It is time

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>made for advertisers

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I used brave to make this post on my thinkpad. How could you tell?

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I don't know if I can move from one furry browser to another... am I ready?

Yes, son. You are and always will be ready.

>implying that doesn`t happen in furryfox


Just made the switch. It was quick and easy and things are pretty chill so far. Fuck Mozilla

This is my first post from Brave browser. Wowee!

Feels good man. Feels Brave.

>not using the Browser made by our guy Brendan "keep the gays away" Eich

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He deleted the tweet that Brendan was addressing just to make him look bad. But nice try, Dissenter dev.

So what's the catch? User-friendliness wise

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Install Qutebrowser instead. QtWebEngine plus Python UI plus Vim keybindings plus adblocking.

I unironically use FF just to see what news propaganda they are pushing with pocket.


>no history sidebar
>no customization
>full screen download history
yikes,that's all that annoyed me in the first 2 min I used it,there is probably more but I don't want to find out

It's Chrome but looks better and has more features.

Installed it 5 minutes ago, already liking it,

yeah I guess i'll pass

Try Opera/Vivaldi, Brave is just Chrome but without the bullshit, they aren't aiming to be a heavily customizable browser.

annoying that new tab blank page doesn't have top sites like mozilla

the only shit I care about really is a dark mode, does this browser have it?

>tfw even to this day, gays still attack him for defending marriage.

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I'd use it if it had proper support to firejail.

why do my fonts look thicker and blurier in brave? my autism is the only thing keeping me using firefox now.

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vivaldi is based

its chrome but still spies on you

Because Firefox use fucked up free fonts instead of the ones that were intended by the website. You just got used to it.

I'm not a /v/edditor, Brave is trash.

Still using nice old waterfox and all my stuff works.

I only use brave on my phone cause Firefox for Androids sucks

based and brave

Not gonna lie, that's pretty based.

not thanks, i don't need a scammy cryptomeme botnet browser

Redpilled and Based

the absolute based man

Fuck off botnet

you don't need to read a twitter conversation to know what his business plan is, and it's either magical thinking in which case you shouldn't expect Brave to be around in five years, or he's serious and you're either a rube or a shill.

Let them do it, the more they alienate people the less people will care if they ever get removed.

ive been using it on my android for like two years simply because it has adblock
what makes it better than firefox on desktop?

Not brave's fault. This is Chrome (or Chromium) base web engine font rendering.

When every web browser starts using reskinned Chrome, they will all have the same font rendering

FireFox uses their own font rendering

>Not brave's fault. This is Chrome (or Chromium) base web engine font rendering.
The browser says "Brave", not "Chrome". The buck stops with him.

funny how brave have time/resources to experiment with cryptomemes, but not to improve font rendering

I would like to say "pretty based desu" but the browser is shit.

Wtf I love Brave now

Ya im on it too and it has a comfy lowkey feel to it im happy so far.

brainletgay braveshill niggerhugger get the fuck out of my world

this is a dumb image
just because there's an opt in attempt to earn cryptocurrency based on etherum, does not mean the browser is "made for advertisers"
I've used Brave even before they turned into a chromium fork. I have to say they did a great job

based botnet owner

How much BAT does this generate? Is it enough to buy anything?

I've been getting around $0.40 worth a day, but it's due to increase once they fine tune the system. Plus whatever you collect now while BAT's price is low will increase in value with adoption.

Just installed brave but the captcha system won't let me post. Says there's a connection error. Any tips?

Can you actually spend the BAT?


okay, so posting only works on 4channel but not Jow Forums. anyone else getting this?

Not yet, they are making a multi directional wallet in the coming months, time to collect until then. If you 'need' to withdraw early you can sign on as a publisher and tip it to yourself.
Tracking scripts could be being blocked out and messing with captcha, try toggle the Brave shields icon next to the search bar.

what's Jow Forums?


nice try Bracve paid shill, your paycheck is supposed to have transferred to your payoneer account, have you checked it out?

disregard. Jow Forums is broken. lol

Gookmoot has tracking scripts on Jow Forums and not 4channel that mess with Brave's privacy features. Just lower your shields and you should be able to browse normally.

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Is there an equivalent of the userChrome file that Firefox has?
I need some way to edit the bookmarks toolbar(to display only icons and remove all the spaces).
It's fundamental to how I browse the internet and the reason why I've stayed with FF so long.


Fuck. Guess it's back to being fucking in the rear by Mozilla then.

Waterfox is comfy so far, it's what I'm using right now

Yeah, it's what I'm looking into as well instead of Brave. Gonna try that.

At this point I don't even care that much about privacy. I just want off the Firefox train.

You can keep your privacy with Waterfox though, if you tweak your about:config and install privacy add-ons. Plus you can use old legacy webextensions if you for whatever reason want to do that. So it's a win-win.

Been fiddling around with it. Feels kinda odd going back to the old FF UI.
There's a few extensions that aren't working though, but I expect they are fairly easy to find replacements off.

Also, does DownThemAll work? It's the only legacy extension I really miss since I used it's bandwidth limit feature a lot.
Why the fuck is it so damn hard to limit download speeds? Damn.

I don't get the joke

Never used it so I wouldn't know. For stuff that doesn't work, you can try an older version.

>you cant spend BAT

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>It is time
It's Happening.

Those Fags working at Mozilla basically ruined Firefox.

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Werks better than expected

long live brave

>ceo is against trannys and gays
>Removes chromes spyware code and uses its own proprietary spyware
>Be this redpilled and based ceo
>Whole 4cham starts to use brave browser

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same fag as OP, never forget to sage Brave posts

Weren't you faghots against Brave because it was botnet few weeks ago?

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Come home white man

does this brave browser has a permanent night mode extension like the dark mode for firefox?

Yes, its built in,it also has inbuilt privacy features such as decentraleyes and adblock.

You forgot to mention the built in crypto currency wallet.

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Jow Forums logic best logic

All wonderful features that make the user feel valued.

Yes it does

> fox news tier politics are "based" now
Anyone here that's not over 60 years old?

First rule of Jow Forums: everything is botnet.

>try the phone app
>try to install extensions from chrome store page
>everything is in arabic

I know she thinks that this is going to hurt brave, but in reality, it probably is an advertisement for them.

Brave is blocked from solving captcha on red boards. It works fine here on blue boards. Apparently captcha is set to maximum annoyance on red boards so it requires a browser that allows fingerprinting. Since Brave does not, posting on red boards using it is prohibited.

Based Brave saving you from degeneracy

Shouldnt 4chanX help with noscript captcha?

Wrong, it just takes a long fucking time to solve all 50 captchas they throw your way.

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I thought Kiwi was the only one with extension support.

>chrome based

stop bumping your own thread and faking a discussion you son of a fucking indian ugly whore

Brave's built-in adblocker is a piece of shit compared to uBlock Origin with Nano Defender setup, Brave's adblocker doesn't even block all the ads on non-english websites.

this is holy based