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Is there any reason to buy a phone besides the Razer Phone 2 since it is only $500?

I'm fucked. Samsung is Exypozzed here, Pixels are trash phones but they are the only viable option now.
I don't buy chinky chinee chicom shit

Convince me not to spend £400 on a Xperia XZ2 premium.

Pro tip, the XZ1 is ugly as shit

You are ugly as shit
the XZ1 is gorgeous. Imagine picking the shitty round back XZ2 over it LOL

The xz2 looks like the battery is bulging out the back. Xz1 is the last legitimate good Sony phone.

The XZ1 is 200 quid, get that one.

What phones have a polished experience? Solid mic, speakers, screen, all the extra little things? Apart from iShit and Samsung. I don't think Pixels count since people always complain about it.

>liking the ugly flat rectangle shit with huge ass bezeles

>monolith aesthetic
>bezel bad
get a load of this zoomie

New? I don't buy used shit

Yeah, check Amazon UK. It was 199 last I checked.

for me, it's the kyocera s4

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>I don't buy chinky chinee chicom shit
your loss

also what launcher do you dorks use? lawnchair seems ok & hides the google search bar

Xiaomi flagships are lacking extra hardware, OnePlus has shitty GPS, sound and in display fingerprint reader bollockery, no Chinese phones apart from these two are worth a damn.

>lacking extra hardware

Shitty cameras, no telescoping lens, no IR blaster, no surround sound speakers, all that.

just misplaced my type c usb that came with the phone (a nokia 6.1 plus), it's cool if I use xiaomi's as a replacement right?

Sure, cables don't matter.

>Note 10 is codenamed Da Vinci
now I'm getting it 100%, there's no stopping it!

awesome, thanks

>Shitty cameras
pic related

>no telescoping lens

>no IR blaster
wrong (how many Samsung or Google phone has this anyway?)

>no surround sound speaker

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Huawei is literal chicom crap

I mean there's no one phone with all that, like the Mi 9 is supposed to be Xiaomi's flagship.

yeah well Samsung's and Google's flagships don't have all those features either so

Galaxy S10 does, apart from the IR blaster. You can't say the same with Chinkmi

just got this beauty for $196, comfy af

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>apart from the IR blaster.
which the Mi9 has.

might want to get a case or some other means of protection cuz that glass back cracks quite easy

>they're using the shitty Samsung side screen curve


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Then you give up the stereo speakers and better cameras, lmao

It's classy, incel. Looks 3D and sleek, doesn't hurt at all.

I am so getting the blue one, it looks gorgeous. As long as they don't fuck up the GPS again.

I want to upgrade from my moto e4 and I have around 850$ I need 4G, an average to good camera and long battery life with lots of ram since I do a lot of multitasking on my phone (Teamviewer, Chrome, Vanilla Music and maybe a game) throw in a nice big screen atleast 1080p.

OnePlus 7 Pro

>162.6 x 76 x 8.8 mm

What a fucking fatty holy shit! How the fuck is anyone gonna hold this fucker one hand. Might as well buy a tablet at that point.

Just quit being such a handlet, bro

The note 9 just got a price cut.

At least an 89% screen-to-body ratio, screencap me bros

Isn't samshit for faggots?

Is Pocophone f1 still a good investment? I don't want to wait for the Pocophone f2 and I don't even know if it will be better.

Redmi SD855 phone is launching soon


>Being a handlet.
It is too tall though. It won't fit in a back pocket, and it'll be chancy on some front pockets.

Literally OP7P, it has a fatass battery, great battery life, camera is top 10 tier with gcam, it's got up to 12gb ram and a bigass 90hz high res screen.

They are good phones if not expensive. One UI is way better than previous shit and the note 9 is getting an update to it.

I wear a large glove. The phone is fucking huge and made of curved glass. It’s almost as big as the Samsung A80 and will have less grip than it due to the curves. Enjoy dropping this shit.

I don't wear gloves and I use a nice case anyway, it won't slip out of my hands.

>Huawei is literal chicom crap
Cool, but it is a leader in smartphone camera hardware at the moment.

which one,faggots?
these phones are in my price range
i use my phone for gachashit,browsing the web on the go and taking photos of nature and interesting things

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>back pocket
are you a grill

The difference between it and others isn't big enough to make me wanna buy it
plus Huawei software is Apple tier.
Pixel 3, obviously.

Hey fellas. I posted in /spg/ 3 weeks ago about wanting to import a (Chinese) Snapdragon S10e.

I ordered one off eBay and while it took a while to arrive, it got here eventually without any issues.

