Should I sell everything and just have a thinkpad?

Should I sell everything and just have a thinkpad?

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thinkpad has no gaemz

Well what are your computing needs? I’m all about minimalism but that starts with defining your needs

>Should I sell everything
What is everything for you?

Programming, Web browsing, Emulator games for down time. Nothing high graphic
Meaning my main desktop and all my monitors that I don't use. Might keep one just in case. I am also trying to sell a lot of my other stuff.

also the programming I am doing does require minimum graphical needs. I'm learning opengl stuff.

Get a van and a converter and a phone and a camera and follow the path of King Terry.

Ur actually kinda of on spot with that. Not a van because I don't want to look like a creep.


I've considered that too. Get a thinkpad, install OpeenBSD on it. And sell away the rest. I would however keep a monitor, and use the laptop as a keyboard or buy a laptop stand and a good keyboard. That way you won't have to kill your neck. I've got the same needs as you OP, as long as it has emacs and can run the original DooM i'm fine. I'd say go for it!

I've had this thought too. I already have a thinkpad and I've thought about selling muh GAYMIN pc, and one of my monitors. I feel like it would help me focus on things that are more important. Only problem I might face is I need the adobe suite for work, but my computer at work has that.

look, a gamer!

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I'm doing it. I have a couple people to buy my stuff.

Godspeed. I'm sure I'll get around to doing it soon.

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I too, want to go full digital nomad with an X230 and roam the earth, sometimes doing remote work for money via local internet so I can pay for my travels.

I also want to be someone's live-in maid, but that isn't going to happen either.

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do yourself a favour and get a workstation thinkpad. anything t420 and below are just way too underpowered when computation gets big, no matter how minimal it can be

thinkcraps are overrated

I just find it amazing that an old laptop like that isn't obsolete today. Perhaps in the future, when the tech bubble collapses and we are stricken with a 2nd dark age, we will protect the last vestiges of technology for decades or perhaps centuries. Monastic orders created to maintain the last link to a better time. The technology never being improved, just maintained. Nothing but static, until the last computer dies.

What use will a computer have in the deep future where it's no longer feasible to keep making computers as you describe?

Computer science stagnates, our engineering becomes more and more byzantine as the ages pass. Logic and reason have long left our conciseness. Programs are described as spells and computers their vessels. Men wizened to the program carry their laptops with them to interact with the enigmatic constructs of centuries past.

i have t440p and its kinda laggy at times, thank god all i use is sublime/chrome and mpv.
If i had to do serious tasks on it id kill myself,
opening an IDE takes like 2min and video games are impossible to play (barelly 20fps in vanilla WOW on 1080p)

You write like how i imagine the wizard of SICP speaks

how are you gonna charge your thinkpad when you're naked on the streets?

BS, I have a T420 and opening eclipse and android studio is pretty fast. No lag at all. You need SSD + RAM.

Thinkpad fans almost always ends up getting several Thinkpads before settling on one model and then usually buy a reserve of a few units. I ended up liking the Thinkpad x201 the best mainly because of the keyboard.

That’s what I did with the Thinkpad x201. I just like the keyboard a lot and with the big battery pack it will run for 8 hours. OpenBSD, Nethack, and emacs. And Iridium browser with —enable-unveil.

Solar panel hanging from your back.

Accessing information and as things break down, using the machines as oracles, and eventually become cargo cultists merely going through the notions of operating computers long inoperable.

i have 8gb ram and ssd and im running win 10
>inb4 wangblows
did the same on loonix mint/buntu

a w540 with a 4940mx, 2×4tb ssds and 32gb of ram would be enough for quite a lot of things

But what if all you need is to just compile some shitty software you dabble with, play the odd ancient DOS or emulated game, have a decent modern web browser, and be portable and relatively small?

Not everybody’s falling for muh machine learning and even if you are you don’t need a supercomputer. The user said he might keep his gaymen desktop in any event.