, not a bright eyesore shade. If only you weren't a pedo you'd probably be a cool guy.

>Windows 8?
It came with my computer, i just bought it. I'll switch to something better soon.
>That screen ratio?
It's nice. It's the closest i can get to a square monitor.
>anime picture of young girl in suggestive pose? pedo shit.
She is above 18. Way above.
>default Windows image viewer? wow, why not use something better?
It works. It can't play GIFs, but i use mpv for that. I rarely use GIFs anyway.

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it's not hard to make a wallpaper in gimp so I just put the original (look for
polybar in i3 and tint2 in openbox

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be nice

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God I Nostalgiad hard and now I'm sad

What is that player?

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sanks. i enjoy your desktops as well.

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This is generic.

Your neofetch image is the only thing that's not generic.

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What do you folks think? It's my first pure Linux machine (no dual booting or VMs).

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i3 does that sometimes, it's stupid

Someone suggest me good icons, theme and font for XFCE (that can give better looks than this)

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as always, please do not bully me

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install real distro you dumb fuck.

can you post Jow Forums css of yours? I tried to recreate it but it just looks ugly.

>that tray icons
>that resolution

What isn't real about Kali?

its distro for script kiddies. unless you plan to be 1337 H@x0rM@ster, a regular ubuntu works fine. Kali is just bloat with packages you never use.

Honestly I am very interested in ethical hacking and pen testing. I'm using Kali Linux light which only has a few packages installed so I can kind of install what I need as I go. Plus on this machine it runs smooth AF.

Also Ubuntu would run like SHIT on this machine.

install hackerman distro on USB drive and be done with it, no need to deal with all the bloat and old packages (like gnome for example on your regular usage)
on 4gb ram, it is logical that ubuntu would run like shit, try other flavors.

of course there is always arch for you to try,

sh archfi

and follow instruction for quick install.

use that on arch live iso, its an easy installer script for foolproof install (also has video on youtube for step-by-step)

I just said I installed the light version and it's working quite well. This is lightweight AF.

I think you shouldn't have kali installed on a HDD unless you work in industry. It has a weaker kernel so that it doesn't run into any bumps using any the technologies packaged with it.

kali is not meant as a daily driver OS, and shouldn't be considered as such. It's a tool and nothing more.

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this no matter what "lite" it is, it is not a daily driver.

Define weaker kernel, are you speaking of an earlier kernel version?

Why not?

Oh and how can your criticize and version of something without knowing what it is? It's not like it's obscure or anything it's straight from the Kali downloads page.

I don't think he's criticizing the kernel, just the application of the OS. The kernel is perfect for the OS, the OS isn't perfect as a daily driver.

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is the gtk theme arc?

Okay I get it but it's just Debian with some pen testing tools so I guess what's the issue?

Ugly layout

I mean I like it.

THE KERNEL, for fucks sake.
Can you not read any of previous comments from the thread?

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I asked someone to explain that but no one ever did CAN YOU NOT READ WHERE I ASKED ABOUT THAT? ;)


Can you not READ the beginning of the read where this was already explained you tard?

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Pretty good, that wallpaper cant be good for your eyes though
Pretty good
Well the pape itself isn't exactly cyberpunk themed, the pape colors fit the bill to a degree though. If your terminal colors matched them it would be pretty close to what you want
Anime shit is always bad but i definitely like this otherwise

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"beginning of the read" What? I saw no explanation to my question after my first post.

sauce on girl at the bottom?

Generic is generic for a reason, because we've decided that this it's the best way to use a computer, you absolute contrarian dolt.

make ratings

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this is desktop thread faggot

you'll probably go back

No one wants to see your stock KDE, so it's my duty as the Generic Police to identify them. Should you wish to stay off the generic list or believe there has been a mistake, please reply with your post ID so I can investigate it further. For now, your desktop is generic.

obviously. only retards install Kali as their daily. It's a tool.

What makes it so retarded give me one good reason this is a truly bad idea.

exactly, it's a desktop thread, not an xxxtreme ricing thread

I'm not sure what it is, maybe it's the Discord and Steam icons that tell me you're not a professional penetration tester. An average desktop user should NOT be root 100% of the time. Save yourself some headaches down the road and pick a distro that is meant for regular desktop use. There are several other distributions listed at the bottom of that page that would be better suited for your use case.

If you're not a pentester or epic hacker it's bloated for you, and even if you are either of those things why wouldn't you just opt for a more neutral distro on your main comp? Kali is meant to be booted from external media, it's entirely geared for one thing

LIGHT VERSION is no one listening?

I never claimed to be a pro, it's just an interest just like gaming

That's fine, then let it be an interest confined to a USB flash drive that you boot to when you're in the mood to fuck around. It's not meant to be a daily OS for anyone.

It would be even lighter if you did a debian netinstall and chose XFCE when it asks what desktop you want. Then throw kali on a stick to use whenever you get done watching pajeet scripting tuts

heres mine

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Here's mine.

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