The phone is great and everything is working fine (although I have not tried Samsung Pay, which supposedly has issues in Germany). I already received two updates and am currently on the April security patch.

The seller that I bought from offers 24 months warranty and when I contacted them about a receipt, they answered hella quickly, so here's hoping that keeps up if I need anything.

Definitely a decent option and I even saved 20 bucks compared to the regional pricing of the Exynos variant.


>they're using the shitty Samsung side screen curve


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S10e is the budget model retard
the other ones have curved displays

Need a new phone. History has been galaxy s1 then galaxy s4 until now. Obviously I'm more partial to android but I don't keep up with the phone battles so maybe apple is amazing now. I don't need the latest and greatest so I'm not opposed to going a few generations back from the newest stuff. Just want a solid phone. Is the galaxy series still solid and if so is one considered above the rest?

>budget model

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What's your budget retard? Any particular preferences (ex - jack is mandatory, no notch). Be fucking specific or just fuck off and buy the first shitphone you see.

>overpriced due to Samsung brand name
yeah it's their budget model, just like the iPhone XR is the iShit budget model, it's relative retard.
meanwhile OP7P has S10+ tier specs and costs less than the S10e in my country LOL

galaxy a70 is real good with huge battery and 25w fast charging and 32mp front and back cam.
It's $400/€370/£370

>so maybe apple is amazing now
No, it's not.

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What used phone should I get for under $100? LG G6?

iPhone 6S

Redmi Note 5.

>OnePlus 7
>Optical in screen fingerprint sensor
Is that the good one? Or the shit one that needs to be max brightness to work?

sorry. Maybe like 200-300 USD. Jack is yes and I don't think I like screens that curve around the side of the phone. I like design of the galaxy S4 so any that retain that aesthetic are great

Note 7 or bust, user. It's the best you can buy in that range.

Its trash, Samsung crushes it

it's new tech, should definitely work properly
It's not even out yet retard

Anyone have that pic of Jow Forums's meme phone design? The one with floppy drives and VGA.

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Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 ZB631KL

never mind, found it.

where can I buy this?

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stop posting cursed images

>a more aggressive curved display than Note7
We're in the endgame, bros

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>screens on both sides seamlessly connecting at the sides
>can't use a case
>can't replace one screen without breaking the other

How much is the OP 7 pro gonna cost? Hoping it'll be under 800€...

Allegedly around €700.

Can't comment on a rumour phone we don't know much about, but you should get the Mi 9 SE.


at least make it fucking wider

im actually a fan of the curved displays when they're used intelligently. the slight curve on the blackberry priv was one of its best design decisions.

but its a very low grade curve and it's there to make you not notice that they had to make the phone wider for the slider mechanism but it ends up fitting very comfortably in your hand without getting in the way.

samsung is just retarded and chasing vapors

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Are you kidding? It’s 76mm wide. It’s one of the widest phones you can get.

the ratio still looks bad

Last flagship with an IR Blaster was the V20 2 years ago (also the last flagship with removable battery).

Liking my Mi 9 coming from Honor 7. Only major gripe is that Im not used to the qwerty or the qwerty isnt used to me. Otherwise its kinda the same except faster, better and with a battery that can hold a charge.
Its not as big of an leap compared to my flipphone to sliding one or htc to Galaxy S2 to honor 7 but I notice it

Yet to install Gcam and Im open to wallpapers

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yes but vass ist ze point?

Aesthetics. Face it bro, a full on practical phone just isn't going to sell

Get the Xperia 1, that's your type of phone


Is that a photo taken from the Mi 9???
zee thou german?

>American traveling to south America
>Carrying DSLR with me so camera can be crap
Is the UMIDIGI F1 literally the perfect

I mean, if you plan on using it down there AND when you come back to the States, yes
otherwise if you are just planning on throwing it away, get a Redmi Note 7

Do $500-800 point and shoot cameras beat pixels and huaweis? I need to man up and take the camera pill.

Will be using it world wide pretty often, Iceland probably in December.

Waste of time. You're lugging around two bricks then, a phone and a camera. Do the right thing and get a Pixel 3.

It's certainly good but the hardware might be shit thanks to the Helio
compare it to the Zenfone Max Pro M2 and see if it's better. That's under $250 too
As a NEET I can't imagine traveling so much, is it part of your job or just a vacay?

Needed super budget phone for work.

Ended up with a used lg stylo 4 for $80.

Its a bit laggy but imokwithit for sub $100.

Onboard Wifi chip is impressive

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