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thumbs up edition

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seems like a good strategy overall

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is this you? your korean's gotten much better

>your korean's gotten much better
he linked the stream in the pregame. i'm just trying to figure out why there's a chinese guy with 19 ping in my game

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isn't 19 pretty good for playing from a different continent? how does he do it? must be some bigshot in the chinese communist party. don't antagonize him

It's physically impossible

i don't think you can have less than ~200 if you're oversees
to get 20 you'd have to be in the same state as the server

based chink


oversees overseas activity

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You do that

i oversee ur activities

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Bk in 5 minutes

omo what'd you get

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What are some Kpop workout songs?

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Por favor?
Just like you.

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Gosh these asian sites are so bloated

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consume, gweilo


did you rike it?

3 burgers?
ur fat?


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Of course not

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It's not much lol

Amazing. It's like a 90's website running on up to date technology.
Love the tiny text at the very top.
You're shook?

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it looks like quite a lot
new fromis video

yeah, like that one momo image

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Gonna watch the rest of the movie later, the weather is making me sleepy
How do you do fellow kpoppers

What is it about?

Not this one.
Good. You?

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Thinking about cutting my hair
Siesta time

i haven't watched it
looked like a jiheon vlive but i don't know what it was about

you're right, that's not the momo image i was referring to

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Got a pizza
What do you think

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hul even after all the burger?
it doesn't look great

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Yes! I'm still hungry you know?
They all looked bad unfortunately

that's ok i'm hungry too
i just realized all the food is closed on the weekends

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Why are there two kernels of corn and a slice of tomato on there?

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Huh why are they closed?

From the slice next to it

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Aigoo, should've asked for a refund.

Corn is good

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they don't care about the people who stay on campus over the breaks unfortunately
even when things are open my only options are sandwich, muffin, and ramen

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It's been known to happen.

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When the brek end?

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oh no?

january 14

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You got free time then?

Apparently I didn't label it so here's a nayeon instead.

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very fortuantely
i'll need to find a job though since i'll lose my scholarship after next semester i believe

i'm more than satisfied with a consolation nayeon over a momo any day to be honest

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auto results in better pics than messing with settings myself

Hul why

Yeah, cause you need a proper camera.

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why am i losing it or why do i need a job?

that's just the way it be unfortunately

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how's this? with auto the water was lighter

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400 calories a day for food, 1000 for liquor

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Why losing it

guten abend suisse

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i didn't do very well in my classes unfortunately

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you seem to be in a good mood, thats good!

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why do you know the french name of my country? you are a special american!

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i really hate going to class and not showing up is a positive feedback loop
i did well in all my online classes but not all classes are offered online

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i studied french for my first two years of high school, i dont remember much outside of some words and phrases.

>not showing up is a positive feedback loop
wording this post. nothing like doing well in a class you don't show up to, to reinforce the idea that going is pointnless and then hitting a class that makes you go

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>not showing up is a positive feedback loop
That's why you shouldn't avoid classes

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Nice, but the sky is pretty much non existent in terms of detail.
This is one of those times when exposure bracketing would help you out a lot.

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it's okay french is hard
do you want to play some overwatch together?

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I told you this would happen

>This is one of those times when exposure bracketing would help you out a lot.
baited this exact response
i took 2 pretty similar pics, i'll see what i can do
i was sorta shaking from the cold so the position isn't as exact as i would have hoped


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can you get much more sky detail without losing foreground details?

ill start the download right now, might take awhile since the internet at my parents house is pretty slow.

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what are your battle tags?

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You can probably work with it if they were taken from approximately the same position.
Yes, with multiple exposures.

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the problem is that it's a dumb system in the first place
my math class for example i did to myself because i got too behind and stopped showing up putting me even further behind, that's on me
but the geology lecture for example is a class that can easily be passed without showing up a single day but is intentionally changed to be impossible to pass without good attendance for no discernible reason other than that the professor believes all students learn best in a physical classroom and that anybody who thinks they would have a better experience using the information online is wrong, so he strong arms people into showing up "for their sake" even though people like me do poorly in the class ONLY because of the strongarming

sorry chingu, i can't change the facts

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and you combine them in photoshop?


>taken from approximately the same position.
i mean it's the exact same position, body hasn't moved and camera maybe moved like a couple mm

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Most unfortunate.
Or whatever other image processing software you use.
Technically it's better to underexpose than overexpose since a completely blow out image loses the detail permanently but an underexposed image usually still has some information in the dark areas that can be recovered.
Should be fine probably.

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That's good

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I've sent you a friend request

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we live in an unfortunate world

no it's very bad that's the point
angry cat

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such a photography nerd..
i'm gonna make it look bad, and it'll be your fault

on america or eu servers?

let's play on american servers

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Nah, I've just been doing it for a long time.

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it was on EU, i can play on either.

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>2 euros
>lets play on american servers
ok i guess

i knew it, your photography got princess diana killed

Not angry
Calm cat waiting for food

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He's probably getting aggravated that you're taking photos instead of feeding him.

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resting bitch face cat
good cat too though

The older of my two previous cats was a she, too.

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i didn't get anything on eu
got swiss on america but he's offline

ur a she

trans cat?

you know i almost made this joke myself but i didn't think you'd be here to appreciate it

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